[MISSION] Metro - Synthetic Synthwave

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Judges present: None

Demo file: https://us-testing.moonlight.tf:27105/de...16.dem.zip

Wave 1: Too short, needs more meat.
Wave 2: Same, also a bit too short.
Wave 3: Pacing is a total mess here.
Wave 5: Snip last giant crit burstfire.

The mission currently seems a bit too easy even with one person playing huntsman. It needs some buffs to make it better match the currently-accepted rottenburg mission in difficulty.
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Judges present: Me, DaMno, oddschool

Demo file : https://eu-testing.moonlight.tf:27107/de...14.dem.zip

Overall: The sentry busters had an InitialCooldown of 90 seconds. Make it 15 seconds

W1: Give to the knights a Tide turner.

W5: Make the Popper GMed a Regen GMed

W6: Consider replacing Furies with other more threatening giant
Changes I've made:

-Decreased initialcooldown of sentry busters from 90->45 seconds (15 seems to be over kill).

Wave 4:
-Removed 1 set of the gheaters + umeds.

Wave 5:
-Replaced gpopper with gregen.
-Replaced fan scout support with regular scout support.

Wave 6:
-Replaced Gfuries with Grichochet pyros. (if these are too strong let me know) (also shoutouts to Mo for letting me use his).
*Note we did a 2nd run for better results 

(Run 1)
Pyro - Skin King
Scout - Nilin
Solider - Demeister
Engi - Eyes

(Run 2)
Scout- Package
Engi- Skin King
Soldier- Average
Demo- Sergeant Table

(Run #1) https://us-testing.moonlight.tf:27107/de...96.dem.zip
(Run #2) https://us-testing.moonlight.tf:27107/de...46.dem.zip

-fine wave

-make bat scouts support 1
-increase pyro's total count by 6/ halve the waitbeforestarting

-make support heavies waitforallspawn

-make engies mission support
-make uber meds on rapids quickuber 
-make giant heavies waitforallspawn
-increase max active on rapids

-tone down the dragon furies a bit (spawncount 5 maxactive 15)
-End is really empty once the supers die if you get pushed, add something after the supers

-have shotgun heavies be replaced with a stronger bot
-have the phlogs spawn in a big burst before boss
-cut out the giant pyros subwave before the boss subwave
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Changes I've made:

Wave 2:
-Made support bat scouts support 1.
-Increased total count of pyros by 6 and halved "waitbeforestarting".

Wave 3:
-Made support heavies waitforalldead.

Wave 4:
-Made engies mission support.
-Replaced umeds with quick umeds.
-made gheater sets waitforallspawn.
-Increased grapid sets from 4->8.

Wave 5:
-Made df pyros have a spawncount of 5 & a maxactive of 15, also removed 3 (they were sent to the gay zone).
-added normal ai heavies to go with the 2nd set of the gscatters at the end

Wave 6:
-Replaced shotgun heavies with crit bowmen.
-removed the gricochet + phrog subwave (the mission was like 6 minutes long).
fix small bug on wave 6 with the spawn times of the final subwave.
Wave 1:
-Lowered "Waitbeforespawn" on demoknights from 15->0 to prevent that weird pause.

Wave 2:
-Removed 1 gburst+quick umed set. (took him out to the back to takke care of him old yeller style)!

Wave 3:
-Made soldier+quickfix med pairs have a spawncount of 6 and a maxactive of 10 to prevent that pacing bug. (it was a misclick and an oversight).
-Also removed like 3 pairs of those soldier+quick fix med combos.

Wave 5:
-Made 12 heavies at the end support limited.

Wave 6:
-Made crit bowmen come out earlier and didn't make them spawn randomly anymore (they spawn from right now).
No Strike

Judges present: Package (scout), Meister (engi), DaMno/Mo (w4-6) (soldier), Eyes (heavy)

Demo: https://us-testing.moonlight.tf:27107/de...46.dem.zip

W1: decent, but there are some that consider the wave too easy, perhaps a decrease in starting can be in order (as well as an increase in payout)

W2: remove crits on gdemos, they're annoying to deal with and a huge difficulty spike even with maxed crit res

W3: Decent wave

W4: change waitbeforestarting on heaters to 15 instead of 0 (why), the dps requirement here is quite high considering next wave sends out less stuff. Reduce totalcount of gshotguns by 1-2 and increase waitbeweens accordingly.

W5: Decent wave, was rolled by the presence of a competent med killer.

W6: Decent wave
Changes I've made:

-Decreased starting cash from 900->600 bucks.

Wave 1:
-Increased wave payout by 300 bucks.

Wave 2:
-Removed alwayscrit off of gdemos (I added that by pure accident at like 3 am lol).

Wave 4:
-Gave heater heavies + umeds a waitbeforestarting of 15 instead of 0.
-Removed 2 gshotguns (boiled them down to make touhou action figures), also increased waitbetweenspawns from 20->30
Judges Present: Yoovy, DaMno, Package O' Lies, Skin King


Yoovy - Scout
Skin King - Engineer
DaMno - Pyro
Package O' Lies - Spy

Demo: [Demo will be provided whenever the Demo server is up again]

-Package O' Lies: Test between Judge Runs

Wave 1:
-Felt Fine, although could give the Demoknights the Tide Turner to give Pyro an ability to actually do something

Wave 2:
-Felt Fine, however remove 3 Pyros on last subwave to reduce straggling

Wave 3:
-Make the Super Scouts stream spawn instead of burst spawn
-Beginning of the last subwave was just commons for a bit, make the GDeflectors spawn a tad earlier

Wave 4:
-Package O' Lies: Lack of Commons / Yoovy: Possibly add more weaker commons in main-wave
-Make the first Tank's WaitBefore a little shorter but keep the second Tank's WaitBefore the same

Wave 5:
-Felt Fine

Wave 6:
-Boss Subwave is still a free subwave as most classes can solo or two man it with ease, this is most likely due to how weak Sandman Scouts and Burst Fire Demos are this late into the mission which just leaves the two bosses without any support and able to be cheesed.
-Can most likely buff the Burst Fire Demos to be Crit Demos and see where that leads you.
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