[MISSION] Metro - Synthetic Synthwave

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Mission name: Synthetic Synthwave
Map: Metro
Difficulty: Advanced
Mission type: Invasion (6 waves)
Current Version: Version 14 

Retrowave(Myself): for making the mission & the waves.
Signalmax for making the map.
Potato mvm & Moonlight communities for the custom icons.

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My test restrictions:
-Run without medic shield at least once.
-Run without heavy at least once.
-Run with out sniper and/or spy at least once.
Judges present: None

Demo file: https://eu-testing.moonlight.tf:27107/de...14.dem.zip

Wave 3: Pacing issues to iron out. Cut 5-10 heavies or use spawncount 2 so it's not as choppy. (Need to re-confirm)
Wave 6: Remove giant scouts, put the boss on waitforalldead on the final tank.

DISCLAIMER: Testing restrictions weren't obeyed during this run.
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Changes I've made:

Wave 3:
-Removed 10 robots from the Heavy+Medic combos at the end (5 heavies & 5 medics to be exact).

Wave 6:
-Removed the 3 super scouts at the end of the wave.
-Made the Boss spawn after final tank dies.

New version is currently uploaded to the server.
DEMO: https://eu-testing.moonlight.tf:27107/de...70.dem.zip

Judges present:

Team Comp:

Reduce respawntime a bit, no one likes to wait 18 seconds to respawn

Make engies battle engies, they are too punishing currently

Feels on a shorter side of the mission comparing to the rest, perhaps add another subwave somewhere?
It also felt a little weaker than the rest

Replace bigrocks with anything else really, they are too strong
first 2 tanks should be toned down a little as they opposed too much of a pushback even with beggars and soda on them, maybe to 20k?
Current version uploaded to Server

Changes I've made in Version 3:

Wave 3:
-Changed tele engis into battle engies.

Wave 4:
-Added Extra subwave.
-Buffed mission by making rapid fire gsoldiers alwayscrit.
-Buffed mission by replacing shotgun heavies with mini superscouts/fast scouts.
-Buffed mission by replacing iron bomber demos with burst demos.

Wave 6:
-Replaced Giga burst with Giant Rocket-rain soldiers.
-Nerfed the first tank hp's to 20k each.
Demo: https://eu-testing.moonlight.tf:27107/de...66.dem.zip

No Strike

Judges present: DaMeister, DaMno, Nuq
Team comp: Engineer, Heavy, Soldier, Scout

Wave 2 - Too many bat scout commons.

Wave 3 - Fix pacing in final subwave, needs more than just hitscan.

Wave 4 - Remove last GRapid/Uber Meds combo, overall wave may need a small nerf.

Wave 5 - First Barrage + GMed Popper Combo felt like a forced push, difficulty just dropped afterwards, Armored Scouts could be replaced with Super Scouts. Laser Heavies proved weak and didn't do much.

Wave 6 - Cut DF Giant count, give them crits. Add a couple more Super Scouts and possibly buff each tank by 2K hp. Maybe have the Uber Medics on the Rocket Rain Giants be full duration?
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Changes I've made:

Wave 2:
- Removed a chunk of bat scout supports.

Wave 3:
-Replaced mini heavies with soldiers.
-Fixed pacing issues with last wave.
-Changed super scout spawn location (a personal change).

Wave 4:
-Removed crits off of GRapids.
-Gave the GRapids a single Krit med for each combo.
-Removed last combo.

Wave 5:
-Replaced Lazer heavies with regular heavies.
-Replaced Armoured sandmen with Super scouts.
-Replaced scout supports with FAN scouts.

Wave 6:
-Removed two DF giants and gave the rest crits.
-Replaced Lazer heavies with regular heavies.
-Gave every tank an extra 2k hp.
-Gave Rocket-rains regular iber meds.
-Added 2 extra super scouts.
Version 4.1

Changes I've made:

Wave 5:
- Replace burst demos with normal ai DF pyros.

General: Gave GRocketwall Soldiers hats lol
Judges present : Ronnie Mcnutt Gaming#killtf2, DaMeister, Nuq
Team Comp:
Scout (Ronnie Mcnutt Gaming#killtf2)
Soldier (DaMeister)
Engineer (Nuq)

Demo : https://eu-testing.moonlight.tf:27107/de...84.dem.zip

Reduce the RespawnTime. Machine Massacre tier RespawnTime is happening here.

Wave 1
Could give 2 BigHeal medics to pyro

Wave 2
Make Tank HP 15000
Otherwise fine

Wave 3
Replace the SMG support with heavies
Give to the GDeflector Heavies 1 single med that has full uber duration T_TFBot_Medic_SlowRecharge

Wave 4
Remove TeleIn engineers. The map doesn't allow them to contribute that much. Make them T_TFBot_Engineer_Sentry_Battle or remove. Won't make a big diff

Wave 5
reduce the SpawnCount to 6 and the TotalCount to 12 of the Heavies
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