[MISSION] Dockyard - Android Annihilation

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Changes I've made:

Wave 3:
-Gave Gairblast pyros a single krit medic and added more support to spice up the last subwave a bit.

Wave 6:
-Changed 8 grapid iron demos to be 4 colonels and 4 garmoured sandman scouts (both always crit).
Changes I've made:

Wave 2:
-Added some extra gatebots in this wave.
-Made demos in first subwave a randomchoice between normal demos and gatebot demos.
-Made the gpyros gatebots.
-Made the Gcharged soldiers wfad (I didn't like the stacking, a bit too much for wave 2 of an adv).

Wave 3:
-Gave Gairblast pyros the steel six pack to look cool.

Wave 5:
-Forgot to mention this the other night, but I gave everything in the final subwave a "waitforallspawn".

Wave 6:
-Gave Burst Shotgun heavies cooler hats to tell them apart from regular gshotguns better.
Demo: https://us-testing.moonlight.tf:27107/de...17.dem.zip

Package O' Lies (Scout)
The Fat (Soldier)
PDA Expert (Engineer)
Quantum Apple (Heavy)

No Strike

Wave 2: The waitbetween spawns on the gpyros should be decreased by 5 seconds.
The last giant in the wave should be a stronger bot, something like a grapid should work

Wave 3: The waitbetween spawns on the gpyros should be decreased by a few seconds.

Wave 6: The heavies in the first subwave straggled, causing an extremely awkward pause between the 1st and 2nd sub, either increase their maxactive or decrease the totalcount by 2-3.
The 2nd sub is too spammy with the giant spawns, decrease gpyro totalcount to 3, and increase waitbetweens for both giants by at least 3 seconds, replace the burst shotguns with something stronger.
Remove the sfx from the final sub, it's really odd to have something like that for a tank spawn.
Swap the waitbeforestarting of the colonels and sandmans with each other and increase it to 10 seconds.
Increase waitbeforestarting on the last tank, the finale drags on after the tank dies due to how early it spawns, so having it spawn later will help mitigate that.
Changes I made:

Wave 2:
-Decreased Gpyro wbs by 5 seconds.
-Replaced gcharged with grapid soldier.

Wave 3:
-Decreased Airblast Gpyro wbs by 4 seconds.

Wave 6:
-Increased heavy max active from 3->6.
-Lowered total count of grichoet pyros to 3.
-Increased both of the 2nd subwave giant wbs by 3 seconds.
-replaced gburst shotguns with regular gheavies.
-Removed sfx for when the tank spawns. (rip, I thought it was cool).
-Increased wbs on tank by 10 seconds.
-Swapped wbs between the colonels & the garmoured sandmen and added 10 seconds onto the colonels.
Changes I made:

Wave 6:
-Made phlog pyros a randomchoice (between normal and gatebot variants).
-Made giants on 2nd subwave wfad.
-added an extra garmoured sandman.
-Removed the 2nd sound off tank.
-Tank is no longer a flank tank, but I gave it and extra 10k hp because it has to travel a longer distance.
Changes I made:

Wave 6:
-Added music to the final subwave to add more flavor.
Demo: https://us-testing.moonlight.tf:27107/de...75.dem.zip

Pass 1 (of 2)

Players Present:
Package O' Lies (Scout)
M1 (Heavy)
Poet (Engineer)
Skin King (Pyro)

Wave 1:
It would be nice to have a slow trickle of mission support spies to keep things fresh throughout the wave (M1)

Wave 6:
It would be beneficial to have a tank come with the boss to break up the team's attention, making it harder to laser down the boss immediately, boss hp should probably be reduced to compensate(M1)
The GHeavies in the 2nd subwave should be gatebots (Package O' Lies)
Demo file: https://eu-testing.moonlight.tf:27107/de...78.dem.zip

Overall: We still think this mission pays too much money. A cut of at least $1000 across the whole mission, with $500 being removed from wave 5 alone, seems warranted. The total payout is around $8000 (including starting cash and bonuses) which is bigrock-tier money. There is so much money sloshing around that both the difficulty and the completion time can easily be slashed by 25% if everyone started crit canteen spamming the giants and tanks in the latter waves (and that's with just 4 players...).

Wave 6:
- Wave 6 felt easier than Wave 5 despite having more formidable giants. Perhaps the tank should gain extra health so that the team is forced to split their attention, or spawn the tank with the boss to increase the odds of the team losing the gate (or do a combination of both). We more-or-less ignored the tank for half the time and still managed to knock it down pretty quickly. If we aggressively spammed crit canteens this wave (thanks to the too much money this mission gives), the tank and all the giants would become toilet paper.

- The music was way too loud and should be toned down in volume. I could not hear any of the game sounds over the loud music that was being played.

- The tank should not use the final tank skin as we all misinterpreted it as a gate tank. Even though it truly is the "final tank" of the mission, as per dockyard conventions, the final tank skin always means gate tank, so please do not use it on non-gate tanks.

Overall, we believe this mission is a pass-with-changes. At a minimum, the payouts should be revised.
Changes I've made:

-Removed money from each wave.

Wave 1: $100
Wave 2: $100
Wave 3: $100
Wave 4: $100
Wave 5: $500
Wave 6: $300

Wave 1:
-Added mission support spies.

Wave 6:
-Added tank to first subwave to add difficulty.
-Nerfed Boss hp by 8k.
-Made Gheavies in 2nd subwave gatebots.
-Made crit soldiers in 2nd subwave a randomchoice of regular soldiers & gatebot soldiers to make sure there isn't too many gatebots in that subwave.
-Removed last tank skin on last tank.
-Lowered music volume.
Changes I've made:

Wave 3:
-Gave gate tank a yellow hue (Shoutouts to PDA!)

Wave 6:
-Gave tank it's final skin back.

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