[MISSION] Dockyard - Android Annihilation

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Mission name: Android Annihilation
Map: Dockyard
Difficulty: Advanced
Mission type: Invasion (6 waves)
Current Version: Version 5

Retrowave(Myself): for making waves 1-3, & 6.
Skin King: for making waves 4-5.
Sntr (skeleton man) for making the map.
Potato mvm & Moonlight communities for the custom icons.

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My test restrictions:
-Run without medic shield at least once.
-Run without heavy at least once.
-Run with out sniper and/or spy at least once.
Judges Present: Package O' Lies, Yoovy, DaMno

No Strike - 1ST RUN

Yoovy - Scout
Package O' Lies - Engineer
Mo - Pyro
DaMno - Soldier

Demo: [Demo will be provided whenever the Demo server is up again]

-Sorry for any confusing statements or this bible verse, it was a lot to write.

-Make the Bombs non-resetting, heres the relay provided by Package: wave_start_relay_notimer
-Too many Bomb Bots spawn from the right on too many subwaves, meaning any Giant that wants to push is annihilated as they're often by themselves as they take middle spawn and are killed before they even reach the frontlines ramp, normalize bomb bots from the left / middle spawn
-Make all waves that have a Tank spawning at Gate when its NOT capped use the normal spawning for Tanks at front, back spawning Tanks on teams that are defending Gate/Frontlines is a poor way of punishment for holding well.

Wave 1:
-Package O' Lies : flanking bomb bots are questionable

Wave 2:
-Make the Quick-Fixes on the Giant Burst Fire Soldiers into Big-Heals

Wave 3:
-Alot of robots spawn from the right, meaning the Colonels are alone to fend for themselves as they take the middle spawn pathing while everything else takes the right spawn.
-Ending was lackluster due to it only essentially being 3 Super Scouts, can probably make it something with more hmmph or tie it in somehow with the previous subwave.

Wave 4:
-Make the GRapid a Gatebot and other bots non-Gatebot
-Mo: Minor straggling from Pyros/Bowmen
-Switch Powerjack Pyros to Demoknights

Wave 5:
-Reduce how many GDeflector + GRegen Medic squads there are down to 2 instead of 3
-Couldn't think of any more notable feedback as the wave itself was some-what forgettable

Wave 6:
-This wave as a whole is just too much, so much that I have to break the problems into individual subwaves:

Subwave 1:
-Too much Spam, while spam is never automatically a bad thing, spam a team can't deal with is. We're thrown with a Boss, Hard Skill Heavies, Phlog Pyros which can take hits via Phlog Uber and obtain Crits, Crit Soldiers, and Crit Scouts, reduce the spamming of commons alongside a already difficult Boss
-The randomchoicing of the every common is horrible to deal with, sometimes we get more Airblast Pyros, sometimes you get a swarm of Hard Skill Heavies, theres to much up to randomchoice for how the difficulties of these robots vary

Subwave 2:
-The Giant Burst Fire Shotgun Heavies deal way to much damage and are extremely lethal, either make them Crit Boosted GShotguns or tune them down to not be so heavy hitting as they effectively fire off more shots than a regular GShotgun with how fast and often they shoot

Subwave 3:
-Make the finale subwave less heavy heaven and could make it more medic focused with actually lethal giants
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Changes I've made:

-Made bomb non-resetting.
-Changed spawns for most of the mission.

Wave 1:
-Changed spawn of the flanking normal scout bots.
-Changed spawn rate of demomen.
-Gave gSoldiers big heals.

Wave 2:
-Changed qf for gburst soldiers with big heals.

Wave 3:
-Buffed gatetank to be 25k.
-Changed spawn for burst demos so the colonel isn't lonely.
-Changed spawntime for colonels so it doesn't have weird pacing issues.
-Replaced final subwave.

Wave 4:
-Made the grapid soldier the only gatebot in the first subwave.
-Removed some of the pyros/bowmen.
-Replaced powerjack pyros with demoknights (rip funny super mario bot Sad ).

Wave 5:
-Removed a gdeflector+gregen pair.
-Made the tank a non flank tank.

Wave 6:
-Removed the airblast gatebot pyros so it's just gatebot phlogs.
-Changed the randomchoice section in the beginning to be just normal ai hoovies.
-Toned down on the commons during the first subwave.
-Removed the "bullets per shot bonus" attribute from the gburst shotgun heavies.
-Made tank spawn a bit sooner.
-Toned down spawn support so they wouldn't reach the 22 maxactive limit.
-Replaced gburst demos with grapid fire iron bomber demos and made them come out with the tank.
No Strike

Judges Present: DaMno, eyes, Averagegamer

Class Composition:
- Scout (eyes)
- Demoman (Hell-met for first 3 waves, Mo for last 3 waves)
- Sniper (DaMno, with huntsman)
- Engineer (Averagegamer)

Demo link: https://us-testing.moonlight.tf:27107/de...45.dem.zip

- The mission has 4 tank waves in a row, and 3 of those having 2 Gheavies. All the waves also have the same structure. This made the mission feel repetitive, and i had a hard time trying to distinguish one wave from the other. None of these waves try to stand out from each other in any way, so overall the mission becomes uninteresting.
- A lot of the waves had too much pushing power. Some didn't. Non Tank waves simply couldn't push us back. While Tank waves pushed us back and capped the gate with a Tank, then pushed us again to hatch with powerful giants.

Wave 3:
- Overall too much pushing power here
- First subwave didn't have much happening on the robot side for the first part. However when the Giant Heavies spawned, it had too much happening on the robot side
- You could change the Giant Heavies to something weaker and make them spawn much sooner

Wave 4:
- Too much pushing power from both Tank and robots

Wave 5:
- The tank was a Gate Tank without having the final Tank skin
- Make it a normal Tank, because it capping the gate led to the Giant Heavies stacking, and making everything much worse

Wave 6:
- Too much pushing power from both Tank and robots at the final subwave
[Image: image.png]
Still working on this, made a lot of changes so I need to test before I resubmit.
Changes I've made:

-Gave Sentry buster the giant-bot tag to not get stunned when gate gets capped.

Wave 1:
-Renamed gdemos to "Giant Rapid Fire Demoman".

Wave 2:
-Changed qf for gpyros with big heals.

Wave 3:
-Nerfed gatetank to be 21k.
-Changed Gheavies to GSMG Snipers and changed spawn times & maxactive.

Wave 4:
-Toned down the maxactive and totalcount of soldiers during 2nd subwave.
-Nerfed tank to be 24k.

Wave 5:
-Made tank a normal tank (whoops!).
-Added like a few extra df pyro+qf med pairs.

Wave 6:
-Changed spawntimes for gatebot phlogs & heavies in the first subwave.
-Removed a few heavies
-Changed machina sniper initial cooldown & overall cooldown.
-Made 2nd subwave waitforallspawned.
-Toned down maxactive of grichochet pyros during 2nd subwave.
-Toned down the maxactive and totalcount of grapid iron demos during final subwave.
-Nerfed tank to 30k.
-Made tank a flank tank (suggested by Mo).
Changes I've made:

-Gave The Bread Monster Boss a newer and more fitting death sound.

Wave 3:
-Made Rapid fire bowmen mini giants into non-gatebot varients because there were too many in the first subwave imo.
Judges present: None

Demo file: https://eu-testing.moonlight.tf:27107/de...34.dem.zip

Wave 5: Reduce money payout by around $500 or so
Wave 6: Need more variety of giants at the finale, just 8 of the same giant demos was a bit monotonous and underwhelming (difficulty falls a bit flat at the end).

Overall we think this mission is pass-worthy and event-quality after the last few knots have been ironed out.
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Deleted from judging queue to make some buffs/nerfs.

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