[MISSION] Yiresa - Black East

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Mission name : Black East
Map : mvm_yiresa_rc5a
Difficulty : Intermediate

Credits :
PDA Expert - made the mission.
PigPig - made the map.
Various authors - made the icons.

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We played the mission and don't have any concrete feedback to provide since we didn't enjoy the map. Here's the demo file if you want to review it and make your own judgments:

Updated mission.

Wave 1 :
- Soldierbots are easy ai.

Wave 6 :
- Hand-Held Plasma Soldiers are now split into bison and pomson soldiers

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Demo: https://us-testing.moonlight.tf:27107/de...35.dem.zip

No Strike

Judges Present: DaMeister, Package O' Lies, Yoovy

Soldier - DaMeister
Scout - Yoovy
Engineer - Package O' Lies

W1 - Overall needs a buff.
W2 - Knight Subwave is useless on this wave.
W3 - Make GPunchies gatebots.
W4 - Lacked pushing power, adding soldiers may provide some extra killing power.
W5 - Wave overall needs a buff excluding the final wave.
W6 - Shield Meds should either be outright removed or replaced with Quick Ubers, Hand-Cannon Soldier Support should be replaced with Bison Support, Mangler Soldiers, or a mix of both with randomchoice.
Black East has gotten into its second version now.

Changes include, but aren't limited to :

Wave 1 :
- Bat scouts changed to Pistol Scouts
- Giant Chargeds now have maxactive 2

Wave 2 :
- Knight subwave has been merged with Giant Rapid Fire Soldier subwave
- There's now 2 Giant Rapid Fire Soldiers.

Wave 3 :
- Super Heavyweight Champs are now Gatebots

Wave 4 :
- Added 12 Conch Soldiers and 12 Regular Soldiers to the first subwave
- Scouts now have normal ai and no longer have limited vision range

Wave 5 :
- Replaced Skullcutters with Stickies
- Added 10 Samurais to the 2nd subwave

Wave 6 :
- Shield Medics have been removed.
- Plasma Soldiers have been split into Bison Soldiers and Pomson Engineers
- The first tank now has 18k HP

Wave 7 :
- Nerfed the melee range of the Mesa Marauder.

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Class Lineup
Damno - Scout
Skin King - Pyro
Averagegamer - Engineer

-General Feedback-
Overall pretty decent mission to say the least

Wave 1
-good wave

Wave 2
-felt fine

Wave 3
-felt fine

Wave 4
-felt fine
-lower the maxactive for the soliders in the first subwave
(nitpick- have the scouts that use baby face, be called baby face scout)

Wave 5
-remove shield from samurais

Wave 6
-felt fine
(pomson engi support also didnt seem to spawn in)

Wave 7
-felt fine
Demo link for judge run: https://us-testing.moonlight.tf:27107/de...89.dem.zip
Black East is now on version 3.
Changes are as follows :

Wave 2 :
- Lowered the amount of knight + medic squads by 2, should somewhat improve pacing at times.

Wave 4 :
- Conch & Regular Soldier maxactives got lowered by 2, making it a maxactive of 4 for each.

Wave 5 :
- Samurais now lack a shield, they also jump much less frequently and have a shorter jump

Wave 6 :
- Removed regen stats from the pomson engineers, if they ever build a sentry it will be extremely weak.

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Demo: https://us-testing.moonlight.tf:27107/de...11.dem.zip

No Strike

Judges present: Averagegamer (Scout), Skin King (Demo), Package O' Lies (Engi)

-2 subwaves of gate soldiers in a row feels pretty repetitive, especially since the first sub is quite long, replace them with something else (Demos would probably be the easiest solution).
-Gauntlets don't have tag bot_giant (You might want to skim through the pop to check for this just to be sure).

-Personal opinion (meaning this is optional), but the 2nd sub feels fairly uninteresting, my personal suggestion would be to try some form of sort of common only subwave with interesting squads, though what you try out is up to you.

- Blaster scouts need the blaster icon (and the name "Blaster Scout" or something similar)
- Charged demos having the nuker icon is quite confusing. You could try using that singular pill icon I forgot the name of, or use Seelpit's new charged demo icon

- The gate gfuries can still be alive when the final subwave starts (no gatebots in final sub, cringe), minor pacing adjustments may be needed to compensate for an added WFAD.

- The maxactive on the gmanglers should equal their totalcount to prevent dragging when pushed.

- Ending is fairly weak in comparison to the rest of the wave, adding an extra set of gheavy + kritz med may help.

- Suggestion (optional), have all the support be support limited and change it up as the wave goes on.
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Got around to updating this after a long hiatus, I can't be bothered to list every change so i'll just mention what's important okay sorry

Notable Changes that aren't exactly wave exclusive :
- Sentry busters have a hat now.
- Any tanks that spawn after the gate has been capped will gain a speedboost, moving them faster to the gate. A sound cue will play if this happens.
(though sometimes it just plays after the wave ends??? I think that's a spectator thing.)

Wave 2 :
- Reworked subwave #2, it is now entierly punchie city.

Wave 4 :
- Fixed the last subwave having a waitforallspawned so gatebots shouldn't be screwing up diffculty anymore.

Wave 5 :
- Giant Cowmanglers now have a maxactive of 6, yippie.

Wave 6 :
- Refer to lastest judge feedback.

Wave 7 :
- Some limited support has been added before the standard support kicks in.
- Chief HOK himself has been added.

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