[MISSION] Metro - Synthetic Synthwave

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Changes I've Made:

-Reduced spawn time (again).
-Gave sentry buster funny hat lol.

Wave 1:
-Gave giant pyros 2 big heal meds each.

Wave 2:
-Increased tank's hp to 15k.

Wave 3:
-Replaced smg sniper support with easy ai heavies.
-Gave each GDeflector a single slow recharge medic.

Wave 4:
-Replaced Tele engis with Battle engis.

Wave 5:
-Reduced spawncount to 6 and totalcount to 12 for the heavies.
No strike

Demo: https://eu-testing.moonlight.tf:27107/de...25.dem.zip

Judges present:Ronnie Mcnutt Gaming#killtf2, DaMno, Nuq, oddschool

Team comp
Scout (Ronnie Mcnutt Gaming#killtf2)
Soldier (DaMno)
Engineer (Nuq)
Heavy (oddschool)

Overall: Make starting money up to 900

Wave 1 decrease total money a little bit, to compensate the higher starting cash

Wave 6 Remove 3rd tank
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Changes I've made:

-Starting cash is now $900.

Wave 1:
-Wave now gives out $600 instead of $700.

Wave 2:
-Wave now gives out $800 instead of $1k.
-Replaced slow firing scout bots with pyro bots.
-Changed tank speed from 65->75.
-Replaced soldiers with buff soldiers.
-Gave Giant Demomen a couple of quickfix meds.

Wave 6:
-Removed final tank.
No Strike

Judges present: DaMeister, DaMno, oddschool, ✪ Ronnie Mcnutt Gaming#killtf2

Demo : https://eu-testing.moonlight.tf:27107/de...66.dem.zip

Wave 2
Replace the rocket rain giants. They are very weak overall. Giant Burst would do. Give to the demos 3 quick uber medics, because they don't push and punish.

Wave 3
Remove the last GDeflector. Makes the wave way too slow.

Wave 4
Change the support burst demos, with regular demos

Wave 5
Put dmg bonus 1.5 on gscouts

Wave 6
Buff the medics HP to 10000 and give it a "health regen" of 100, so it'll punish for not killing it fast enough.
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Changes I've made:

Wave 2:
-Gave GDemomen 3 quick uber meds.
-Replaced Rocketwall gsoldiers with GBurst.

Wave 3:
-Removed last Gdeflector & slow recharge med pair.

Wave 4:
-Replaced burst demos with regular demos.

Wave 5:
-Buffed gscouts with a 1.5 damage bonus.

Wave 6:
-Buffed boss med's hp to 7k->10k and gave it health regen of 100.
Changes I've made:

Wave 6:
-Nerfed Boss heavy's damage bonus (2->1.5).
Demo: https://us-testing.moonlight.tf:27105/de...93.dem.zip


This run was a 5 mann balancing and pacing test, our team found following issues when we played it:

Team comp:

Soldier (Black Box)
Soldier (Beggars)
Engie > Med last wave

This wave shouldnt be one single subwave repeated over and over, it falls apart after 30 seconds of gameplay. In general it doesnt push much, it lacks hitscan classes, Giant Pyros are not even capable of countering soldiers from shooting at the tank. In general this wave gives up after first tank and needs either more or just reworking the wave in general.

Is the easiest one in the mission, we didnt even struggle a little here, 99% of the wave is just blast and 0 hitscan which can lead to very frustrating RNG gameplay which is path.
Changes I've made:

Wave 4:
-Removed 1 tank and 3 gairblast pyros, and replaced it with a new subwave.
-New subwave is 2 pairs of a Gheater heavy & Gregens.
-Added pyro support for the new subwave.
-Made engibots tele engis again.
-Replaced gairblast pyros with gshotguns.

Wave 5:
-Replaced grapid fire demos with gbrass beast heavies.
-replaced Colonel barrages with gbackburner pyros.
(did these two changes just so it isn't just blast and projectile spam).
Changes I've made:

Wave 4:
-Made tele engibots battle engis again.
Changes I've made:

Wave 4:
-Gave Gheaters 3 uber meds instead of 1 regen gmed & added an extra set of them.

Wave 5:
-Replaced gbackburners with gscatter demos.

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