[MAP] Blizzardworks

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Map name: Blizzardworks
Current version: B4

Mission name: Snowgrave
Difficulty: Advanced

Me - making the map and the mission

Download https://tf2maps.net/downloads/blizzardworks.11589/
Now I'm wondering if I should port my mission back to blizzardworks
Your nav file has not been analyzed and your pop file contains syntax errors. Please analyze your nav mesh and correct your pop file. Our testing server won't accept them until these issues are addressed.

If you have trouble doing this, reach out to the staff or mission creators on the discord for assistance.

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-Updated nav file to be analyzed
-fixed syntax errors in the pop file
-fixed some bad texture placement
-added 2 deflector heavies to wave 5 ending subwave

Download: https://tf2maps.net/downloads/blizzardworks.11589/
Judges present: None

Demo file: https://eu-testing.moonlight.tf:27107/de...12.dem.zip

Wave 1: Too easy, needs a total rewrite.
Wave 2: Hard/Expert AI heavies have no place being this early in a mission, reduce their skill to Easy/Normal.
Wave 3: Giants spawn too quickly, needs more pacing (also remove the support quickfix medics). Slow down the spawns for the giant medics. Make GMedics either not pop, or remove crits off the Colonels - and never allow three on the field if possible.
Wave 4: Add Dragon fury's icon to the GPyros.
Wave 6: Move everything to support; the wave should end right after the boss dies. Also enable the blizzard effect for the boss wave.

Overall, the difficulty feels all over the pace, W1/4 being too easy, and W2-3 being from harder edge of advanced to borderline unbeatable for advanced teams.
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Map feedback:

Overall not a very impressive reskin of the map. The blizzard mechanic was interesting and the only positive comment for the reskin effort. Otherwise, the snow seems sloppily strewn about and only the skybox and the soundscapes were changed. A reskin should have a significant artpass much like that of coldtown (https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/f...2698765652) - adding more Christmas lights for example.

The nav on the left path (looking from hatch) is broken, the bots take the shortcut straight through the underpass for the right path instead of going around the second building - many robots deciding to take upstairs flank paths for no reason. Most likely a nav_avoid is missing or improperly placed (check the demo file).

You can also improve upon the map if you're going to reskin it, such as adding some big ammo boxes (especially in the middle building that has 2 medium health packs), a forward upgrades station in the middle building, etc. Mannworks by no means is a perfect map and this is a good opportunity to correct some of its flaws.
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