[Mission] Mannworks - Object Overflow

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Mission Name: Object Overflow
Map: Mannworks
Difficulty: Advanced

Quantum Apple - Mission maker
Valve - Map maker

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Please attach your robot template files to a download as well. The mission cannot be tested without them.

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Me forgor

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Judges present: None

Demo file: https://eu-testing.moonlight.tf:27107/de...44.dem.zip

General comments

Wave 2: Tone down black boxes or space their spawns out more

Wave 3-5: Giant spam is too much, everything happens too fast (check demo file)

Wave 6: Remove giant scouts, reduce the move speed on the bosses
You should also test how the engineer boss behaves if the heavy is killed before the engineer and make sure that it doesn't bug out.

Miscellaneous: Having simultaneous tank spawns all the time gets a bit repetitive and boring. You should mix up the tank spawns so it's not always two spawns at once.

The judges will have to expand upon this whenever they get to your mission. Overall the mission has solid bones and good ideas, but needs some fine-tuning to bring it down to advanced difficulty.
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Version 2

-       Reduced amount of spies 

-       Removed 1 gscout (straggled)
-       Gave gknights and gshotguns an additional uber med

-       Cut amount of ghuntsman in half (8 -> 4)
-       Made sticky demos support limited

-       Nerfed Deagle damage

-       Reduce Gas pyro afterburn
-       Reduced amount of tanks in each subwave to 1, buffed hp to compensate. 40k and 45k tanks respectively.
-       Reduced spawncount and maxactive on demoknight support: 6 and 12 -> 4 and 8 
-       Engie boss damage nerfed

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