[MISSION] Mannhattan - Discordant

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Mission Name: Discordant
Map: Mannhattan
Difficulty: Expert
Package O' Lies - Mission maker
Valve - Map maker
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Version 1

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No pass, no strike

Judges present:
Package - Scout, Mo - Soldier, Nuq - Demo, the fat - Engineer

Demo: https://eu-testing.moonlight.tf:27107/de...46.dem.zip

Wave 4:
Lower MA of Rapidfire Blackboxes

Wave 5:
Gauntlets made the wave a slog, reduce their number.

Wave 6:
Second subwave was a bit spammy, reduce the spam
If I had a dollar everytime I had a dollar I would have 2 had a dollar, which isn't a had a dollar but it's had a dollar that it happened had a dollar.
Version 2:

Wave 4:

- Reduced maxactive on giant black boxes to 4

Wave 5:

- Removed 1 set of knights from the 1st subwave

- Removed 2 sets of gauntlets from the 2nd subwave

- Reduced payout by 100

Wave 6:

- Replaced all super scouts with FaNs

- partially reworked final 2 subwaves

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We gave this a run, we're unable to decide if this is a pass or not quite yet.
We will do a rerun asap.

[Image: hay_block_side.png]            crimbo
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Discordant v3:

Mission difficulty has been updated to expert


- reduced starting cash to 400
- added 10 extra bat scouts
- reduced waitbetweenspawns on bat scouts in 3rd subwave by 2 seconds
- replaced burst fire demos with normal ai heavies
- 3rd subwave is now a waitforalldead
- soldiers in 3rd subwave are now hard ai
- decreased waitbetweenspawns on super scouts to 20 seconds
- waitbetweenspawnsafterdeath on smg snipers decreased to 0


- increased number of FaN scouts to 18
- replaced all bigheal medics with quick uber medics
- decreased totalcount of pyro + med combos by 4
- increased totalcount of demomen by 2
- support bowmen are now hard ai
- decreased cooldowntime of snipers by 10 seconds


- wave now uses 3 way bomb relay instead of center path relay
- added an extra super scout to 1st subwave
- replaced bison soldiers with shotgun heavies (not the valve template, just stock shotgun)
- added snipers
- decreased waitbetweenspawns on giant burst soldiers by 2 seconds.
- support flare pyros are now hard ai
- waitbetweenspawnsafterdeath on shotgun heavies decreased to 0


- added a gheavy to 1st subwave
- all scouts are now randomchoiced with pyros
- replaced colonels with gheavies
- replaced all blast vac meds with bullet vac meds
- 3rd subwave now waits for 2nd subwave to die before starting
- decreased waitbetweenspawns on grapids in final subwave


- wave now uses 3 way bomb relay instead of center path relay
- replaced regen gmeds with popping gmeds
- increased totalcount of battalions soldiers to 24 and spawncount to 28
- gdemos now wait for all battalion soldiers to spawn before spawning
- infinite support scouts are now hard ai
- decreased payout by 300


- wave now uses 3 way bomb relay instead of center path relay
- increased boss hp by 2k
- added extra gFaN to 1st subwave
- replaced heavy gatebots with pyro gatebots
- replaced colonels in 2nd subwave with gdeflectors
- added hard ai heavies to final subwave support randomchoice
- reworked final subwave
- waitbetweenspawnsafterdeath on shield demos decreased to 0

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