[MISSION] Mannworks - XLR-8

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Mission name: xlr-8
Map: Mannworks
Difficulty: Intermediate

Package O' Lies (Mission maker)
Valve (Map maker)

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.pop   mvm_mannworks_int_xlr-8.pop (Size: 21.68 KB / Downloads: 26)
No Pass (Failed the first run Sad )

Judges Present: CreatorForce (Soldier), Package O'Lies (Scout), Averagegamer (Heavy)

Demo link: https://us-testing.moonlight.tf:27107/de...03.dem.zip

Wave 4:
- I think for the first part can just make it fake giant heavy or use voice lines heavy.

Wave 6:
- Replace soda scout with hard ai scattergun scout
- Tone down soldier ai skills, don't use expert ai

Wave 7:
- Change the scout name into bonk scout if they have a bonk icon
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w4: added a sound when the soldier jumscare begins.
Soldier jumpscare is now normal ai
Decreased spawncount of heavyweight champs to 4, and maxactive to 8

w5: reworked final subwave.
Scouts are no longer cola scouts (normal ai)

w7: giant burst demos waitbetweenspawns increased to 18 seconds

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.pop   mvm_mannworks_int_xlr-8.pop (Size: 22.14 KB / Downloads: 13)
Judges Present: Myself, CreatorForce, Package O Lies (you!)

Team Comp: Scout, Engineer, Heavy

Demo: N/A

This mission will be featured in the next event, congratulations!
[Image: yjlNbE5.jpeg]
Through my own discretion, this mission will be sent back into judging.
V3: General nerfs to the mission as a whole

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.pop   mvm_mannworks_int_xlr-8.pop (Size: 21.98 KB / Downloads: 6)
The judges have concluded that this mission has been passed and will appear in the next event. Congratulation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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