[MISSION] Powerplant - Current Surge

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Mission name: Current Surge
Map: Powerplant
Difficulty: Expert

Map Maker - Gadget

MIssion Maker - CreatorForce
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B2 - Powerplant - Current Surge

  • Reduced respawn time from 6 to 5
Wave 3:
  • Make Giant Soldier BlackBox now waitforallspawned
Wave 4: 
  • Reworked the entire wave
Wave 5:
  • Added Engineer
  • Removed 1 Giant Heavy
  • Removed Morbius (2022)

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No pass.

Demo link : https://us-testing.moonlight.tf:27107/de...84.dem.zip

Judges present :
PDA Expert
Package O' Lies

Class lineup :
Scout (Package)
Soldier (Ciaran)
Pyro (PDA Expert)
Heavy (Creatorforce)
Engineer (Nuq)

Wave 1 :
- Give the big heals the proper name and the item "The Surgeon's Stahlhelm"

Wave 3 :
- Either replace or nerf the Giant Rocketrain Soldiers, they proved to be too powerful. Increasing their reload time and making them shoot less rockets should go a long way.

Wave 5 :
- Remove 4-8 Demos, they seemed to prevent the support from spawning.

Wave 6 :
- Remove the crits from the so-called "Beamguys", they weren't very fun to deal with and dealt massive damage even with full crit resis.
- Give Shield Medics IgnoreEnemies, this will make them actually focus their shield on protecting their heal target. (Wave 4 might've had this issue too, my memories fuzzy on that though)
B3 - Powerplant - Current Surge

  • Added Cosmetics

  • Added Morbius back
  • Removed Herobrine

Wave 1:
  • Renamed Medic to Big-Heal Medic
  • Added "The Surgeon's Stahlem"

Wave 4:
  • Fixed Cash
  • Nerfed All Stats from Rocketrain Soldiers
  • Increased spawn Rocketrain soldiers WaitBetweenSpawns 11 -> 13

Wave 5:
  • Removed 8 Demoman

Wave 6:
  • Removed AlwaysCrit from Beamguy
  • Added IgnoreEnemies from Shield Meds

Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/agax8brj9icul6...e.pop?dl=0
B3.1 - Powerplant - Current Surge

Wave 3:
  • Removed 4 Blackbox Soldier

Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/5qkkny05s2jipm...e.pop?dl=0
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Judges present: Averagegamer, Creatorforce, Package O' Lies

demo link: https://us-testing.moonlight.tf:27107/de...19.dem.zip

Class comp:
Scout (Juan game)
Soldier (Package)
Pyro (Creatorforce)
Demoman (Quantum apple)
Engineer (Averagegamer)

wave 1:
- mostly felt fine but the last sub wave could be more punishing as it felt easier than the earlier sub waves. Add conch/batts to the giant squads in the final sub wave to make it more punishing

wave 2:
- The g demos didn't really do much in the first sub wave. Replace the g demos with g rapid fire soldier
- Reduce engineer spawn cooldown to 50 secs as realistically only 1-2 will spawn throughout the wave

wave 3:
- increase the support as there is not much going on after the main wave bots are dead. Replace the direct hit soldiers with normal ai pyros with airblast disabled in support in groups of 5 - 6

wave 4:
- first sub wave felt easier than the earlier waves as the bat scouts didn't really do much. Replace the bat scouts with hard ai scattergun scouts to spice things up the first sub wave

wave 5:
- felt fine.

wave 6:
- felt fine
B4 - Powerplant - Current Surge

Wave 1:
- Replaced Gauntlets with Battalion Soldiers

Wave 2:
- Replaced GDemos with GRapid Fire Soldiers
- Reduced cooldown engineer from 60 to 50
- Reduced Carbinesniper between spawns 6 to 5

Wave 3:
- Replaced direct hit with pyro and disabled airblast

Wave 4:
- Replaced melee scout with hard ai scattergun scouts

Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/kcsdbz7drorcsx...e.pop?dl=0
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Pass with changes

Judges Present: Mo, Package O' Lies, CreatorForce

Class comp: Heavy (Package), Pyro (Mo), Scout (Creator), Soldier (A+Drew), Engi (Timey)

Demo: https://us-testing.moonlight.tf:27105/de...86.dem.zip

W1: End could be buffed slightly, changing the giant squad of 3 batts to 1 batt + 2 gauntlets should work.

W3: remove 8 black box soldiers due to straggling.

Congratulations, this mission will be featured in the next event!
RC1 - Powerplant - Current Surge


Wave 1: 3 Battalion now with 1 Battalion + 2 Gauntlets
Wave 3: Removed 8 Blackbox Soldier

Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/p476fts19z029c...e.pop?dl=0

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