[MISSION] [ACCEPTED] Swirl - Virtual Insanity

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Mission Name: Virtual Insanity
Map: Swirl
Difficulty: Expert
Current Version: 1

Asd417 and Dayal: Made the map
Ciaran: Made this mission
Icon makers: Made icons
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Judges Present: Package O' Lies, Averagegamer, Yoovy

Class comp: Engi (Yoovy), Scout (Package), Heavy (Average), Soldier (Skin king), Pyro (Ciaran)

Demo: https://us-testing.moonlight.tf:27107/de...41.dem.zip

Overall: took us over 30 minutes to finish with several waves not pushing very far, needs to be shortened.

W1: remove 12 demos at the end because straggle.

W2: Last 2 giant combos straggled, either add some more stuff to support them or increase the totalcount of the commons already in the wave.

W3: The first subwave didn't push at all despite us popping almost every umed, you can replace the punchies with a more dangerous bot so popping the meds will actually punish teams. The giant sticky demos are aids to fight in close quarters or as engi in general, please replace them with something else, anything with modest strength works.

W4: The maxactive on the last gpyros is too low, causing the wave to drag if you get pushed very far, increase it to at least 11 or reduce the number of umeds pocketing them.

W5: Once again, the sticky demos aren't very fun to fight due to the map, doesn't help much that they're pocketed by kritz on modest cash. They should be replaced, but I'm not entirely sure what would work there, so I'll have you decide.

W6: Feels fine, but since last has already been decided to be cut, could maybe have a bit more spice as the new finale. Do not put crits on everything please and thank you Smile

W7: Hell, agony, suffering, anguish, luckily the mission is long enough that this wave being removed is justifiable.
Virtual Insanity V2


- Ported the mission to Swirl RC3. Flanker snipers still exist but I may as well embrace them instead of bothering asd to make multiple RC versions.

- Removed 1 Heavies/Shield Med squad
- Moved Demomen to support limited
- Removed 4 pyros to remove more straggler issues
- The flanker snipers won't stop but I still wanna have snipers on this wave so I did something a little funny with them. Increased CooldownTime on these snipers.

- Lowered tank HP to 20k
- Cut down multiple demos in an attempt to make the last giants (WaitForAllSpawned gaming) spawn faster

- Slapped AlwaysCrit on the punchies to make them more deadly
- Increased Stickybomb arm time on Giant Sticky Barrage Demos. I wanna keep them since Sticky Demos are funny, just hoping this nerf is enough.
- Removed AlwaysCrit from the support sandman scouts
- Increased total wave payout by 100

- Increased MaxActive on Giant DF Pyros to 11
- Increased total wave payout by 200

- Replaced Stickybomb Demos with normal Demos
- Added some money to support scouts

- Remade the whole wave to make it an actual finale wave.

- diagnosis: schizophrenia. w7 never existed
(The joke is that W7 is now gone.)

No pass quite yet.

Demo link : https://us-testing.moonlight.tf:27107/de...28.dem.zip

Judges present :
PDA Expert
Package O' Lies

Class lineup :
Scout (Nuq)
Soldier (Ciaran)
Demoman (PDA Expert)
Heavy (Package O' Lies)
Creatorforce (Engineer)

Wave 2 :
- Steel Gauntlets are missing the bot_giant tag, making them get stunned by gate.
- Gatebot Bowmen were appearing on the last subwave, consider cutting the total count or make half of the bowmen non-gate.

Wave 4 :
- Lower Tank HP, 5k less should suffice. Lower it by more if needed. (PDA Expert and Package.)
- The Giant Fury Pyros stacked up very quickly, did you forget a waitbetweenspawns?

Wave 5 :
- Package O' Lies : "the kritz part feels a bit spammy...", "Either reduce them or remove meds + give alwayscrit" (Optional)

[Image: hay_block_side.png]            crimbo
I already speedran making changes while you were typing :ujel:

Virtual Insanity V3


- Lowered totalcount of gate bowmen
- Added 6s WaitBeforeStarting to last Giant Rapidfire Soldiers
- Added Tag bot_giant to last subwave steelies

- Lowered tank HP by 5k each
- Whoops, I forgot WaitBetweenSpawn on the Giant DFs. I swear they have it now.

- Re-introduced Stickybomb Demos. Now with longer sticky arm time and longer WaitBetweenSpawn (1 whole second!!!!!!)

- Lowered tank HP by 3k each

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This mission will be featured in the next event, congratulations!
Virtual Insanity: V4 Final


- Steel Fists are now Apoco-Punchies.
- Gave Bonk Scouts the right name.

- Fixed a maxactive issue with the shotgun heavies.


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