[MISSION] A52 - Nuclear Threat

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Mission name: Nuclear Threat
Map: Area 52
Difficulty: Intermediate

randomguy - creating waves
Lite - creating the icon.
First run, no pass

Judges present: Package O' Lies, Dameiseter, Seelpit

Class comp: Engi (Package), Soldier (Meister), Scout (Seel)

Demo: https://us-testing.moonlight.tf:27107/de...40.dem.zip

Wave 1: First subwave has very little going on, all the scouts do is feed engi while posing no threat. Since they're already randomchoiced, you can possibly throw in some easy ai scouts to spice it up a tad, if not something stronger.

Wave 2: I thought someone who hated metro wouldn't make a mission inspired by it ujel. Jokes aside the waitforalldead usage this wave causes it to feel like an endurance wave if you get pushed at all. The last 2 subwaves are extremely weak in comparison to the first, bots have barely any power to kill players and barely serve as a dps test since they all die extremely quickly. Increase the amount of scouts in 2nd sub and either make the support something stronger or replace the giant punchies with something more threatening in final sub.

Wave 3: the 2nd subwave is just 1 tank plus fan scouts, once the tank dies you're just killing fan scouts for about 30 seconds, you can bulk it up by either adding another tank or another gpyro.
(optional) classicon pyro_reflect_daan + Item "Traffic Cone"

Wave 4: This wave can do with some snipers/spies to keep players attention away from the main bulk of the wave. The huge squads cause the bots to get held back/stand still super often, causing the wave to slow down quite a bit, you can make the squads smaller and increase the amount of punchies that spawn to compensate for lost bulk. Easy ai punchies are completely useless and accomplish nothing, make them hard ai.
The battalions soldiers in the final subwave are gatebots.

Wave 5: this wave way too short. you can either either rework it or simply add an extra gmed combo.

Wave 6: the gscout subwave is extremely easy because there is absolutely nothing else to focus on (unless gate gets capped by first sub), you can probably add some sort of common to get the bomb forward (crit bats perhaps), the lack of bomb threat makes classes like engi really boring to play as. Same kinda goes for last sub, there is no major variety since it's entirely heavy spam, you can reduce the number of heavies this sub and have the crit bats (or whatever support you choose) mix in with the finale.
v2: https://www.dropbox.com/s/4acjdnnj8at18o...2.zip?dl=0

w1: made the bashers at the start 50/50 with easy ai scatterguns

w2: reworked some of the soldiers, doubled spawncount of scouts in 2nd sub, multiplied total by, increased gnome heavy hp to 4000 (from 3500), 1.5x replaced support champs with soldiers

w3: added 2nd tank to 2nd subwave, increased 2nd subwave tank HP to 13k (x2) up from 11k (x1)

w4: shrunk squads and added snoipers, fixed the batts

w5: added an extra giant gatebot colonel combo

w6: reduced support heavies, added support crit bashers starting at gFAN subwave
Second run, no pass

Demo: https://us-testing.moonlight.tf:27107/de...32.dem.zip

Lineup/Judges Present:

Scout (Yoovy)
Soldier (Package O' Lies)
Engineer (Averagegamer)


-Test your mission before submitting it, this isn't an invitation for judges to test it, final judging is for judging, not testing. Speaking of which this mission overall besides Wave 3 and 6 had little to no thought process to how to beat it, we almost rarely got pushed even a little and if we did, just having an Engineer negated any of the robots
-Package: Ultimate power move would be to deny the entry because we don't accept normal difficulties

Wave 1:

-Pacing of the Giant Soldiers could be better, felt slow near the end (Yoovy, Package, Average)
-Uninteresting for the most part (Yoovy, Package, Average)

Wave 2:

-Giant Mittens dealing damage to the Sentries is great, but means nothing when players widdle their weak 4k down as they deal zero damage before they get to said sentry and aren't threatening whatsoever to players (Yoovy)
-Uninteresting for the most part (Yoovy, Package, Average)

Wave 3:
-Add smth to support the last tank, the GPyros and FaN Scouts all died and we were just left with 1 full hp tank to chip away, possibly add Scouts or other weak robot (Yoovy)
-Overall good wave

Wave 4:
-This wave straight up did not feel like any effort was put into it, every robot barely made it out of spawn, wave in it's entirety is extremely easy even for an intermediate (Yoovy)
-Uninteresting for the most part (Yoovy, Package, Average)

Wave 5:
-Adding a 3rd Barrage GMedic pair didn't make it any more challenging, the 2nd Colonel died just as fast as the first, add smth to make this wave just any amount of unique as 3 Giant Soldiers is not cutting it (Yoovy, Package)
-Uninteresting for the most part (Yoovy, Package, Average)

Wave 6:
-First subwave with the tank and Barrage was fine however the Giant Scout part simply turned into a boring waiting game for both GScouts to come out 2 at a time, killing them, and repeating this 10 more times but this was primarily due to just having 1 tick of Rocket Specialist
-Why are the GDeflectors SpawnCount 10 and MaxActive 15, this makes the end part feel really anticlimactic for a finale and falls flat, should probably lower the ubers and make them spawn a bit faster with allowing all 3 GDeflectors to be out at once at some point as they get shredded quickly when theres only 1 GDeflector out at a time due to the high spawn count
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v3: https://www.dropbox.com/s/4acjdnnj8at18o...2.zip?dl=0

w1-6: made too many changes to list. Each wave should now be appropriate difficlty.
Third Run, no pass

Demo: https://us-testing.moonlight.tf:27107/de...68.dem.zip

Class Lineup / Judges Present:
Scout (Package O' Lies)
Pyro (Yoovy)
Engineer (CreatorForce)

Wave 1:
-Felt Fine

Wave 2:
-Soldiers take forever to go into the map at the start, move them to the left spawn

Wave 3:
-Felt Fine

Wave 4:
-Same issue as last judging, wave still falls flat and robots barely leave spawn, add more consistent support or maybe medics (Yoovy)
-Wave feels like it's 1 subwave (Package)
-Should move the squaded giants to the left

Wave 5:
-Move boss to the left spawn, same with GHeavies

Wave 6:
-Felt Fine
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v4: https://www.dropbox.com/s/4acjdnnj8at18o...2.zip?dl=0

w2: soldiers use side spawn
w4: giants use side spawn, added meds
w5: gheavies use side spawn
Judges present: Package O' Lies, Mo, Nuq
Class comp: Scout (Package), Engi (Nuq), Soldier (Mo)
Demo: https://eu-testing.moonlight.tf:27107/de...80.dem.zip

Overall: in a good spot, just needs some tweaking

2nd subwave is still fairly similar to the first (and weak), Replacing the GDemos with GShotguns or some other weak-ish hitscan giant can help (a custom giant can work too).

Give the Deflectors some blast support, the whole subwave is nothing but hitscan, randomchoiceing (this word looks retarded lol) the heavy supports with them could help.
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v5: https://www.dropbox.com/s/4acjdnnj8at18o...2.zip?dl=0

w4: replaced gdemo with gshotgun

w6: replaced heavy support with demo support

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