Long time no see.

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Hey, I recognize familiar names/faces in this community, if you remember the name sephan/sphn well thats me.

It’s nice seeing the MvM content still thriving and being made after all this time, I know binary blackout was made and all but I didn’t expect this recent event to come up.

Now I’ll be honest, I miss play testing people’s missions (even though of how ignorant I was) and just hanging out, and for some I acted like a jerk. And I get that this might be a different community then the former, but I still feel like I have to own up to something and it wouldn’t be right for me to just come out of nowhere and just say “I’m sorry” in the discord so I’m doing it here. 

The dead by daylight phase really wasn’t a good time for me lol.

But it’s nice to see you lot again and seeing all the stuff being made, if you want to chat with me I’ll be active on here or on steam and if I’m allowed discord too (if you have one for this community I’m not sure I didn’t look too much)
hey just letting you know, phenoix crow skin suck. I got the golden mecha skin and its way better
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