[MISSION] Nox - Rusted Remnants

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Mission Name: Rusted Remnants
Map: Nox
Difficulty: Advanced
Current Version: 6

JMP: Made the map
Ciaran: Made this mission
Icon makers: Made icons

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First Run (No Strike)

Judges Present:
DaMeister | Heavy
eyes | Scout
Lemonée | Engineer
owo Inky | Soldier
PDA Expert | Spy

Demo: https://us-testing.moonlight.tf:27107/de...99.dem.zip

Wave 2: Tone down the Soldiers in the first subwave (DaMeister, PDA, me)
Last GDemo squad came alone, add a bit of support or slow down the spawns of the commons (me)

Wave 3: (Optional) Change the Bowmen to another robot, they were a bit unfun to fight because of the Concheror Soldiers (PDA Expert)

Wave 6: Make the icons on Colonel Barrages and Crit Colonel Barrages not stack (me)
(Optional) Use the scout_cola_popper2 icon for the soda popper scouts (me)
[Image: image.png]
Version 2


Wave 2
- To prevent the American Army™ moment from happening again, I lowered the spawncount of soldiers to 2 and lowered spawn time from 4 seconds to just 3. Also lowered MaxActive from 12 to 10.
- Slowed down scout spawns by an entire second. Note that the last giant demo being alone was due to the maxactive + getting pushed back to hatch thanks to bomb path/sentry slip-ups.

Wave 3
- Since it's just an optional opinion I'd like to see how the bowmen fare on another judging run due to robots prioritizing PDA as mentioned. Considering replacing them with punchies if this subwave still isn't fun but that might be too weak, unsure what to really do for these fellas.

Wave 6
- Unstacked the Colonel icons
- Swapped the cola popper icons
Rusted Remnants

Judges present: Myself, Averagegamer, Randomguy

Team comp: Soldier, Scout, Engineer, Pyro

Demo: https://us-testing.moonlight.tf:27107/de...67.dem.zip

Overall, it's in a good spot, just some changes here and there can make the mission a little more difficult than it what it offers currently.


- Sprinkle some Mission Support Snipers and Spies a little more on certain waves. While we weren't struggling as much, a bit of pressure from those two supports can help out certain waves that do need it.

- This is an experimental/optional suggestion and would require some testing, but some subwaves (if not most), could just simply have a WaitForAllSpawned, since it's mainly waiting out on the subwaves to finish and what not (albeit we had two players with over 200 ping). You're more than welcomed to test out how it goes and see if it flows well.


- The AlwaysFire on the Pyros are way too good at area denial against certain classes early on, though as for now it wouldn't hurt to RandomChoice certain pyros for them to not have AlwaysFire.

- The second subwave felt more like a damage farm than anything, since none of the bots ever actually did anything. Consider adding or replacing some of the commons with something a little stronger.

- While it is the first wave, the Giant Stickybomb Demos posed very little threat let alone damage anybody. You could replace them with a Giant Rapid Fire Demoman instead to give them better pushing power.


- The Soldiers in the beginning plowed through us relatively quickly, I suggest lowering the MaxActive to 8 so that the field itself wouldn't be polluted with projectile hell this early on.

Additionally, if there would be any straggling during tests for this implementation, you can add a WaitForAllSpawned onto that first subwave in case that issue occurs.


- The last subwave can be given a WaitForAllSpawned, since they really didn't pose much of a threat and waiting for everything to be dead on the other subwave slows the wave down considerably.

- This is mainly a nitpick but the Kritzkrieg medics can be renamed to Big Heal Kritzkriegs, since the soldiers were considerably bulky at first glance.


- Reoccuring theme from Wave 1, as the Giant Sticky Demos posed very little threat and were mostly seen as a HP Sponge rather than an actual threat. Replacing them with something like a Giant Burst Fire Demo would give them that pushing power they need.


randomguy :  rename to dragon furry k thx
[Image: yjlNbE5.jpeg]
Rusted Remnants V4
holy shit, a ciaran mission update after eternity!
this is a super late update but eh, whatever


Mission Support
- Added spies to waves 1, 3, and 6
- Added snipers to waves 4 and 7
Note: I added both spies and snipers at the same time in W6 and W7 but after testing this, it feels like it's better to have just one or the other in each wave. In the test I did where both were in W6/7, it was annoying as hell and unfun to deal with.

- Turned Pyro wavespawn into a randomchoice wavespawn with a 1/3 chance for AlwaysFire Pyros.
- Added a few AlwaysFire Pyros to the punchie subwave, but lowered maxactives on the punchies to make room for them.
- Replaced Giant Stickybomb Demos with Valve's giant rapid fire demos. These giants also now wait for the punchies and newly added pyros to die so they don't spawn too early and cause pacing issues.

- Lowered MaxActive of beginning soldiers to 8.

- The Big-Heal Kritzkriegs were a bit too much during testing, so they're now just normal Kritzkriegs.
- As it turns out, the last subwave already had a WaitForAllSpawned in the first place. I removed the WaitBeforeStarting on it but it actually made this wave CBT to play, so it remains unchanged now.
- Removed Crits from the Giant Spammer Soldiers.

- Swapped Giant Stickybomb Demos to Burstfire Demos.

- No, I'm not going to rename the DF pyros to that. This is the greatest feedback of all time.
- Gave the hyper burstfire soldiers some mad drip to better indicate that this robot is going to slap your shit
Rusted Remnants

Judges present: Myself, Ciaran (you!), DaMeister, Seelpit

Team comp: Soldier, Demoman, Engineer, Scout

Demo: https://us-testing.moonlight.tf:27107/de...23.dem.zip

Overall, better and better. A few small buffs and changes to the bots and subwaves and it should be fine as is.


- The wave in its entirety is fine, though you could add Support Limited onto the Scouts in the last subwave.


- The wave was also fine, though the Loch Giants can be replaced with something else since they didn't bring much firepower on. Giant Bowmen can do the trick for that.


- The wave in itself was okay, though since the first tank came in unsupported, it was almost instantly melted. You can let the robots spawn first instead of the tank itself being the first thing to come by.


- The Gas Pyros also kind of didn't bring much in terms of firepower (even with double afterburn damage). You could potentially make them hybrid, to give them some form of close-range interaction rather than just majority of the classes (and sentry) being able to block it.
Alternatively, you can also just switch them to Giant Dragon Fury Pyros instead.
[Image: yjlNbE5.jpeg]
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Rusted Remnants V5


- Removed WaitBeforeStarting on Giant Demos

- Replaced Giant Loch Demos with Giant Bowmen

- Made it so the giants start immediately, lowered starting delay on knights

- Replaced Giant Gas Passer Pyros with Giant Dragon's Fury Pyros

Judges Present: Package O' Lies, Mo, Averagegamer

Classes run: Scout (A+drew), Soldier (Mo), Heavy (me), Engi (Average)

Demo: https://us-testing.moonlight.tf:27107/de...17.dem.zip

Wave 1: remove 2 punchie med combos due to dragging, and either add scouts or give them support 1 due to straggling with the last giant combo

Wave 3: The last giant heavies feel like the come out really quickly, maybe increase their waitbetweenspawns to 18

Wave 7: (optional) name bigrocks "Giga Burst Fire Soldier" for consistancy with other missions.

Congrats, your mission got in before Yoovy stole all the slots!
Rusted Remnants V6 (Final)


- Removed 2 punchie med squads
- Moved Scouts to Support

- Increased WaitBetweenSpawn of Giant Heavies to 18

- renaming your double damage bursts is your thing, my thing is to rename them to Major Crits :ujel:

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