[MISSION] Downpour - Retaliation

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Mission Name: Retaliation
Map: Downpour <3
Difficulty: Advanced

- Me: Making the mission and the soldier_rocketwall icon
- Tindall: Making the map
- Icon Makers: Making many custom icons

Version: 2

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Judges Present: Package O' Lies, CreatorForce, WildJayDogG03
Demo: https://us-testing.moonlight.tf:27107/de...53.dem.zip

No strike (First Run)

Overall: I would not reccoment using sniper_bow_multi for 2 different bots, minigiant and non minigiant rapid bowmen, only causes confusion (sniper_bow_spammer exists if you'd rather use that)

W1: the wave overall extremely weak to any form of aoe due to the bulk of the wave being commons (especially with high starting cash), It would probably best to add more giant soldiers throughout the wave

W2: The tank health is ridiculous this early on and causes the wave to be significantly more difficult than w1, could cut off about 10k, make gauntlets support limited due to straggling.

W3: Nothing in the 2nd subwave has much killing power making it fairly weak, maybe use a stronger bot than gdemos at this point.

W4: heavy_deflector_giant is not a valve icon and needs to be uploaded to the servers. the constant spam from the boss is fairly annoying, It could be potentially reworked into more of a rocketwall/rain type thing (no instant reload though pls).
Replace crit scouts at the end with bat scouts (crit or non crit), hard ai crit scouts still absolutely shred players at this point, causing a major difficulty spike.

W5: last 2 gheavies fall behind the conch spam, potentially causing dragging if you get pushed.

W6: good wave
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Wave 1: Redone the wave
Wave 2: Reduced the tank's hp to 30k, made the steel gauntlets support limited, reduced the amount of capper scouts from 45 to 30
Wave 3: Changed the easy skill heavies to normal skill heavies
Wave 4: Changed icon on the giant deflectors to the normal heavy_deflector, redone the boss, changed skill on the crit scouts to easy
Wave 5: Made the last 2 giant heavies spawn after the 6 giant shotguns finish spawning, instead of spawning after the 6 giant shotguns die
Changed the icon on small rapid fire bowmen to sniper_bow_spammer
[Image: image.png]
judges present: PDA expert, Sntr, randomguy, DaMeister, Oddschool

NO strike

team comp:
pyro (randomguy)
demoman (Sntr)
soldier (DaMeister)
scout (PDA expert)
engineer (Oddschool)

demo: https://us-testing.moonlight.tf:27107/de...81.dem.zip

w1: Rocket Wall soldiers felt too strong (DaMeister, Oddschool)
^ i personally think these just reload too fast
heater heavies have no heater

w2: most of the wave felt sort of weak (Sntr, randomguy)
gauntlet support at the end feels too brutal without heavy (DaMeister, randomguy, PDA, Sntr)

w4: felt mostly fine, but the boss could maybe use a small nerf in HP (randomguy, PDA)

w6: felt a bit weak for the finale

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