[MISSION] Decoy - Dissolution

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Mission : Dissolution
Map : Decoy
Difficulty : Expert

- Myself, for making the mission
- Valve, for the map (duh)
- Icons by their respective owners
- Any tester(s) who have previously tested and participated in testing (mainly as 5 mans, but also 3-4 mans in rare occurrences)

Link : https://www.dropbox.com/s/71g5qs4iexd540...f.zip?dl=0
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Dissolution "V2"


- Starting money bumped up by a bit (600 to 850)

- Made Engineers spawn quicker, at the cost of them being at a TotalCount of 4 (previously 8), MaxActive 2 (previously 3, and only applies to waves 2 and 4.) 

- Engineers on Wave 6 spawn much faster compared to the other 2 waves and have a TotalCount of 6 (MaxActive remains the same). Also made them all have IgnoreFlag now (thankfully engies never picked the bomb up lol)

- Wave 3 is revisited with Giant Heavies and a bulkier, healthier tank (23.5K), and slightly different supports

- Wave 4 has now a tank. Come get your tank busting!

- Wave 6 in general goes all-in for the second subwave. Difficulty presence should be there now.

In case I missed an upload on the servers : https://www.dropbox.com/s/hisu40xm69o5v0...n.pop?dl=0
[Image: yjlNbE5.jpeg]
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Demo: https://us-testing.moonlight.tf:27107/de...07.dem.zip

Judges present: Yoovy, Erikku, Ciaran, Mo (you!)

Yoovy (Scout)
Gregarious (Engineer)
Erikku (Heavy)
Ciaran (Demoman)
Mo (Soldier)

-Felt Fine

-Make Engineers mission support, making them wavespawn not only doesn't show them that they're out on the wavebar, don't make them drop money either, easy way of money being dropped at hatch while the team is defending front. (Yoovy)
-Make last subwaves pyros support limited. (Yoovy)
-Felt Fine otherwise. (Yoovy)

-Short, but felt fine regardless (Yoovy)

-Same thing with the Engineers on wave 2, make them mission support (Yoovy)
-Buff the last subwave, maybe strong support or giants (Yoovy)

-Felt Fine

-Felt Fine

-End part is a little overwhelming, maybe remove the Giant Kritzkrieg Medics or decrease Tank health, up to you. (Yoovy)
-Halve the total snipers spawned from 4 to 2. (Yoovy)
Dissolution V3


- Replaced mainwave support engineers with mission support engineers. Spawns have been adjusted accordingly (not mentioned in the feedback, but this was also changed for W6 as they also featured engineer support).

- Added a separate mission support for Wave 7 snipers, with an aggressive cooldown (2 out, 35 initial, 20 cooldown)


- Reverted shotgun heavy count back to 36 (also fixed their name). The extra 2 sets forced the pyros to essentially spawn much slower. If that occurs once more, they'll be put into Support Limited instead.


- Replaced bowmen with easy AI heavies. Adjusted spawncount (from 4 to 3, MaxActive from 8 to 6)


- Final Tank health decreased from 43k to 39k

- Changed last Deflector's medic to a Regen Medic
[Image: yjlNbE5.jpeg]
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Demo: https://eu-testing.moonlight.tf:27107/de...43.dem.zip

Judges present: None

- Everything comes out at once; there is hardly any pacing or structure. Most waves are quite short, lasting between 2-3 min each.
- Too much overuse of tanks and giant scouts that it gets repetitive and boring by the time wave 3 comes around. Limit to no more than 3 tank waves and 3 giant scout waves out of 7 total waves.
- Why does every wave have support snipers and spies?
- There's way too much over-reliance on squads of giants. Giants felt more like a DPS check than an actual threat.

Best case scenario: A team with a medic shield can complete this mission in under 20 minutes including setup time lulls.
Worst case scenario: Most teams will give up after wave 4 or so from being overwhelmed with spam.

The demo file contains further comments in the game chat. Overall, this mission is far from event-ready.

Quote:if I was given that pop file and told to fix it
I'd spread the spawns out more and only keep max 2 of either giants, tanks, or giant scouts active at the same time
and cut some unnecessary giants that served mostly as damage sponges
and remove tanks from like 3 of the waves
and also remove giant scouts from like 3 of the waves and replace them with something else
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After looking through the demo a plentiful amount of times (and still hilariously baffled at it, my own feedback on these questionable instances https://imgur.com/a/cgcRf8T ), I do understand where most of the complaints are related for, as such -- certain waves of the mission have been changed and the nerfs on general waves have been imposed upon.


- Lowered the amount of Mission Support in the mission in general (also adjusted cooldowns and initialcooldowns)

- Tanks have been neutered out on several waves

- Money overall also lowered at a decent amount to counter the lesser spam involved in the waves


- Soldiers no longer spawn as a pair (4 TotalCount also), they only have kritzkrieg medics accompanying them with shotgun and easy ai minigun heavies


- Giant Dragon Fury Pyros (accompanied with medics and further with bowmen and charged soldiers)

- Giant Black Boxes accompanied by the Support Limited in the mainwave

- The Spooky Blue Rectangular Hitbox has disappeared


- Lowered Bonk Scout count to 4 (previously 8), also spawn one at a time instead of two as a pair

- The Spooky Blue Rectangular Hitbox has disappeared

-  Added Giant Gas Pyros (non-eoi). In addition, the airblast pyros were replaced with regular soldiers.

- Giant Charged Soldiers have been entirely replaced with Giant Bursts that are accompanied with a medic on them


- 1 Spooky Blue Rectangular Hitboxes has been removed


- Removed 4 GRapids to ease the dragging


- Overall just nerfed, not much to really explain for this.
[Image: yjlNbE5.jpeg]
That's why you're trusted
I think he would be a great potato judge
Pass with changes, congrats this will be featured in the next event!

Demo: https://us-testing.moonlight.tf:27107/de...22.dem.zip

Judges Present: Yoovy, Package O' Lies, Averagegamer

Line Up:

Scout (Yoovy)
Engineer (Averagegamer)
Soldier (Package O' Lies)
Pyro (Gregarious)
Heavy (Skin King)

Wave 1:
-Felt Fine

Wave 2:
-Felt Fine

Wave 3:
-Felt Fine

Wave 4:
-Make Armored Quick-Ubers into Armored Uber Medics

Wave 5:
-Felt Fine

Wave 6:
-Felt Fine

Wave 7:
-Felt Fine
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- Changed Armored Quick-Ubers to Regular Armored Slowcharge Uber Medics

Final version of the mission is in the attachment below. Will make new posts for any cosmetic-related changes or hotfixes on the wavebars in case something was indicated wrong on what comes up first.

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