[MISSION] Dockyard - Malicious Malware

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Map: Dockyard
Version: 2
Waves: 7
Difficulty: Advanced

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Version 2

Wave 3:
-Made Detonator Pyros into Flare Pyros.
-Made 2nd subwave Giant Soldiers into Giant Burst Fire Soldiers.
Wave 4:
-Replaced the first two Giant Bowmen with Giant Rapid Fire Soldiers.
-Replaced Super Scouts with Crit Armored Major League Scouts.
Wave 5:
-Gave Giant Heavies 3 Quick-Uber Medics each.
Wave 6:
-Replaced Giant Heavies with Giant Deflector Heavies
-Gave Giant Deflector Heavies 1 Quick Uber Medic each.
-Replaced Giant Charged Soldiers with Crit Giant Burst Fire Soldiers.
Wave 7:
-Removed Crits off the Gatebot Heavies.

Version 2: https://www.dropbox.com/s/jv1ox24bx7363g...e.pop?dl=0
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why and how was this striked
[Image: image.png]

Previous feedback by the previous judge has been scrapped due to no elaboration with the waves' issues. This is now rewritten. I apologise for the inconvenience.

Demo: https://us-testing.moonlight.tf:27107/de...94.dem.zip

Class Comp: Scout, Soldier,  Demoman, Engineer
Wave 1-5 Heavy, Wave 6 Pyro and Wave 7 Heavy (thank the random)

Overall, there is not enough pushing power from the bots to do anything as they come in and die almost instantaneously without them having a medic and/or (for giants) good support and mission support, and the real push force came from the existence of the tanks in their respective waves (which the mission also got to 15 minutes in total by the end).

Strike One


- Not enough hp in those bots. A lot of scouts to deal with, but they crumble quite easily. There isn't enough "oomf" to them.

- Lightweight champs can just be simply turned to regular Heavyweight champs. Alternatively you can add them into the main wave as they do have more hp to at least manage to push a little more further, and you can add a different wave support instead.

- Wave overall fell short, attempting to extend a bit of the subwaves may help one way or another.

- The Giant pyros were "there". They didn't pose a threat, much like their common counterparts. Replacing them with something more stronger like Giant Soldiers should help the wave out have some push to it.


- First subwave started out very strong, but it was also relatively short. An extra demo set and shotgun sets may override this.

- Reoccuring theme just like the final subwave on the first wave. Second subwave had no pushing power to it, as the giant knights are dependent on the commons to do something. Replacing the knights to something else can give them a better push. This wave was also a little bit short.


- Strong wave overall with the tank. Has the power, but is unfortunately also very short. An extra subwave with potentially another tank (non-gate perhaps?) can help it suffice for a longer wave.


- Bots overall need more pushing force once more. They were easily taken care of, especially giants. A good suggestions for them would be to add uber medics for their longevity.

- Lightweight champs later in the mission feel like cannon fodder and are just a free kill. Replace them with something more potent and/or strong.

- While there are common sandmen scouts, there's also an Armored ones at that. The common sandmen can also be replaced with a stronger bot type, or a different scout bot that poses a threat.

- This wave was also short overall. Refer to previous bullet points.


- Second subwave's heavyweight champs feel like cannon fodder. A good alternative for them to have a better push force with the med combos is just setting them as stock common heavies.

- Optional, but while this was not a short wave, you can squeeze in a few set of gauntlets and another Giant heavy-medic pairs if you desire.


- First subwave was very good, but there is a major difficulty drop once the second subwave starts. Replace something that you think that can give it that extra pushing power it needs e.g. heavy commons instead of knights. While it is 2 minutes completion, this likely has to do with the last subwave being relatively underwhelming, so as previously mentioned, giving the last subwave a buff can help the duration of the wave and wouldn't drag it on.


- The crit deflectors could use some uber medics, either quick-ubers or full duration ones, since by the time all the common crit scouts die the last heavy was a few seconds late his inevitable swift death.

- Second subwave is okay, but can also need a bit of an "oomf" to it. Consider adding Grapids or any bot of competency for the final wave, as it is only nothing but common spam.

- The final subwave is a little underwhelming, on top of a sandman scout being late to the party by the end of it. While this change in particular is optional, you can make the regen medics into poppers if you so desire.

- On the topic of the final subwave itself, it can also use a bit of a "grand finale" type of change, since it was just three things spawning and didn't really push that far. Consider making the finale a bit more dynamic so it does feel like a finale of the final wave.

- Also unfortunately on the shorter side.
[Image: yjlNbE5.jpeg]
Version 3

Wave 1:

-Added Giant Soldiers
-Added Big-Heal Medics to the Giant Pyros
-Removed always fire from Giant Pyros and made them Giant AIrblast Pyros
-Rearranged common robots overall

Wave 2:

-Extended first subwave by 1 Giant
-Replaced Giant Demoknights with Giant Rapid Fire Demomen

Wave 3:

-Added a 3rd subwave consisting of Giant Blast Soldiers with a lot of uber medics and limited support Pyros

wave 4:

-Replaced first subwaves Giant Rapid Fire Demomen with Giant Rapid Fire Soldiers
-Gave Giant Rapid Fire Soldiers uber medics
-Replaced second subwave Giant Bowmen with Giant Soldiers

Wave 5:

-Replaced Heavyweight Champs with Bat Scouts

Wave 6:

-Replaced Demoknights with Persian Demoknights and Heavies
-Gave both GBurst Fire Demos and Soldiers uber medics

Wave 7:

-Crit Giant Deflector Heavies first subwave now has 1 Uber medic each
-Second subwave has reduced Archer count and now has 4 Crit Giant Burst Fire Demomen
-Last subwave has reduced Archer count and now has Always fire Pyros, Crit Scouts, and Airblast Pyros for support

Version 3: https://www.dropbox.com/s/jv1ox24bx7363g...e.pop?dl=0
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Demo: https://us-testing.moonlight.tf:27107/de...25.dem.zip

Judges present: Myself, Averagegamer, Yoovy (you!)

Class Comp: Scout, Soldier,  Pyro, Engineer

Overall in a very good spot. there are certain things that can be changed to amp up the difficulty or a small tweak/adjustment however.


- The occasional stragglers (scouts), just a simple removal of 4 of those and it's good to go. Other than that, good wave


- The heater heavies on the right caused the non-flanking bots to essentially elongate themselves to the right and take that said path. A change in their spawn should just be fine enough for that.


- You can make the Giant Soldiers in the beginning just be Rapid Fires instead. It'll give them some more pushing power.
(OPTIONAL) If necessary, you can remove the uber meds from those beginning ones in case they become too powerful


- An addition of Pyros wouldn't hurt on this wave, specifically you can switch the non-gatebot FaN Scouts to Pyros (maybe even Airblast ones, but preferably normal)
Alternatively, you can keep the FaN Scouts and replace the bat support scout to a Hard AI Pyro(s)
[Image: yjlNbE5.jpeg]
Version 7

Wave 1:

-Removed 4 Scouts

Wave 3:

-Made Heater Heavies spawn from Middle

Wave 4:

-Replaced Giant Soldiers with Giant Rapid Fire Soldiers

Wave 5:

-Replaced Bat Scout support with Hard Skill Airblast Pyros, and cut the between time from 30 to 15 seconds

Version 7: https://www.dropbox.com/s/jv1ox24bx7363g...e.pop?dl=0
Pass with changes

Judges present: Mo, Package O' Lies, Averagegamer
Classes: Spy, Heavy, Scout, Soldier

Demo: https://us-testing.moonlight.tf:27107/de...00.dem.zip

All waves: give gate tanks skin 1 (I know all the tanks are gate tanks but it's for consistency between other missions)

Wave 4: Mo was right to be worried about the subwave becoming too strong, and it has become quite the difficulty spike. Simply removing the umeds should do the trick.

Congratulations! This mission will be featured in the next event!
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Version 7.5


-Gave every tank final skin for consistency on other missions

Wave 4:

-Removed Quick-Uber Medics

Version 7.5: https://www.dropbox.com/s/jv1ox24bx7363g...e.pop?dl=0
Accepted After-Update #1:

-Only did cosmetic changes to a couple of robots and touch ups

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