[MISSION] Coldtown - Freezing Frenzy

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Mission Name: Freezing Frenzy
Map: Coldtown
Difficulty: Advanced
Current Version: 1

Yuugi Hoshiguma (Me): Mission Maker
Alox: Creator of the Map
Package O Lies: For Suggesting me making a mission on this map

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No Strike (first run)
judges attended: A+drew, Mo, Package O' Lies
Scout: A+drew
Soldier: Mo
Heavy: Package O' Lies
Engineer: Skin king
Medic: watermelon
Demo Link: https://us-testing.moonlight.tf:27107/de...39.dem.zip

Wave 1
remove crits on giant demoknights, kinda pointless sense original giant demoknights crit on kill
2nd subwave drags a bit
add spies, because the wave is boring and slow

Wave 2
2nd subwave is a bit boring and drags
3rd subwave replace the demos with something weaker and the giants something stronger

Wave 3
change the maxactive on tanks to 2 and increase the waitbetweentime to 40 seconds
remove 6 hurty mitten heavies, because stragglers

Wave 4
burst fire demos are not actually burst fire, they are just giant demos pls fix thx
add spy bots because the wave felt boring

Wave 5
remove 6 smg snipers because stragglers
Oh wow, it's been a long time. Anyways here is version 2 of the mission
Changelog of V2:

- General -
- Every wave has spies support, with a different Initial/Cooldown timer

- W1 -
- Removed AlwaysCrits on the Giant Frosty Knight

- W2 -
- Replaced 3/4 Steel Gauntlets into Demoman (Normal Skill)
- Replaced Giant Charged Soldier into Giant Rapid Fire Soldier
- Replaced last subwave Demoman into Pistol Scout (Easy Skill)
- Fixed where scout cosmetic doesn’t show their head?

- W3 -
- Changed Tank pacing, Made it Maxactive 2 with WaitBetweenSpawns 40
- Removed 6 Hurty Mittens

- W4 -
- Fixed Giant Burst Demoman Attributes

- W5 -
- Made Smg Snipers Support Limited to avoid straggling

- W6 -
- Removed Red Bison Soldier due to the team recognition thinking for friendly fire

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NO strike

judges present: randomguy, m1, mo, ciaran

team comp:
pyro (randomguy)
heavy (m1)
spy (mo)
soldier (ciaran)
engineer (averagegamer)

demo: https://us-testing.moonlight.tf:27107/de...58.dem.zip

w1: fine

w2: pistol scouts at the end should be support limited due to straggling the wave (m1)

w3: wave did not have enough ranged and mittens do nothing against non heavies (m1)
maybe replace mittens with something else (mo, m1)
add mission snipers, pyros in support should not be airblast (m1, ciaran)

w4: the dragon fury pyro icon used here appears crusty for some people, use pyro_dragon_fury_swordstone instead

w4-6: these waves are all very weak (the bots die too quickly to do anything), you need to include various things like medics, crits, and tanks for the waves to be stronger (all)
This is way too long time to submit this mission, but i digress. If you for some reason don't have the latest pop file, please notify me.
Enjoy the buffed version!
Changelog V3:

- General –
- Added Sniper support on Wave 3
- Added festive sniper rifle on the sniper mission block
- Changed some of the Giants spawns on spawnbot_giant more often
- Reduced the total currency by 600 credits

- W2 –
- Removed 1 Major league scout
- Increased Major league scout by another 2 seconds on the waitbetweenspawns
- Bumped the Ai of the smg snipers to Normal
- Added another squad on the Steel gauntlet
- Made Pistol Scout Support Limited and made come out earlier
- Increased WaitBetweenSpawnTimer on the last Giant Rapid Fire Soldier squad

- W3 –
- Bumped both tanks to 18k hp
- Increased WaitBeforeStarting on the Mitten heavy
- Replaced Half of the Mitten heavies to Shotgun heavies
- Toned the Pyro down to easy skill

- W4 –
- Changed the Icon of the Dragon Fury’s pyro into pyro_dragon_fury_swordstone
- Changed Kgb heavy into Black box Soldiers
- Changed Previous (18 count) Black box Soldiers into Shortstop/Milk Minigiant Scout, Reduced count to total of 14
- Giant Direct hit Soldier gets extra assist with Kritz medics

- W5 –
- Replaced Giant Black box Soldier into Giant Heater heavy.
- Added Flare pyro’s to the Giant Heater Heavy
- Bowman are now Rapid fire. Is still a common bot.
- Bumped the Ai of the smg snipers to Hard
- Heavy now is randomchoice with 2/3 Easy skill, 1/3 normal skill
- Added crits on the Colonel Barrage

- W6 –
- Replaced Shield medics into Quick Uber meds. Increased squad count totalcount to 16
- Bumped the Ai of the Conch Soldiers to Hard
- Added Crit boosted Pyro to the Giant Burst fire Soldier
- Replaced Steel Gauntlets into Steel Pushers Gauntlets
- Added crits on the Demoman
- Last squad are now MaxActive 4 with decreased spawntimer

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Judges present: Myself, Package O Lies, Averagegamer

Class comp: Soldier, Engineer, Scout, Heavy

Demo: https://us-testing.moonlight.tf:27107/de...20.dem.zip

Overall, strong change from what it used to be, though it can use some spice ups on certain waves, and just some general buffs for the waves themselves.


- The first subwave could use an addition of a tank, since there really isn't much happening and we held the front relatively well until the second subwave came in kicking, since it will split the team into busting a tank whilst also worrying about the incoming bots in that said subwave.

- Due to the nature of the wave being heavily projectile based, Mission Support Snipers can be a great addition for the wave to have additional hitscan pressure  against the team.


- Overall solid, though you can replace the Shotgun Heavies with regular Scattergun Scouts, since they straggled in the end and overall didn't really put much of a threat other than being hp bags to chew through, and it would make the team be more hesitant that they're essentially faster and deadlier hitscan bots.


- Up to this point you can replace the Direct Hit giants to a stronger soldier bot (e.g. Rapid Fires), or generally just a stronger bot overall to give them better pushing power overall.

- The demoknights felt like that their only purpose was to charge in and die. Replacing them with hitscans can up the bots' severity by a lot.

- The Mini-Giant Shortstops should be regular Shortstop Scouts, since they were the main reason why we got pushed in the first place; bulky and fast even with the bomb picked up.


- The crit Colonels were fine as is, the problem was that they kind of died too early and stacked with each other. Spread out the Colonels a little more so that they're not the first things to die in the subwave, preferably sticking with 2 sets being active instead of all 3 (which left an enormous 16 common heavies alive after that).

(OPTIONAL) Adding an extra set can also help out in case there's stragglers in future runs.
[Image: yjlNbE5.jpeg]
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Freezing Frenzy V4:
More Hitscan!
- General –
- Added sniper support on wave 2

- Wave 2 –
- Added a tank into the first subwave, health is 20k

- Wave 3 –
- Increased the beforestarting on the pyro to 30 seconds, Decreased to MaxActive to 4
- Replaced Shotgun heavies with regular Scout, increased MaxActive to 6

- Wave 4 –
- Replaced Giant Direct hit Soldiers into Giant Rapid Fire Soldier
- Replaced Frosty Knights into Shotgun heavies
- Added 6 more Dragon’s Fury Pyro’s
- Shortstop scouts are now common bot

- Wave 5 –
- Removed 6 Burst Fire Demo’s
- Increased the betweenspawntimer to 18 seconds on the Colonels
- Removed 6 Heavies

- Wave 6 -
Increased the Beforestartingtimer to 20 seconds on the Gdeflector Heavy squad

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No Pass

Judges Present:
Package O' Lies

Class Lineup:
Heavy (DaMeister)
Engineer (Seelpit)
Scout (Package O' Lies)
Soldier (DaMno)

Demo: https://us-testing.moonlight.tf:27107/de...47.dem.zip

Wave 1: Replace the Rapid Fire Bowmen with Normal Bowmen. Them accompanying the GRapid Demos makes it hard to deal with when you only have $800 to work with from the start, seeing as they are relatively bulky for the earlygame.

Wave 2: Have the tank appear alongside the Steel Gauntlet subwave. It being at the beginning of the wave led to a big difficulty spike at the start, and a drop for the later parts of the wave.

Wave 3: Remove Holiday Punch Heavies. There is too much going on at once for Red to deal with it, and reducing some of the active health should rectify this.

Wave 4: Remove all Kritz Meds; give the GHeavy at the end 6 Bigheals instead

Wave 5: Change AI of SMG Snipers to Normal, the number of them in support at Hard AI made it a hitscan nightmare.

Wave 6: Make GMeds not poppable, increase delay between each Giant Heavy/GMed Combo spawn, them being poppable and coming out essentially at once led to a massive difficulty spike that we just couldn't handle.

Overall: This is not in a good state what so ever, huge difficulty spikes and difficulty pits and certain parts being practically unbearable for advanced, this is in need of some serious changes if it's going to be an advanced mission.

Extra Note: It is recommended that the next time this get tested, it should be without a sniper or beggars soldier, and should be tested on the correct servers.
Oh wow, it's well over 6 months since I last posted this, but all seriousness. You might've already guessed the long inactivity and other work I've been doing. I decided to scrap this mission all together since the mission itself shows some terrible it plays out.

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