[Mission] Dusk Destined

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Judges Present: Packaged, A+Drew, Yoovy, Wild, Mo

Classes: Battle Engineer (Yoovy), Brassbeast Heavy (Wild), Scout (A+Drew), Phlog Pyro (Skin)

No Strike

Wave 1:
-Change Flare Guns to Normal Skill Detonators
-Pacing at the middle of the wave was a little off.
Wave 2:
-Could increase the push force a bit, the first subwave felt easy, maybe add giants to it.
Wave 3:
-Giant Heavy is a step up from waves 1 and 2, it could work after the Giant Demoknights or be made into a weaker giant.
Wave 4:
-Felt Fine
Wave 5:
-Felt Fine
-Remove always fire off the Giant Heavies.
-Giant Rapid Fire Demomen need to have the rapid-fire demo icon. (Everyone)
Wave 6:
-Felt Fine
-Make the first tank have 20k Health.
Wave 7:
-Felt Fine
-Remove always fire off the Giant Heavies.
-Missing the Rocket Rain icon.

Demo: https://us-testing.moonlight.tf:27107/de...27.dem.zip
W1 Added 1 extra bazooka soldier to the first bazooka soldier wavespawn. I hope that fixes pacing. If not, it's because you didn't clarify enough.
W2 Added 1 Giant Soldier to 1st subwave
W3 GHeater skill dropped to normal. (I want to make the wave intimidating but perfectly doable. I think your suggestion would make it harder rather than easier.)
W5 GDemos have icon changed.
W6 Tank Health increased a bit for both tanks. I am not increasing 1st tank's health to 20K due to the fact there's a giant heavy with ubermedics along side it. (Plus you had phlog.)
W7 Corrected Icon of boss.
Request to remove always fire for gun nuts ignored. removing attribute would make variant virtually useless. They are perfectly manageable at intermediate difficulty. And they are not in places where they would be a major issue.

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Demo: https://us-testing.moonlight.tf:27107/de...99.dem.zip

Judges Present: Myself, A+Drew, Package O Lies

Class Comp : Soldier, Engineer, Scout, Sniper

Overall, it's... "Okay", but the map choice for this is way too annoying to judge whether or not there are any stragglers and/or concerning issues, however it doesn't excuse certain aspects of the mission alone that have been ignored from previous judging feedback.

Strike Two


- The Uber Medics on their respective waves shouldn't last... 3 seconds. Literally. Turn them back around as actual valve Quick-Uber Medic, and a clarification with their name that they are (Also, any Big Heal Medic to have their name set as that too.)


- The pacing feels off during the second subwave as almost everything comes out relatively slow, and that we're sort of sitting every 5 or more seconds to wait for the Sandmen and Heavies to spawn. Sandmen should take the main spawn as well, since it really doesn't do much; It's an intermediate and a first wave after all.


- This has been addressed multiple times across both judging sessions -- Rapid Manglers should be regular Manglers, since they simply tickle classes without showing any posing threat at all, especially versus Sniper from all the way in the other spawn. It punishes nothing for the Sniper and/or any other class that is mid-long range, and even CLOSE range they're severe pushovers. The sake of having a custom rapid fire for the sake of having it on the mission just doesn't make any sense, especially when the mission itself almost plays like a Normal mission.


- AlwaysFire Tomislavs that just... also exists. Even if they AlwaysFire it's still a recurring theme over the fact that having custom bots for the sake of having one in the mission doesn't do anything. See bullet point above.


- The entire wave just feels like a filler rather than actual wave. Make it an actual finale, and not a throwaway wave. These potential changes and suggestions may include

- Two extra subwaves. Wave goes faster than the wind could go (seriously, 1 minute and 48 seconds with THIS team comp. Now sprinkle in a heavy instead. And the shortest wave too!)

- Remove the boss. What purpose does it server other than it pulling those final few seconds that makes the wave longer but it does nothing? (Even more so nothing when the map doesn't even help it as well.). The boss should be put out of its misery already.
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