[Mission] Dusk Destined

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Mission name: Destined
Map: mvm_dusk_rc6
Difficulty: intermdediate
Me - Mission and about 1 icon
Various Artists - Icons
smrekish - dusk map

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Dusk, Destined, Intermediate

Demo: https://us-testing.moonlight.tf:27107/de...98.dem.zip

- DaMeister (Soldier, Judge)
- A+Drew (Scout, Judge)
- Mo (Spy, Judge)
- Skin King (Engineer)

First Judge (No Strike)

Wave 1:
- Reduce Flare Pyro Count (possibly to 36 or 30), it should solve the issue of them straggling.

Wave 2:
- Make bat scouts support limited to stop them straggling. 
- Make the soldiers and bison soldiers not shoot through spawn.

Wave 3:
- Make the Rapid Fire Cow Manglers be Normal Cow Manglers
- Remove shoot through spawn for heater heavies.
- Make the Rapid Shotgun Soldiers be normal Shotgun Soldiers.

Wave 4:
- Remove Bleed from Giant Huntsmen.

Wave 5:
- Reduce Scout count to 160 from 176
- Change the icon used for the Gun Nut Heavy to heavy_accurate because the current icon has zero correlation to the actual giants.

Wave 6:
- Add Spy Support
- Remove the huntsmen's ability to shoot through spawn.

- Any bot (unless it has AlwaysFire) should be set to not being able to shoot through spawn, some parts of the mission either dragged or were a bit too overbearing for intermediate.
W1 : Corrected the second Bazooka Soldier WS to spawn with the last flare pyros rather than the start of the wave.
W2: Bats changed to support
W3: reduced spawning groups of randomchoiced demos and mangle rapidfires down to groups of 4.
W4: Number of regular bowmen maxactive reduced to 3. Removed bleed from GHuntsman
W5: 160 Scouts. Don't ask why Sentry Buster behaves weird this wave.
W6: removed 1 Group of soldiers from 1st subwave added late 1 spy mission.

.pop   mvm_dusk_rc6_int_destined.pop (Size: 36 KB / Downloads: 1)
Judges: Poet, Mo, Package O'Lies
Team: Soldier, Demo, Scout, Engineer


Strike 1

Wave 1: Felt Fine

Wave 2: Wave feels a bit short, last subwave was just full of healthy cannon fodder, nothing shoots at you. (Reduce sentry buster cooldown timer to say 30 seconds), make the cow mangler have normal stats

Wave 3: Last subwave requires a few more bots, the giant last demoknight with medics feel quite empty with nothing else spawned around it

Wave 4: Wave was too short, Giant Huntsman sniper has the wrong icon, the scouts at the beginning have no support, thus they just die quickly and forced us to wait for the next subwave of bots to come, you do not need to change the stats of certain bots (Ie: Super scouts were slower than usual super scouts, or the smg snipers had a slower firing speed)they would be fine without changing their stats.

Wave 5: Overall the wave was very uninteresting: The large amount of scouts and bison giant soldiers(should change the bison icon so it represents that its rapid fire) hardly seem threating at all (its wave 5, your allowed to throw in some slightly strong bots since we have around 4000 cash at this point), the Giant heavies + medics by themselves is a weak way to end the wave, could have something to support the heavies (Also for the gun-nut heavies, just use the normal Tomislav heavies Icon)

Wave 6: Felt Fine

Wave 7: You do not need that many varieties in the support, as a result of all that support and hardly any bots in the main wave, the wave is super short, also including a boss at the very end is a poor choice, you could easily just add more giants to make up for the lack of a boss (Especially when the boss feels like a reskinned colonel blast)

Overall, the problem with the mission was that it felt closer to a normal difficulty mission rather than an int.
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Sentry buster: Overall cooldown reduced by 3 seconds, wave 2 has a 28 second sentry buster cooldown.
Wave 1: Untouched
Wave 2: Bat Scouts during subwave b now mixed in with easy pistol scouts.
Wave 3: Mangle rapidfire soldiers untouched. Added a support group with the last 'subwave' which are even smaller groups of mangle rapidfire soldiers and demomen.
Wave 4: 6 GPistols with a interval of 8.5 rather than 10, Added an extra GSMG sniper 25 seconds after prior one. GHuntsman has bowman rapidfire icon. SMG snipers interval changed to 4.5 and have a max active of 6 (stat nerf is to make smg snipers safer to use.) demos and smg snipers start spawning immediately. Wave worth less money
Wave 5: scouts changed to 1:3 normal skill, Additional GBison added with interval reduced to 17, gun nuts given soldier support Wave worth more money
Wave 6: Untouched Still consider it a bit hard.
Wave 7: added additional gun nut and heater heavy, more soldiers and demos with higher max active. Boss support increased in number, Boss will probably be changed to Chief Bazooka If people complain about current boss. I will not remove boss for giants.

It may be a bit easier than usual but do remember. You are good and thus make less mistakes. This is a short map with few places to hold which punishes mistakes more than a map as long as say rottenburg. This mission will inevitably be easy for players confident in advanced missions but likely much more difficult for newer players.
Wave 5: GBisons replaced with GDemos count and interval reverted.
Wave 7: Boss Replaced with Chief Bazooka With 30K HP and 0.4 Speed Support replaced with up to 3 support bazooka soldiers
Chief Bazooka made much easier.
This will likely be my last change.

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Wave 5: toned down soldier support
Wave 7: more changes to chief Bazooka. Randomguy is probably still gonna not respect it's attack pattern and get bodied.

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judges present: mo, randomguy, revan

class comp:
mo (sniper)
revan (engi)
rappy (soldier)
randomguy (pyro)

no strike

demo: https://us-testing.moonlight.tf:27107/de...21.dem.zip

w1: felt fine

w2: end feels a bit draggy (revan)

w3: quite a bit of a difficulty step up from waves 1 and 2 (revan)
maybe the heavy could be after the demos (revan)
short wave (mo)

w4: felt fine

w5: the giant nut-gun heavies shouldn't spawn 2 at a time.

w6: felt fine

w7: felt ok
Wave 2: Reduced number of second subwave bat pistol groups to 3 will make second GPowerjack spawn earlier
Wave 3: Changed second subwave to wait for Gheater and the shotgun soldiers to die rather than spawn so it's a little easier on people.
Wave 5: Gun-nuts now spawn single squads with a interval of 12secs with 2 max active squads. (Note that this will make the first gun-nut spawn slightly earlier)

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