[MISSION] Shiverpeak - Thin Ice

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Mission name: Thin Ice
Map: Shiverpeak
Difficulty: Expert

Mission by: me
Map by: boneman(sntr)
version 2


no crit/uber canteens
No strike; votes were 3 for a strike, 2 for no strike.

Shiverpeak - Thin Ice, Expert.

Demo file: https://us-testing.moonlight.tf:27107/de...63.dem.zip


Soldier: DaMeister

Sniper: Crosse

Spy: Package O' Lies

Scout: A+drew

Pyro: WildJayDog

Engineer: Seelpit

Wave 1

Overall feeling is that the wave is fine. The common spam isn't overbearing, but can still pose a problem thanks to the tougher Shortstops.
There was some doubt about using the flank as the main spawn from Package, but nothing major.
The AI for the AlwaysFire Pyros could be lowered.

Wave 2

The start was quite doable. However, the Hard AI Scouts were notably annoying (and deadly).  A+drew recommends changing them to Normal instead; the existence of the Fury Pyros will generally be threatening, too.

Wave 3

This wave is extremely weak to EH Sniper. There are very little counters in the first subwave, and the later one remains rather mediocre. Suggestions were made for adding Snipers / Spies.
The rest of the wave was acceptable - though the medics could use some slight spread.

Wave 4

The first part of the wave was quite powerful - but in a decent way. It strongly punishes not buying crit resistance.
The second part fell a little flat. It took a while to reach us after we'd been pushed back, and there were some concerns about the amount of strong commons coming with the Giant Conch. It could quickly bowl its way to the hatch given its speed boost and raw firepower.

Wave 5

This wave was received decently overall. There were some suggestions of indicating the speed bonus of the pyros (see Crosse's "faster shotgun" icon for an example)

Wave 6

The start dragged on for a decent while. Chewing through the 5 GIant Deflectors took us a while, and being quickly reset by the Super Scout pairs was nasty.
For the second part, the pyros were again fast w/o indication, and the BBoxes' (seemingly) faster reload seems like an unnecessary change.

Wave 7

The first part of this wave was notably easier than the second part. The Speedy Ball Scouts could also use an indicator for their speed.

DaMeister noted that the difficulty was rather "over the place", though this was not shared among all judges.
Personally, I think the mission's on a good road to being passed.
Be sure to watch the demo!
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Shiverpeak - Thin Ice, Expert

No Strike, all 4 Judges voted No Strike (Rejudge)

Demo: https://us-testing.moonlight.tf:27107/de...26.dem.zip


- PDA Expert (Scout, Judge)
-『Yuugi Hoshiguma』(Demoman)
- Poet (Heavy, Judge)
- DaMeister (Soldier, Judge)
- WildJaydogG03 (Pyro, Judge)
- owo Inky (Engineer)

Wave 1:
- Mostly fine, AlwaysFire Pyros should still be lowered to Normal AI from Hard. Hard AI Pyros were painful for PDA as all that happened was he would get melted trying to get money.

Wave 2: 
- W2: Hard AI Scouts need to be changed to Easy AI, change Big Heal Meds into Uber Meds. Hard AI Scouts just shredded everyone because we couldn't afford much resistances at that point.

Wave 3:
- Wave is still trivial even without EH, an addition of a Tank (with around 15K - 20K HP) may give it the bump in difficulty it needs.

Wave 4:
- Add Steel gauntlets around when the Giant Rapid Fire Chonches appear due to not many tanky enemies being around at that point, should also stop the Giant Conches from being easily shredded.

Wave 7:
- Replace Air Strike Soldiers with Rapid Fire Soldiers (Normal, not Giants)

Overall: Mission was somehow better than before despite nothing being changed, we did have a Heavy, but the same waves were similar in difficulty than the previous time.
version 3

wave 1
normal skill alwaysfire pyro

wave 2
medic icon changed for identity , easy skill scout

wave 3
common demo replaced with backup soldiers
one tank (25K HP)

wave 4
phlog pyro has faster taunt speed for crit(20%)
add giant armored scout for meat shield for conch soldier
heavy spawn 1 for each max 3

wave 7
airstrike soldier has 90% faster reload speed( from 65%)
add 2 giant burst soldiers as support( in case common support is running out , they spawn after deflector heavies all dead)

no crit/uber canteens as usual

Strike 1

Judges: Attended: WildJaydog, Yoovy, A+Drew, Mo

Engineer: WildJaydog
Scout: A+Drew
Solider: Averagegamer
Heavy: Skin King
Sniper: Yoovy
Demoman: Mo

Demo Link: https://us-testing.moonlight.tf:27107/de...13.dem.zip

Wave 2: big heals on bboxes a bit excessive.
Wave 3: change some of the gauntlet and battlions change it to something more to kill and not tanky.
Wave 4: nitpick but revert gesture speed on phlog pyros. Maxactive Giant conch soliders 5 instead of 3.

Wave 5: Demoknights need to be hitscan. No mission support at all.
Wave 6: Entire wave felt easy, make more lethal robots in both subwaves, change bboxes to grapids/bursts.
Wave 7: replace airstrike soliders with smth actually lethal, maybe crit soliders
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crossbow medic stats: no pene, 20% dmg penalty
adjust amount of commons in some waves
replace robots:
wave 2:
bbox soldier --> demo
wave 3:
steelfist --> crossbow medic
wave 5:
demoknight --> blaster scout
Phlog pyro is alwaysfire
wave 6:
alwaysfire crit pyro -> crit DF pyro
giant bbox soldier --> backup rapidfire soldier
blaster scout --> hard skill heavy
wave 7:
add 4 giant rapidfire soldiers
airstrike soldier -->crit  rapidfire demo

wave 4:
phlog 10% faster taunt speed instead of 30%
giant conch soldier max active 5


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Judges present: Package O' Lies, Mo, Averagegamer
Class comp: Heavy, Scout, Beggars Soldier, Spy, Engi

Demo: https://us-testing.moonlight.tf:27107/de...74.dem.zip

Overall: The mission's gimmick is high cash spam without support, and it does that fairly well. This mission will likely pass within a few more runs.

W1: Fine
W2: the popping bigheals aren't much of a deterrent from simply shooting into the horde of bots this wave. Giving the giants umeds can probably help mitigate this problem.
W3: Fine
W4: The final subwave is a massive dps requirement, pushing us to hatch with a beggars soldier, heavy, and spy on the team, toning down the volume of commons by about a 4th would be sufficient.
W5: Fine
W6: Fine but probably needs to be run without spy next time since some of the stronger bots got killed fairly quickly
W7: (optional) get a unique icon for the fast sandman scouts.
semi-final log?
base spawntime 3-->5
wave 2
uber medic with giant now
wave 4
giants on subwave 2 have slightly more the firstspawntime (5-->8)
heavy moved to subwave 1 ( max 6)
commons on subwave 2 are spawn 3-->2
wave 7
add 2 more giant burst fire soldiers
run without spy next time as you speak
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Judges: Erikku (Heavy), Package (Scout), Ciaran (Soldier), Averagegamer (Engie), Creatorforce (Demo)

Demo File: https://us-testing.moonlight.tf:27107/de...88.dem.zip

W1 - Add waitforallspawned on the final subwave

W2 - Felt easier then wave 1 - add some more power

W3 - Pyrobots need airblast icon - crossbow meds were firing in spawn (may not be easily fixable based off their attributes)

W4 - Stragglers at the end of the wave - Fire bowman have no dmg penalty and no icon to indicate they have proj pen

W5 - Movement speed bonus on phlog pyro is unnecessary

W6 - Battalion's Giants do not need Damage bonus.

W7 - More unnecessary bonuses overall. Most significant were the ball scouts with movement speed

Overall - The mission has too many unnecessary / head-scratching attributes added to bots that aren't indicated by wave icons and artificially raise the difficulty of the mission rather then use bots fitting for the wave.

It could also benefit from adding Support Spies & Snipers part of the team is forced to focus on something other then the front or the tanks.

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