[MISSION] Decoy - Decimal Destruction

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Mission : Decimal Destruction
Map : Decoy
Difficulty : Intermediate

- Myself, for making the mission
- Valve, for the map (duh)
- Icons by their respective creators
- Any tester(s) who have previously tested it (as a 2 man)

Link : https://www.dropbox.com/s/oofftv0ans55pd...n.zip?dl=0
[Image: yjlNbE5.jpeg]
judges: Ultimaximus, Hellblade1010, randomguy

no pass no strike

class comp:
randomguy - pyro
ultimaximus - scout
hellblade - solider
mo - demoman

general: remove the massive kb and ab res on all giants, non hard ai snipers are either completely useless or extremely aids, the normal ones should be made hard ai

Demo: https://sgp-testing.moonlight.tf:27107/d...03.dem.zip

w1: felt fine

w2: don't think the conch soldiers belong here in int

w3: charged soldiers seem a bit powerful here in conjunction with the rest of the wave, i think either the demos should be removed or the gsoldiers be normal ones

w4: maybe make the giants at the end have bigheals, the umeds might be a bit of a trouble to int players after the super scouts

w5: nitpick but maybe the gmed should have 40 instead of 50 hp regen like the valve template, and halve the ubers since 8 is excessive

w6: felt fine
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- Gibuses. Because funny easy AI on some bots.

- Removed the inane knockback resistance (was not aware of tf_airblast_cray 0 being active)

- Changed all Snipers' difficulty to Hard AI (was previously Normal)


- Changed Concheror Soldiers to regular Soldiers


- Changed the Charged Soldiers to Giant Soldiers

- While not suggested, reduced the mitten heavies' speed to regular (from 1.2 to 1.0), and increased health to 150 ( previously 125)


- Changed Uber Medics on the Giant Bursts to Big Heals


- The Giant Regen Medic has now 40 hp regen instead of 50

- Cut the uber meds present on the second set of the Giant Heavy to 4 (previously 8)

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No Strike No Pass
: )
Demo Link: https://us-testing.moonlight.tf:27107/de...85.dem.zip
judges Attended: A+drew, CreatorForce, Poet
Scout: Poet
Soldier: owo inky
Demoman: A+drew
Engineer: CreatorForce
Wave 2
make bigheal medics quickfix

overall mission is to short add more subwave on some of the waves or add 2 more waves or 1


Certain waves have extra sets of bots, this is more or less of a placebo effect for these subwaves by all means. If all fails during the next session, I will plan on adding another wave to compensate for extra wave time and tweak the previously changed waves to be back to regular, and/or also change them so that they feel more smoother. As for now, the current wave changes include:

-  + 1 extra set of Manmelter Pyro + medic combos, 2 extra sets of Gauntlet squads for Wave 2

-  + 1 extra giant for both Super Scouts and Giant Bursts, 6 more Heavy commons and 10 extra Pyro commons for Wave 4

-  + 1 extra Giant Heavy + umed combo set, WaitBetweenSpawns for the next set is 30 seconds for Wave 5.

- Most of Mission Support for both Snipers and Spies have their DesiredCount increased to 2 (previously 1)


- Changed Big Heal Medics to Quick-Fix Medics


- Mitten Heavies run slightly faster (from 1 to 1.15)


- Giant Pyro is now renamed to Giant Deflector Pyro to clarify due to its cosmetic choices on it (and its functionality)

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As of today this mission has passed prejudging and moved on to final judging
Judges in attendance: M1, Erikku, Package
Demo link: https://us-testing.moonlight.tf:27107/de...27.dem.zip

Wave 1
-Too short.
-Too few bots to kill, and not enough health in those bots.

Wave 2
-Too short.
-There's almost no variance in the wavespawns; it's a single subwave wave, and it's extremely out of place.

Wave 3
-Too short.
-The beginning part was very lackluster.
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- General bot count upped by a decent amount, these include:

- 54 total randomchoiced bots (from 42)

- 24 common Liberty soldiers (from 16)

- Doubled amount of Giant Cow Mangler Soldiers (from 2 to 4)

- Decreased the Minor League Scouts' waitbeforestarting time (again)


- The former singular subwave has been split into 2 (commons first with the additional mainwave support of demoknights, afterwards giants being next  while soon to be accompanied by Support scatters)

- Removed 1 Rapid Fire Manmelter Pyro set

- Former Bat Scouts are now replaced by Slow fire scatterguns


- Shuffled the Demoman and Mitten Heavy spawns so that the Demos would spawn first instead of the mittens

- Upped the Demoman count to 36 (from 18)

- Upped the Mitten Heavy count to 40 (from 30)

- Extra set of Giant Soldiers have been added (from 4 to 6), also have a MaxActive of 4 instead of 2.

- An extra tank has been added (for compensation, all tanks are 11,000 HP instead of the previous 12,500 HP)


While not suggested, I've tweaked a bit of w4 due to the ending part feeling more or less dragged on from personal checking of the demo, and the common scouts began blending in with the Pyros before they were all dead. I'm attempting to test this out out of pure curiosity of pacing, however in the next judging session if there are any issues to be addressed regarding the wave I'm more than happy to revert the wave back to the original wavebar looked like. The current changes include:

- 2 extra Super Scout sets

- A WaitForAllDead on the Support Scouts once all Pyros on the field are dead

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Judges in attendance: M1, Poet, Revan
Demo link: https://us-testing.moonlight.tf:27107/de...07.dem.zip

Wave 2
-Slowfire scouts should be normal scouts.

This mission will be featured in the next campaign, congratulations!
- Changed the slowfire scouts to regular scouts.

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