[Mission] Coldtown - Test Fire

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Mission name: Test Fire
Map: Mansion
Difficulty Intermediate

owo Inky: Mission and map creator

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Judges Present: Mo, Package O' Lies, Randomguy

Demo: https://us-testing.moonlight.tf:27107/de...93.dem.zip

No strike (first one)

The whole mission can be summarized in one sentance.
A large amount of weak bots that will almost never kill you.
This issue is prevalent in every wave, and makes the mission incredibly forgettable and boring.
I forgot which wave had it, but sydneys don't belong in int.
Multi bomb does not belong in int.
A majority of this mission needs to be reworked.

w3: this wave is mostly just a noobkiller, giant scouts and early gheavy will roll bad players.
w4: blast soldiers are annoying, please don't use them
w6: remove boss
w7: HoK does not belong in int. Please remove engis.
Version 2 change log:

Increased lethality of subwaves
Mission uses one bomb
Map is in b5c status

Replaced 24 Heavyweight Champs with 10 easy skill stock Heavies
Replaced Super Heavyweight Champs with Giant Flare Pyros
Decreased amount of Big-Heal Medics from 10 to 7

Removed Engineers
First subwave Soldiers spawn earlier
Decreased MaxActive of Support Melee Scouts
Added subwave that spawns 5 Soldier + easy skill Pyro squads when tank is defeated

Reduced Super Scout TotalCount from 3 to 1
Replace 14 Heavyweight Gauntlets with 6 Burst Fire Demo + Big-Heal Medic squads
Replaced Giant Heavy with another Giant Soldier + 3 Big-Heal Medics squad
Added Bowmen Support

First bots that spawn are a Giant Burst Fire Soldier + Quick Uber Medic squad
Replaced Melee Scouts with Bowmen
Replaced previously existing Bowmens with Shotgun Heavies
Decreased RandomChoice TotalCount from 90 to 70
Increased TotalCount of Giant Pyros from 5 to 8
Added subwave of 2 Giant Burst Fire Soldier + Quick Uber Medic squads at the end

Replaced Giant Soldiers with Giant Charged Soldiers
Replaced Blast Soldiers with Stock Soldiers
Decreased Stock Heavy TotalCount from 20 to 15
Replaced Giant Rapid Fire Flare Pyro with Giant Stock Pyro

Replaced Sydney Snipers with Snipers
Replaced Stock Scouts with Stock Soldiers
Replaced Giant Direct Hit Soldiers with 2 Giant Heavy + 3 Airblast Pyros squads
Decreased Burst Fire Demos TotalCount from 16 to 12
Replaced Boss with 2 Giant Buff Banner Soldiers

Removed Engineers
Replaced Giant Rapid Fire Flare Pyros with Giant Burst Fire Soldiers
Reduced Smissmas Gauntlet TotalCount from 30 to 20
Replaced Boss with a 30k health tank and 3 Giant Heavies

.pop   mvm_mansion_b5c_int_test_fire.pop (Size: 23.96 KB / Downloads: 84)
Judges present: Randomguy, Yoovy, Me

Demo: https://us-testing.moonlight.tf:27107/de...95.dem.zip

No Strike

Overall: huge improvement from previous version.

w1: fine

w2: finale is a pretty large difficulty spike, make demos not rapid fire, and make meds regular quick fix.

w3: burst demos + bigheal meds are too strong this early into an int, make demos normal and make bigheals qf (bigheals in final subwave are fine)

w4: fine

w5: remove the meds on the heavies, the gpyro felt kinda wierd as a finale to the wave

w6: make the last batts soldiers squadded with the buffs, Yoovy: make pyros normal ai, since hard ai is fairly punishing for int.

w7: make gburst not crit, reduce final tank hp to 25k
Version 3 change log:

Map is in b5d status

Replaced Big-Heal Medics with Quick-Fix Medics

Replaced Giant Rapid Fire Demo + Big-Heal Medics squad with Giant Demo + Quick-Fix Medics squad

Replaced Burst Fire Demo + Big-Heal Medic squads with Stock Demo + Quick-Fix Medics squad

Removed Medics on small Heavies
Replaced Giant Stock Pyro with Giant Stock Heavy

Decreased Airblast Pyro skill from hard to normal
Squaded the Battalion Soldiers with the Giant Buff Banner Soldiers

Removed Crits from Giant Burst Fire Demo
Reduced Tank HP from 30k to 25k

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Mansion - Test Fire
by owo Inky

Judging presents: CreatorForce, Package O' Lies, and Poet
Strike: 1

Demo: https://us-testing.moonlight.tf:27107/de...82.dem.zip

Overall: This mission was ok, but difficulty absolutely mixing between intermediate and advanced, the sentry buster spawn too fast and makes engineer keep going away like 5 seconds. Please tone down the sentry buster.

Wave 1: The first wave seems pretty rough, very strong common at the beginning, especially the heavy part. I suggest change heavy to something weak common, like shotgun heavies with normal AI. I'm not sure about the giant charged soldier, I suggest change to a normal giant soldier. Since this is intermediate with low cash.

Wave 2: Felt fine, nothing to say about it.

Wave 3: Somehow it's very easy than wave 1, the difficulty drops almost to normal, and there's no strong common. I suggest ramping up the difficulty a little bit.

Wave 4: Wow ok so, this wave absolutely rough, like mixing between intermediate and advanced, the worst part is a blue engineer. About 2 giant soldiers at once (end subwave) might be too much. Oh speaking about giant soldier. Please remove the uber medic and engineer part.

Wave 5: Overall fine, but the last pair of giant charged soldiers just need to remove because straggled

Wave 6: The battalion at the beginning is too much, tone down those battalions at the first subwave, the other part is fine.

Wave 7: Finale is a bit tough, also I don't like smissmas gauntlet, it's just stunning with more health, replace smissmas gauntlet with crit shotgun heavy.
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Version 4 change log:

Increased Sentry Buster CooldownTime to 45

Replaced Heavies with Shotgun Heavies
Replaced Giant Charged Soldier with Giant Soldier

Increased Giant Soldier TotalCount from 3 to 5
Added subwave that spawns one Super Scout after subwave "3a" is dead

Removed Uber Medics and Engineers
Decreased WaitBetweenSpawns of the first RandomChoice subwave to 1.5
Increased RandomChoice TotalCount from 70 to 80
Increased WaitBetweenSpawns of the last Giant Burstfire Soldiers subwave to 25

Decreased Giant Charged Soldier + Uber Medic squad TotalCount from 10 to 8 (5 squads to 4 squads)

Decreased Battalion Soldiers TotalCount from 15 to 12

Replaced Smissmas Gauntlets with Crit Shotgun Heavies

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Demo: https://us-testing.moonlight.tf:27107/de...14.dem.zip

Judges present: Randomguy, Mo, Yoovy

Scout (Mo)
Pyro (randomguy)
Engineer (Yoovy)

Wave 1:
-Felt Fine
Wave 2:
-Felt Fine
Wave 3:
-Make Bowmen Normal Skill (Mo)
-Increase initial-time on Spies/Snipers (Mo, Yoovy, Randomguy)
Wave 4:
-Make Bowmen Hard Skill (Mo, Yoovy, Randomguy)
Wave 5:
-Felt Fine
Wave 6:
-Felt Fine
Wave 7:
-Felt Fine
Version 5 change log:

Increased Bowmen skill from easy to normal
Increased InitialCooldown to separate the spawning of Spies and Snipers by 25

Increased Bowmen skill from easy to hard

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.pop   mvm_mansion_b5d_int_test_fire.pop (Size: 24.04 KB / Downloads: 56)
Judges present: Averagegamer, Mo, Package

Class comp:
Scout (Package)
Soldier (Mo)
Engineer (Averagegamer)

Demo: https://us-testing.moonlight.tf:27107/de...35.dem.zip

Wave 1:
- shotgun heavies didn't really have much killing power, could buff their ai to hard difficulty
- Bat scouts could come in groups instead of stream spawn to make them more threatening
Wave 2:
- Bat scouts similar issue to wave 1
- The 5 soldiers and pyros felt like they straggled at the end. They could be put in their own subwave (2 groups of 4 soldiers and pyros) after the g demos have finished spawning as they already wait for the tank to be destroyed.
Wave 3:
- good wave
Wave 4:
- felt fine
Wave 5:
- felt fine
Wave 6:
- Increase the battalion soldiers to 18 (6 groups of 3) at the first sub wave. The g soldiers feel useless with how few there are.
Wave 7:
- felt fine

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