[Mission] Coldtown - Test Fire

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Version 11 change log:
(or technically version 10.5, considering you guys judged version 9 instead)

Reduced total amount of Giant Detonator Pyros from 4 to 3.
Replaced Heavyweights with Melee Scouts, despite the feedback from previous judging sessions

Removed one Giant Demoman from the ending subwave, but provided one additional Big-Heal Medic.

Reduced Pyro TotalCount from 40 to 30.
Decreased Final subwave Big-Heal Medics from 3 per Giant Solder to 2.

Decreased Giant Burstfire Soldier TotalCount from 3 to 2.

I already did this change in the version 10.

Decreased Battalion Soldier TotalCount from 24 to 18

Reduced the first two tanks hp to 17.5k.

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Demo link : https://us-testing.moonlight.tf:27107/de...72.dem.zip

Judges Present :
Package O' Lies
PDA Expert

Team Comp :
Scout - PDA Expert
Heavy - Package O' Lies
Engineer - Nuq

This mission will be rejected if isn't ported to a more appropriate map, try Coldtown (or coaltown) for a spin.

Wave 2 :
Make the last giant demoman spawn earlier, should make the wave overall less awkward.

Wave 3 :
Generally speaking its too dense with bots, this is definetly noticable when the giant soldiers start to roll in. Making a giant curveball of bot hp to deal with.
Try making there be less bots active at once but make some of the bot variants more dangerous.

[Image: hay_block_side.png]            crimbo
(Authentic) Version 11 change log:

Map is now Coldtown
Adjusted various WaitBeforeStarting and WaitBetweenSpawns to fit the intended duration of the subwaves

Reduced final subwave Giant Demoman WaitBeforeStarting from 10 to 5

Pyro subwave is now a RandomChoice of 60% Easy Skill Pyros. 20% AlwaysFire Pyros, and 20% Demomen
Reduced TotalCount from 30 to 20

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.pop   mvm_coldtown_rc1f_int_test_fire.pop (Size: 24.37 KB / Downloads: 47)
Since the next event cycle has started, your strike counter has been reset to 0. This mission is now at zero strikes.
No Strike!!

Judges: the gluttony, Ghoulvy, PDA Expert

Demo File: https://us-testing.moonlight.tf:27107/de...76.dem.zip

Wave 1:
-It's more or less ok, the final giant had come with no support, not really that bad imo, but keep that in mind when the next session is underway

Wave 2:
-This wave was very underwhelming, the tank died before anything could make a presence, nothing was of threat. My propositions would be to spawn the tank later, buff it to 15-20k health, make the tank support more plentiful and make the following subwave more threathening, by, for example, replacing the Giant Demomen with Giant Burst Soldiers

Wave 3:
-This wave was very repetitive, I can see the attempt at making the soldiers have 2 different supports through the wave, but the mainwave supports die shortly after the first giant, consider having a little bit more mainwave supports
-The Giants should go through an overhaul as well, our proposition is to replace the 5 Giant Soldiers with 3 groups of increasing power Giants, (first group Giant Soldier with 2 Bigheals, second group 2 Giant Soldiers at once, last group Giant Charged Soldier with 2 Bigheal Medics) remember to adjust the supports since that would be an increase in power for the giants and we were pushed to hatch with the current layout

Wave 4:
-This wave was ok, aside from a couple stragglers, consider reducing the common count in the final subwave by 10 (since that was how many there were)

Wave 5:
-This wave was fine, no further comments.

Wave 6:
-The part after the tank was slow, consider having something to shoot at during the tank part that is not in mainwave (like the GRU heavies)
-The beginning was not very powerful, it only served to push the bomb out and you might wanna start pushing with power rather than HP bloat. Consider replacing them with powerful bots, like Giant Rapid Fire Soldiers or Giant Burst Demos (of course this should affect the battalion spawn rates as well)

Wave 7:
-The first giant combo was alone and weak and didn't really do anything. Consider removing it. Otherwise this is a fine wave.
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