[Mission] Coldtown - Test Fire

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Version 6 change log:

Increased Melee Scout SpawnCount from 1 to 3, as a result, increased TotalCount from 36 to 42 and WaitBetweenSpawns from 2 to 5
Increased Shotgun Heavy skill from normal to hard

Increased support Melee Scout SpawnCount from 1 to 3
Made the Soldier + Pyro squad into subwave "3c" (SpawnCount, MaxActive, and TotalCount are now 4,8,8)

Tripled first subwave Battalion Soldiers SpawnCount, MaxActive, and TotalCount from 1,6,6 to 3,18,18
(Isn't this a bit excessive for an int?)

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Judges Present: Package O' Lies, Yoovy, Dameister

Class comp: scout (Yoovy), pyro (me), engi (Meister)

First one, pre reset: https://us-testing.moonlight.tf:27107/de...54.dem.zip
Second one, full run: https://us-testing.moonlight.tf:27107/de...75.dem.zip

I would highly recommend watching both demos since a majority of the complains were map related, which both demos have a lot of

Wave 3: remove the last super scout, there is quite a lot going on, so it would be hard for int players to be able to deal with it well with everything else that comes with it.

Wave 6: the escape plan giants shouldn't have an attack or movement speed bonus. without the 50% penalty that giants have, they feel like giant scouts with triple hp.

The mission will likely need a fair bit of modification once the map is updated, or if the mission is ported elsewhere, which is a fairly likely scenario.
Version 7 change log:

Map is now in version b6
Decreased tanks hp (excluding the final tank) by 2k-3k less

Removed second Super Scout subwave

Decreased TotalCount of Giant Pyros from 8 to 6 in response to the map layout changes

Giant Escape Plan Soldiers now have default Giant Soldier attributes

Increased Giant Heavy WaitBetweenSpawns from 10 to 15

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.pop   mvm_mansion_b6_int_test_fire.pop (Size: 23.67 KB / Downloads: 45)
Judge Lineup:
Ciaran (Ciaran)
Averagegamer (Engineer)
Yoovy (Scout)

Demo File: https://us-testing.moonlight.tf:27107/de...46.dem.zip

- Wave should be fine. Had to go AFK mid-wave thanks to the random urgent IRL shit event™, but it was completed.

- Bit of a strong wave. There was a lot of health to chew through in the middle of the wave. You could remove a Giant Pyro or two.

- Uber Medics should be named Quick-Uber Medic.

- Ending subwave is very intense and pushed us to the hatch, you should remove 2 Giant Burstfire Soldiers so they don't stack up with the tank and giant heavies.

Map Feedback:

- All the judges think every team-colored part of the map should be colored RED to help with color differentiation. Some parts of the map look very weird with blue coloring and there's this one room where there's a mix of blue and red props which just looks nasty and wrong.

Check the demos for extra map feedback, there's some extra things said in there that probably got forgotten about.
Version 8 change log:

Map is now in version b6a

Decreased TotalCount of Giant Pyros from 6 to 5, increased WaitBetweenSpawns from 20 to 24

Provided the Quick-Uber Medics their names

Decreased TotalCount of Giant Burst Fire Soldiers from 5 to 3

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Judges present: Myself, Averagegamer, Package O Lies

Team comp: Soldier, Scout, Engineer

Demo: https://us-testing.moonlight.tf:27107/de...03.dem.zip

Overall, the mission is very close to making that pass mark, though there are some tiny few changes to be added onto.

W1 and W2

- Both these waves reached under 2 minutes. The overall pacing was good, but the waves are simply too short (likely even shorter with a different team comp). Elongating them somehow via an extra subwave would help both of these waves out significantly.

- For w1, there isn't enough hp in those bots. All crumble and are particularly frail. Consider swapping the bats to scatterguns (easy ai), and punchies for that extra bulk they possess early on.
[Image: yjlNbE5.jpeg]
Version 9 change log:

Map is now in version b6b

Added a subwave containing one Giant Detonator Pyro + three Quick-Fix Medics as the introduction
Replaced Melee Scout subwave with a RandomChoice of 80% Heavyweights and 20% Stock Scattergun Scouts.

Added a subwave at the end containing two squads of one Giant Demoman + one Big-Heal Medic.

Replaced Stock Soldiers with Battalion Soldiers considering their subwave is significantly easier than the first subwave.

Provided Giant Burst Fire Soldiers with three Quick-Uber Medics each due to them no longer assisting the Giant Heavies.

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Mansion - Test Fire

CreatorForce (Scout)
Ciaran (Heavy)
Nuq (Engineer)


Long version: I just want to say this mission doesn't feel like intermediate at all, it's just throwing a bunch of bots at once. Next, I'm talking about why cash on this mission is so low. This is intermediate after all, and no one going to play this mission with low cash, at the end of the day it's just rage quit and people going piss because of this mission. Too many medics, you don't need spam meds every wave, you just make it rough for players, Oh, and also support spam too. Also, this mission forces a specific class choice. This mission needs nerf and buff every cash.

Short version: Doesn't feel like intermediate, too many meds, low cash too, and support spam everywhere, the best way it's nerfed and buff the cash and starting currency too.

Wave Feedback:

Wave 1 - 4:
Nuq : W1 and W2 overbuffed, forcing a specific class choice. Too little cash for everything afterward, and constant max active 22

I think the problem with this mission is it's a very strong start, and then robots spawn like 22 at once. It was not fun. And very little cash every wave

Wave 5 - 7:
We skipped this wave and we know what happened next, a lot of battalion, spammy bots, and support. We decided to skip this.

Demo: https://us-testing.moonlight.tf:27107/de...44.dem.zip
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Version 10 change log:

Increased starting cash from 400 to 500, which is "The Nerf" that'll nerf the entire mission
Adjusted various WaitBetweenSpawns so waves could reach that 2 minutes per wave minimum during the 3-man sessions

Requested to undo the change, either will find a suitable replacement later or keep them Stock Soldiers

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.pop   mvm_mansion_b6b_int_test_fire.pop (Size: 25.61 KB / Downloads: 56)
Judges present: M1, Package O' Lies, Nuq
Class comp: Engi (M1), Nuq (Soldier), Scout (Package)
Demo: https://eu-testing.moonlight.tf:27107/de...06.dem.zip

Overall: The waves rely way too much on having a large amount of hp without much killing power, making the mission get rolled by classes like heavy while punishing teams who don't run him. All judges have suggested porting the mission to another map as mansion is likely not going to pass unless the entire layout is overhauled.
"Half the number of giants" - Nuq

w1: read the overall segment.

w2: this is probably the best wave, but can probably have 1 giant demo removed and be spread out a bit more.

w3: first sub is alright, however the last 2 have the same issue as a good majority of the mission.

w4: same overall issue.

w5: the battalions + umeds is too brutal for intermediate difficulty, please replace them with regular soldiers.

w6: same overall issue

w7: same overall issue, but the double tank subwave can have the tank hp reduced, even with 3 tank busters we were still hatch pushed even with nuq using crit cans (against judge restrictions but ignore that)

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