[MISSION] Barren - Barbarism

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Mission Name: Barbarism
Map: Barren
Difficulty: Expert

Bazooks - making the mission
Dayal - making the map

.pop   mvm_barren_final2_exp_barbarism.pop (Size: 22.37 KB / Downloads: 9)
No Strike (first run)
Scout: Skin King
Soldier: Crosse
Pyro: Hellblade
Heavy: Averagegamer
Engineer: A+drew
Sniper: Mo (funny)
Demo Link: https://us-testing.moonlight.tf:27107/de...59.dem.zip
Judges in attendance: A+drew, Mo and Hellblade
Wave 1
the wave forces spy and high dps, dealing with steel gauntlets and spies is not fun

Wave 2
overall boring wave
bonk scouts are just named "Scout" kinda weird

Wave 7
remove 25 credits because funny "$1725"
final tank could use some more support
Version 2

-Wave 1: Increased time between Spy spawns
-Wave 2: Reduced time between Bonk Scout spawns and given them a proper name
-Wave 7: Increased total cash to $1800

pass with changes

Scout: A+Drew
Pyro: randomguy
Heavy: Lemonee
Heavy: Revan
Engineer: Eyes
Spy: Package O lies

Demo Link: https://us-testing.moonlight.tf:27107/de...81.dem.zip

Judges in attendance: Package O lies, randomguy, eyes and A+drew

w1: gauntlets should be toned down but support kept the same (this way heavy won't just steamroll since the supports do a good job of trolling him) - randomguy

w2: no negative feedback - everyone

w3: difficulty spike at the end - A+drew

w4: good wave - everyone

w5: wave felt fine - everyone

w6: good wave - everyone

w7: good wave - everyone
Version 3

-Wave 1: Increased time between Steel Gauntlet spawns

This mission will also be sent back to initial judging.
Judges in attendance: M1, Erikku, Poet, randomguy, the fat
Demo link: https://us-testing.moonlight.tf:27107/de...44.dem.zip

Wave 1
-The subwave dragged on too long, and it was just a pure dps test. We didn't stack heavy so we were in a world of hurt for no real reason.

Wave 2
-The crit bonk scouts push the front way too hard, and it essentially pushes you back to the nearest choke point that doesn't watch the spawn to let the bonk expire. Not very interesting.
-You put too much stock into the bonk scouts doing most of the heavy hitting, and after we held back, the wave was an utter joke.

Wave 3
-Hitscan hell. Tone down the heavy spam or reduce their AI to easy so it's less unfun to play any class that isn't sniper.

Wave 4
-There's not enough reason to buy crit resistance here, so it's just "Attributes AlwaysMiniCrit" for the entire wave.
-Sniper would trivialize the wave.

Wave 5
-Squadded giants aren't fun; it's just a damage farm for heavy and pyro. Try making the bots capable of killing rather than throwing lots of giants.

Wave 6
-The pop gmeds were sent too quickly, and since we didn't have a spy, it steamrolled us to hatch.
-Try doing something more engaging than gauntlets and super scouts as a punish: it would have been easily countered by simply stacking heavies at the hatch, so it acts more like a dps test than a proper punish.

Wave 7
-The longubers were very out of place in the relatively short map that is barren.
-The 4 squadded giant heavies were not interesting.

-The entire mission seems to be designed solely with sniper and heavy in mind.
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Version 4

-Wave 1: Reduced Steel Gauntlets and made Scouts support limited
-Wave 2: Added Engineer bots
-Wave 3: Reduced Heavy Skill
-Wave 4: Reduced Buff Banner Soldiers
-Wave 5: Made bots capable of killing
-Wave 6: Made the punish more engaging
-Wave 7: Made the first four Giant Deflector Heavies spawn in a line and turned longubers into quickubers


Demo: https://us-testing.moonlight.tf:27107/de...11.dem.zip

Judges Present : Myself, A+Drew, Poet

Class Comp : Scout, Sniper, Pyro, Engineer, Soldier, Demoman

Strike Two

The overall and general feeling of this mission is just... Painful. It taught everyone one thing; Go heavy, medic, and sniper. Or go hold chokes, and this isn't even an exaggeration. Every wave felt like you were forced to simply take what has to be given by it, and that the money that you get throughout the waves is almost as beyond the poverty line of what the mission throws at you still. There was feedback by the previous judges. Final judges, to be more precise. Me and the other 2 judges already made up our mind before we even finished the entirety of the mission for just how much was unchanged from the previous iteration of this mission. If this was shown, thrown, and played by randoms, they'll likely not even get half the gauntlets on wave 1 alone. Also; please please please go through the demo file.


- Mission support for both spy AND sniper should be lowered down to 2

- Hard AI scouts should be Easy AI. The fact that both mission support and main wave support did more than the 36 gauntlets is impressively sad.


- This has been already previously mentioned from the recent feedback by the final judges. Crits on bonk scouts should be removed. And the wave itself is as bland as it progresses, and drags on way too much for me to even have to say ANYTHING positive regarding it, same for the other 2 judges as well.


- Quite literally the only normal wave that felt fine.


- There are sydney snipers when there are buff soldiers present. The fact that this almost encourages crit res from w2 and onwards is fine, since it does progress with having to use crit res later on, but being buff soldiers in true fashion, they provide all nearby bots this buff and not an individual target for debuff damage when there are already Sydney Snipers present in that wave. Replace the buffs with something else.


- Squads, squads, and squads. These squads are nothing more but just a scuffed variant of a boss robot and only serve as pyro's phlog buffet charge (did I mention you can simply stun squad them if you bait the knights and ultimately stalling the wave even more?). Also, why Bigrock Bursts exactly?


- Going back to the question on w5. There is a popper medic ....on a CHARGED soldier. The other judges also had no idea as to why it even was there so late in the mission in the first place, let alone the presence of it being a literal hp wall and cannon fodder.

- Way too many engineers. It forces almost the entire team to scramble into different places just to keep every engineer at bay and avoid being flanked and/or set up on via tele-flanks. The previous iteration of this was more tame but somehow it arose more problems with how much you have to do now (keep in mind, this is a decently competent team, now imagine randoms playing this wave). 

There isn't much anything to say to it other than that last engineer subwave being all over the place and not knowing if there are any stragglers and/or issues relating to the main wave spawn on that last subwave is that one (or more) should attempt on testing this more and more until they figure out an exact answer.


The fact that the entire wave was relatively easier than all of the waves other than wave 3 being the most enjoyable -- this one is by far one of the most underwhelming things one could imagine.

- Final tank was unsupported by the time we killed quite literally everything and having 2-3 final common heavy-med pairs being alive on the field is simply a little too much of a joke to consider for it being a final wave.

- Regular crit gbursts on the final wave yet there are Bigrock Bursts on wave 4? I get that they have medics healing them, yes but even then they did absolutely nothing other than to just more or less exist.

- It is also really depressing to figure out that the whole payout on last wave could've been easily distributed among the other waves in which where we would have a lot more money to work with let alone attempt to have any form of fun while doing this.
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