[MISSION] Mannhattan - Factory Reset

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Mission Name - Factory Reset
Map - Mannhattan
Difficulty - Advanced
Version - 2

Package O' Lies - Creator
Valve - Map maker

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v2 Changelog:

Wave 1: Unchanged
Wave 2: Gave the gas pyro more potential names, Soldiers now spawn in groups of 6, 1 second apart, added an extra spy
Wave 3: Reduced number of kritz meds on the giant heavy by 1
Wave 4: Replaced bowmen with heavies (Normal ai), Reduced number of giant burst demos by 2, gave gbursts uber meds.
Wave 5: Numerous modifications to first subwave, replaced armored sandman scouts with colonels.
Wave 6: Removed engis, giant heavies and colonels spawn an extra second apart.

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Judges in attendance: M1, Erikku, Poet
Demo file: N/A

This mission will be featured in the next event, congratulations!
Final ver (hopefully)

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Final update (hopefully):
Gave several bots cosmetics for consistency between my other missions.
Gave the gas pyro more potential names

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Final update part 2:

Removed health bars from HoK heavies.

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