[MISSION] Coldtown - Brimstone

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Map: Coldtown (Originally Coaltown)
Version: 7.5
Waves: 7
Difficulty: Advanced

Mission Creator/Play Tester - Yoovy

Play Tester/Feedback - Random Guy
Play Tester/Feedback - MIKObscura
Play Tester/Feedback - PDA Expert
Play Tester - 18 rats in a trench coat
Play Tester - Package O' Lies
Play Tester - Lemonee

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Version 4:

-Ported to Coldtown

Wave 4:
-Made Giant Deflector Heavies spawn at the lower spawns.
Wave 5:
-Replaced the first 4 Super Scouts with Major League Scouts
-Replaced the last 4 Super Scouts with Armored Major League Scouts
-Replaced all Quick-Ubers to be regular Uber Medics
-Reduced last Heavy wave spawn from 18->15
-Fixed Wave giving $1,050 instead of $1,000
Wave 6:
-Added a 3rd Giant Heavy and 4 Super Scouts to the first subwave.
-Replaced all Quick-Ubers to be regular Uber Medics
Wave 7:
-Make Colonel Barrages with Giant Poppable Medics spawn at the lower spawns.

-No Shield
-Play without Sniper at least once
-Play without Heavy at least once
-Play without Spy at least once
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No Strike
Judges in attendance: A+drew, Package O' Lies and WildJaydog
Demo Link: https://us-testing.moonlight.tf:27107/de...18.dem.zip
Scout: A+drew
Pyro: Package O' Lies
Demoman: Averagegamer
Heavy: WildJaydog
Engineer: Retrowave
Wave 2
make giant sandman scouts come slightly sooner

felt fine

pass to main judges after changes
Version 5:

Wave 2:
-Major League Scouts take 12 seconds to both spawn instead of 18 seconds
Wave 7:
-Gave Direct Hit Soldiers the "Shellmet" cosmetic

-No Shield
Please attach the revisions of the popfile to the message next time. Thank you.
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Judges present: Package O' Lies, M1, Poet, Revan

Demo: https://us-testing.moonlight.tf:27107/de...90.dem.zip

Strike 1

Wave 3: Replace rapid soldiers with rapid demos, and vice versa. Reduce the amount of snipers spawning to 2-3, 6 is overkill (keep the waitbetween the same)

wave 4: give tank subwave more firepower to help push and distinguish it from the rest of the wave, make gheavies non-deflector.

wave 5: the first subwave completely shuts down any close range classes + soldier due to the heavy spam (not to mention the airblast), it's really annoying to deal with.

wave 6-7: the crits on the w6 bowmen feel wierd when the final wave doesn't have any at all. Make pyros and soldiers in final subwave support limited.
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Version 6: https://www.dropbox.com/s/g6ylbwwu4gd2n3...e.pop?dl=0

Wave 1:
-Made Subwave 2 wait for AllDead on Subwave 1 (Pyro+Quick-Uber Medic squads excluded)
-Reduced Soldiers by 3
Wave 3:
-Replaced Giant Rapid Fire Soldiers with Giant Rapid Fire Demomen
-Replaced Giant Rapid Fire Demomen with Giant Rapid Fire Soldiers
-Reduced total Sniper count from 5 to 3
Wave 4:
-Replaced Giant Deflector Heavies with Giant Heavies
-Added 1 more Soldier Demoman squad
Wave 5:
-Replaced Uber Medics with Quick-Uber Medics
-Replaced Subwave 2's Always Fire Pyro + Uber Medic subwaves with Airblast Pyros
-Reduced Subwave 1's Heavy skill to Easy
Wave 6:
-Replaced Subwave 1's Giant Heavies with Giant Brassbeast Heavies
Wave 7:
-Increased Scout Skill to Hard
-Increased Demoman Skill to Hard
-Gave Subwave 1's Demomen always crit
-Replaced Giant Deflector Heavies with Giant Always Crit Brassbeast Heavies
-Added a 3rd Subwave

Judges Present: Myself, Averagegamer, Yoovy (you!)

Demo: https://us-testing.moonlight.tf:27107/de...26.dem.zip

Class Comp: Scout, Soldier,  Demoman, Pyro

Overall it was okay, there were some bumps here and there but for the most part it was a good sailing until the finale of a storm kicked in.


- Certain subwaves overall on the mission really wouldn't need a WaitForAllDead. you can try and test and experiment can use a WaitForAllSpawned instead, since sometimes we were just waiting for the bots to come to us and kill them instead.


- The Support Heavies should spawn slightly slower in between, since they begin to stack up relatively quickly as a whole


- Overall overwhelming in the last subwave. 8 SpawnCount (16 MaxActive) support scouts that are also hard AI tear stuff apart real fast. Cutting the spawncount and maxactive should be sufficient enough so that they won't be the main threat of that subwave

- The Brass Beasts with AlwaysCrit despite their blue eye change still sting a hefty ton, and 70% damage bonus on top of that is nothing to scoff at (not to mention the insane knockback they possess due to those two things mixed with each other). Changing them to regular Giant Heavies (or maybe even Deflectors) should be fine enough (though you can also remove their AlwaysCrit too even)

- Two medics on each Giant Brass Heavy is quite a fright, especially when they spawn at a decent pace in between with each other. Removing 1 medic per set should be fine as is.
[Image: yjlNbE5.jpeg]
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Version 7: https://www.dropbox.com/s/g6ylbwwu4gd2n3...e.pop?dl=0

-Made a decent amount of squads WaitForAllSpawned
Wave 3:
-Increased between spawns with Heavies from 8->10
Wave 7:
-Removed crits off the Giant Brassbeast Heavies
-Removed a Giant Regen Medic off the last Giant Brassbeast Heavies
-Decreased support Scouts from 8->16 to 4->8
-Decreased overall Super Scouts
-Decreased last tanks health from 40,000->35,000
Judges in attendance: Averagegamer, Package, Mo

Demo link: https://us-testing.moonlight.tf:27107/de...19.dem.zip

This mission will be featured in the next event, congratulations!

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