Mission Pop files for Last Laugh?

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Does anybody have the mission/population files for Operation Last Laugh? The assets are public and can be found but I can't find anything on the mission/population files.
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We don't release the pop files for April Fools events, sorry. They probably don't work anyway since the April Fools missions break easily with TF2 updates.
Why not release them or least message the file download to a person asking for it if the event will never happen again anyways?
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We don't want people to bother us with reports of "why doesn't the mission work anymore" and "can you fix the server crashes." Moreover, the mission creators requested that their missions not be released to the public.

We don't offer the April Fools missions even on our own archive servers; that is how obnoxious maintaining and running those missions are.
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That's a bit crushing to say the least but alright. They probably want the files private for the same reasons you said but that is a punch in the gut regardless. I love the April Fools tours with a burning passion but the only thing that sucks about them is that they only happen once and never happen again. I just hope the latter is made clear so nobody misses out on or delays playing them when the events are active

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