[MISSION] Coldtown - Night Before Smissmas

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Mission Name : Night Before Smissmas
Map : Coldtown
Difficulty : Expert
Current Version : Version 3
Current Strike : 1

Credits :
- Alox (me) : Mission Maker and Map Creator
- Icon makers
- Playtesters

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Version 3 :

Changelogs :

- Giant Rapid Fire Soldier remplace the Giant Burst Fire Soldier

- Bat Scouts are now support

- Giant Direct Hit Soldiers and the Tank will spawn earlier

- Removed the Engineer, SMG Sniper and Jarate Sniper support

- Shield Medics remplace the Über Shield Medics
- Giant Rapid Fire Soldiers remplace the Giant Pyros (also come individually now)
- Giant Natascha Heavies will spawn earlier
- Heavies will spawn after the Giant Rapid Fire Soldiers as a subwave

- Giant Deflector Heavies remplace the Giant Crit Heavies
- Über Medics are now pocketing the Giant Deflector Heavies
- Delayed the final Tank
- Bolted Winter no longer exist, a bunch of Colonel Barrage are here
Mission - Night Before Smissmas
Difficulty Expert
Judges Present; A+Drew, Mo, Package O' Lies, WildJayDogGO3

Demo: https://us-testing.moonlight.tf:27107/de...47.dem.zip

No strike

W1: scouts straggled, could have maxactive reduced or made into support.
W2: could use stronger support after the tank, grus have health drain, pls remove/use the valve template.
W3: Felt FIne
w4: make soda poppers not hard ai (normal)
W5:  Remove 1 grapid squad. Replace natachas with regular gheavies, replace heavies with something projectile based, remove engis.
W6: there are too many bot types active at once, it's just spam hell for most of the wave. Remove Giant Direct Hits and engis, make conch soldiers into regular soldiers.

Overall: Significant improvement, I would reccomend a bit more testing however.
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Version 4 :

Restrictions : No Medic, No Sniper, No Spy
Note : This mission have been beaten with those restrictions above + no phlog and a bison only soldier
Current Strike : 1


- Scouts Max Active is now 12
- Increased Scouts spawn time

- Crit Dwarf Heavies remplace Gru Heavies

- Soda Popper Scouts are now in Normal AI

- Removed Engibots
- Removed one Giant Rapid Fire Soldier squad
- Giant Heater Heavies remplace the Giant Natascha Heavies
- Black Box Soldiers remplace the Heavies

- Removed Engibots
- Removed Giant Direct Hit Soldiers
- Direct Hit Soldier Remplace Conch Soldiers

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Judges present : Package Of Lies, randomguy, PDA Expert, eyes
Demo file download : https://us-testing.moonlight.tf:27107/de...07.dem.zip

No Strike from this session

Wave 1 :
This wave is perfectly fine for the most part, just make the Heavyweight champs support limited.
You should also slightly tone down the non-pocketed gauntlets at the first part, this should make it less taxing for non heavy teams.

Wave 2 :
Tone down support bot spawn rates.
Dwarf Heavy HP should definetly be lowered, idk how much they currently are but they should be lowered to like 60 or 100 hp due to their size.

Wave 3 :
Make the mittens use the valve mittens icon, there is no need for the icon that is currently being used. As the valve mitten icon does the job well enough.
Increase max active (2 to 4) on the Giant Soldier pair at the end.
Replace conch soldiers with regular soldiers in support, they can get very annoying at times which is too much trolling.

Note worthy comment :
Quote:randomguy : rest of it is pretty much ok but maybe tone down supports a bit (idk tho).

Wave 4 :

Judge comment that summarizes my feedback on this wave :
Quote:randomguy :  i think it felt fine, but maybe a giant should be added to the start to fill in the awkward space before the gscouts

Wave 5 :
Make the g heater use the valve heater icon, there is no need for this icon ok, valve's is good enough.
The finale of this wave is really weak, the commons aren't able to support the fairly weak(at this point) Giant Heater, especially since there isn't any burny stuff in the wave.
You could probably go and make the G Heater critboosted for some trolling as the template does not feature a vision range. However i suggest reworking the whole finale a bit. Maybe you could add an extra tank there?

Wave 6 :
This wave was once again mostly fine, the start dragged on a bit, you should increase the spawnrates of the Gmed pairs since they were the main cause.

Overall :
This mission needs a couple of changes but it is going in a good direction. Keep this up and it should be able to get in the next event.

[Image: hay_block_side.png]            crimbo
Version 5 :

Restrictions : No Medic, No Sniper, No Spy
Current Strike : 1


- Increased time between Steel Gauntlet spawn

- Dwarf Heavies now have 175 HP
- Increased time between support spawn (Bat Scouts and Dwarf Heavies)

- Mittens Heavies use the regular icon
- the Giant Direct Hit Soldiers Squad have now 4 max active
- Increased time between support spawn (Concheror Soldiers, Sandman Scouts, Mittens Heavies)

- Added a Giant Direct Hit Soldier with 3 Über Medics at the begining of the wave

- Giant Heater Heavies use the regular icon
- Giant Heater Heavies are now Crit Boosted
- Added a third tank coming along side the Giant Heater Heavies

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No Strike
Judges Attended: A+drew, Mo, Package O' Lies and Wildjaydog
Scout: Package O' Lies
Soldier: Skin King
Pyro: Wildjaydog
Demoman: A+drew
Heavy: Mo
Engineer: Averagegamer
Demo Link: https://us-testing.moonlight.tf:27107/de...21.dem.zip
Wave 2
make the giant burst fire soldiers spawn a bit faster

Wave 5
Kunai Spies have reduced Health value even though Kunai reduces max HP independantly

Wave 6
Giant deflector+gmed subwave drags a bit could make them spawn a bit faster make them waitbetweenspawn 30 seconds

overall: mission was good
Version 5.1 :

Restrictions : No Medic, No Sniper, No Spy
Current Strike : 1

Changelogs :

Mission Bots
- Kunai Spies have now 70 HP (125 HP in overheal when spawning)

- Decreased Giant Burst Fire Soldier WaitBeforeStarting to 20 seconds (previously 30 seconds)

- Decreased Giant Deflector Heavies + Giant Regen Medics WaitBetweenSpawn to 30 seconds (previously 40 seconds)

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Demo: https://us-testing.moonlight.tf:27107/de...01.dem.zip

Judges present: Myself, WildJaydogG03, Package O Lies, (spectator) Randomguy

Class Comp : Sniper, Soldier, Pyro, Heavy, Engineer, Scout

Pass with changes

Overall, this mission feels much smoother than it used to be. Before it gets passed to the final judging, there are a few small adjustments to the current waves listed below:

Wave 2

- Make the tank spawn later with something that can support it.  By the time the first few giants have spawned, it was more or less down at 60% of its hp or lower.

- Make the last giant bursts come out a tiny bit sooner

Wave 5

- Reoccurring theme with the first point on Wave 2's tank. The beginning tank that spawns also gets shredded relatively quickly by the time the first few giants have spawned. Make it so that the first tank spawns a little late so that the giants in that subwave can support it much better.
[Image: yjlNbE5.jpeg]
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Version 5.2 :

Requested Changes :

- Tank will spawn 12 seconds after the beginning of the wave instead of instantly at the beginning like before
- Supports ( Dwarf Heavies and Bat Scouts ) will spawn before the tank instead of after the tank like before
- Giant Burst Fire Soldiers will come a bit sooner

- Tank will spawn 10 seconds after the beginning of the wave instead of instantly at the beginning like before ( its also spawn in the same time as the first squad of Giant Rapid Fire Soldiers )
- Soda Popper Scouts Support will spawn at the beginning of the wave instead of after the tank like before
- Added 1 Major League Scout that will spawn at the beginning of the wave

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