[MISSION] Jungleworks - Rainforest Fire

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Mission: Rainforest Fire
Map: Jungleworks
Difficulty: Intermediate
Wave Count: 6

- trashbin (me) for making the mission
- Alox for making the map
- Many others from the custom MvM community for helping test the mission

The attached asset pack below contains the mission, a necessary robot file, and all the required icons.

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.zip   Rainforest Fire (Intermediate).zip (Size: 62.58 KB / Downloads: 87)
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No Strike (First Judge Run)

Demo: https://us-testing.moonlight.tf:27107/de...48.dem.zip

Skin King (Pyro)
Randomguy (Scout)
Quantum Apple (Engineer)

- The mission as a whole is very weak against engineer. Many of the bots lack the burst damage necessary to take down a sentry due to the mission's heavy reliance on fire damage. Due to buildings being immune to crits, weapons such as the sun on a stick and flare gun are less effective against engineer compared to other classes.
- The pop references a #base robot_custom.pop but never uses it nor is it in the assets

- The large amounts of alwaysfire pyros, especially on low cash, are VERY annoying for close ranged classes such as scout, pyro and spy.

- SMG snipers guns are too strong against classes that rely on mobility such as pyro and scout, while being easily tanked by engineer. Either experiment with giving them Skill Easy or remove their custom SMG attributes

- Alwaysfire pyros which at this point are still very annoying for scout pyro and spy
- The bowmen giants should just have standard 1x damage, as 1.2x makes them instakill light classes

The amount of crits made the last part a bit too rough, I'd recommend removing the crits off of the steel gauntlets

- The non-popping stock medigun medics should just be replaced with valve bigheals. There is little reason for the medigun change and it makes the bot's purpose unclear.

- (Minor nitpick) No final tank skin
- After the hard push from the gpyros, the wave just slows to a crawl afterwards. The constant support forces the team to sit at the hatch, while waiting for the rest of the giants to slowly trickle out.

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