[Mission] Waterfront RC3 - Discord Target

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Mission Name: Discord Target
Map: Waterfront RC3
Difficulty: Advance

Creator of the mission: Hornor and cakes
Special thank to: Stardust spy for the Template.
Tester that take the time to test it

Instruction: Please use the Judge the popfile attach to this post

There is also a voiceline on the zip file.

The voiceline go to sound/vo/

Have a nice day

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.pop   mvm_waterfront_rc3_adv_discord_target_Judge.pop (Size: 48.76 KB / Downloads: 47)
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You said "voiceline on the zip file" but there's no zip file on your post. Did you forget to attach something?
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Yes I forget and wont be able to modify the post for now.

Although I upload the file on discord so you should be fine.

Have fun.
Demo file: https://eu-testing.moonlight.tf:27107/de...15.dem.zip

Wave time summary:

Total wave time breakdown for: mvm_waterfront_rc3_adv_discord_target_judge
[Victory] Time spent on Wave 1: 3 min 14 sec
[Failure] Time spent on Wave 2: 2 min 6 sec
[Victory] Time spent on Wave 2: 2 min 56 sec
[Victory] Time spent on Wave 3: 2 min 48 sec
[Victory] Time spent on Wave 4: 2 min 3 sec
[Victory] Time spent on Wave 5: 2 min 46 sec
Total success time in mission: 13 min 47 sec (86%)
Total time spent in mission: 15 min 53 sec

- Waves are generally too short; each wave ended shortly after it began without too much substance
- Payouts can be reduced to increase difficulty
- Add 2 more waves to add more length to the mission
- The mission needs less giant scouts and more tanks
- Holograms do not appear on wave 2 after a successful completion of wave 1 (check your vscript logic)

Will wait for a Judge run before updating anything.


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