Expert only medal suggestion

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Hello I would like to make a suggestion to add a expert medal. I just like hard games and feeling of accomplishment in them and It would be awesome if in these mvm events you could get expert only medal
The main issue with an expert-only medal is that a lot of inexperienced players may flood the expert servers just for the special medal, no different than people flooding Gear Grinder because it gave the best loot for the least number of tickets. The idea of making expert count towards both medals is to make it optional for inexperienced players so they don't feel enticed to join a difficulty above their skill level to earn all the prizes.

That said, an expert-only medal isn't off the table, but we would need to come up with acceptable solutions to these challenges before we will attempt an expert-only medal.
Yeah but It's suppost to be something something that require a lot of skill, experience, time, and hard work something not everyone could do. That's the whole idea behind hard games. Challenge for something that you are good at, to put your sweat and tears in it and win.
What you're not understanding is that having a special expert medal would cause all the expert servers to be filled with inexperienced players vying for that medal, frustrating veteran players with incompetence such as snipers that can't drop uber medics, heavies that dumps crit canteens onto tanks, and pyros that run to heal-on-hit/kill bots and heal their full health back. It will be impossible to play an expert mission without friends because all the servers will be overrun with noobs, to put it another way.

This is already a widely-complained problem with Voltaic Violence, even though it doesn't have an expert medal. A special expert medal would only exacerbate these issues (and perhaps many more), so until we come up with solutions to these problems, we do not plan on implementing an expert-only medal.

There are preliminary talks on prohibiting players from joining expert servers unless they have completed a few advanced missions, but the Moonlight staff has not formally legislated anything yet.
Oh ok haven't thought of that, thanks for cleaning up

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