[MISSION] Powerplant - Power Struggle

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Mission: Power Struggle
Map: Powerplant
Difficulty: Advanced

- me, the mission
- Gadget, the map
- many icon makers

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[Image: image.png]
Wave 1:
- Fixed Giant Shotguns

Wave 2:
- Changed Direct Hit and Heavy TotalCounts to 5 so they hopefully spawn together more often

Wave 5:
- Slightly decreased second subwave common counts so they shouldn't straggle as much
- Slightly increased Colonel Barrage waitbetweenspawns so they're a bit more forgiving

Wave 6:
- Very slightly decreased Tank HP
[Image: image.png]
- Each wave takes a specific path (so it's never on left path due to nav issues)

Wave 1:
- Changed 3 Giant Shotguns on the second subwave to 2
- Slowed down last 2 Giant Shotgun spawns

Wave 2:
- Made the Engineers not tele-in
- Turned 5 Direct Hit Soldiers and Big-Heal Medics

Wave 4:
- Turned the 30 Crit Pyros into Normal AI with disabled airblast

Wave 5:
- Reduced common counts more
[Image: image.png]
Wave 2:
- Engineers are tele-in again

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Judges Present: M1, Quantum, Skin
Demo Link: https://us-testing.moonlight.tf:27107/de...48.dem.zip
- Added the custom name thing to the popfile

Wave 2:
- Changed 5 Direct Hits + 1 Big-Heal Medic each to 10 Crit Direct Hits

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.pop   mvm_powerplant_rc1_adv_power_struggle.pop (Size: 42.47 KB / Downloads: 13)
[Image: image.png]
Demo: https://us-testing.moonlight.tf:27107/de...67.dem.zip

Judges Present:

Me (Engi)
Poet (Soldier)
Skin (Demo)
PDA (Scout)

PASS 2/2
This mission will be featured in the next event!

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