[MISSION] Production - Molybdenum

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Mission name: Molybdenum
Map name: mvm_production_rc6
Difficulty: Advanced

Me-making the entire mission
PDA-vscript implementation
Yoovy-dripping out the robots

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Version 2

-Made all the supports have a lower maxactive.
-The quickubers on waves 5 and 6 no longer repop.
-Made the wave 3 ubers quickubers.
-Slowed down the finale.
-Removed spies from wave 1.
-Some other changes I can't remember

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Demo: https://us-testing.moonlight.tf:27107/de...92.dem.zip

Judges Present:
Package (Heavy)
Erikku (Scout)
Skin King (Engi)
Eyes (Pyro)

Pass 1/2 (No changes needed)
Version 3

-Wave 2 uber medics and pop medics have been switched, and 2 heavy/uber pairs have been removed.
-Wave 2 spawn dependencies have been changed to make the wave less punishing.
-Wave 5 giant uber -> giant regen.
-Wave 6 raised maxactive on soldiers by 1, removed 1 gdeflector/gregen pair, added one gregen to the gdeflector, removed 1 gheavy/grapid buff pair, and spawned the final tank earlier.

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Demo: https://us-testing.moonlight.tf:27107/de...77.dem.zip

People playing it:
eyes (Pyro)
CreatorForce (Soldier)
FraHtcy3 (Engineer)
PDA Expert (Scout)

This mission will be featured in next event! Congratulations!
Version 4


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Version 5

-Changed mission display name on the scoreboard to "Molybdenum"

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Version 6


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Version 7

-Removed alwayscrit from common kritz medics for consistency

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