[mission] Oxidize - Grass Run

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Mission: Grass Run
Map: Oxidize (RR18)
Difficulty: Adv

Me for the mission
asd417 for the map

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Demo file: https://eu-testing.moonlight.tf:27107/de...52.dem.zip

- Putting all the starting money on the first giant demoman on wave 1 isn't a "cool gimmick", this isn't memes
- A giant scout bumrush equal to the wave number at the end of every wave is also not interesting, a massive yawn that is cleared out by a crit canteen that becomes tedious and entirely predictable (also this "joke" has already been done before in a previous nox mission)
- Remove spies from half the waves, not every wave needs spy support
- Money payout should be increased slightly; this mission pays worse than mannworks expert does
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-fixed the mission's wave dependences 
-reworked the last wave

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