[MISSION] Waterfront - Wild Wires

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Mission : Wild Wires
Map : Waterfront
Difficulty : Expert

- Signalmax, for the map
- Icons by their respective owners
- Any tester(s) who have previously participated in the mission's test cycles (4-5 mans)


- Contains a bit of vscript (forced paths)

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First Pass!
Demo Link : https://us-testing.moonlight.tf:27107/de...93.dem.zip

We didn't find much to say about this mission during the judge run, seems pretty solid so far, hopefully it'll continue this path.

[Image: hay_block_side.png]            crimbo

- Removed explanation text for waves 2-7 that showed which path will be coming for next wave, and hotfixed bomb holograms not appearing after each wave end/completion

- Shuffled mission support around

- Cow Mangler mission support is added in the mission support pool (waves 2-3, 6)


- Increased TotalCount on Steel Manlets and Buff Soldiers

Popfile is in attachments below

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Judges Present: M1, Eyes, Erikku, Package, Skin
Demo Link: https://us-testing.moonlight.tf:27107/de...14.dem.zip

-The bomb path does not have holograms on the choke path. Fix that and the mission should be good.

This mission will be featured in the next event, congratulations!

- Right/Choke bomb holos are now fixed (they appear to at work both on listen and the test servers)


- Added another armored qf medic to the last rapid fire's squad, also changed their icons to medic_pop_armored (should be on the test servers as well)

Popfile is in attachments below

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.pop   mvm_waterfront_rc3_exp_wild_wires.pop (Size: 41.38 KB / Downloads: 17)
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