[Mission] Underground - Path Of Radiance

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Mission: Path Of Radiance
Map: Underground
Difficulty: Expert

- Mission maker by CreatorForce (Me)
- Map maker by Woozlez
- Icons by Lite, NYS, and Eyes

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.pop   mvm_underground_rc3_exp_path_of_radiance.pop (Size: 41.65 KB / Downloads: 14)
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VERSION 1: https://www.dropbox.com/s/4shh3l7xuz97o7...e.zip?dl=0
VERSION 2: https://www.dropbox.com/s/3yu2yrc1fckx0s...e.pop?dl=0

- B5 to B6 Popfile

Wave 1:
- Added a new sub-wave

Wave 3:
- Added Air-blast Pyro Icons

Wave 4:
- Replaced Natascha Heavy with Regular Heavy
- Removed all Spawnwithfullcharge
- Replaced Demoknight with Alibaba Knight / Persian Knight
- Replaced Giant Medic Pop with Giant Medic Regen

Wave 5:
- Added 1 more giant shotgun heavy (4 -> 5)

Wave 6:
- Replaced Longbow-man with Air-blast Pyro
- Replaced Regular Heavy with Deflector Heavy
- Added more Air-blast Pyro (36 -> 48)
- Added more Deflector Heavy (24 -> 32)
- Added Boss (The Brave Mercenary) on Subwave 2
https://us-testing.moonlight.tf:27107/de...84.dem.zip (demo)

no strike

overall mission:
doesnt push much on waves 1-5, but its kinda expected due to map issues
Lotus has some very strong chokes. W1-5 do not push hard enough, with the bomb not even getting halfway across the map for those waves

scout- a+drew
heavy- mo
soldier- averagegamer
demo- skin king
engi- quantumm 

-demos waitbetween shorten to 2-3  
-gscouts waitbetween shorten to 13

 -pyros could move to support
 -Gshotguns waitbeforestarting could be removed

-last subwave could use support bots of some kind 
-manglers could just be regular soldiers

-remove crits from boss support/should be toned down some cause of straggling 
-have the boss not take tele
-wave became a difficulty spike
VERSION 3: https://www.dropbox.com/s/fw8fvbyqvvqpwt...e.zip?dl=0

Wave 2:
- Replaced Giant Battalion Soldier with Giant Concheror Soldier
- Added Swordsman Bonk Scout
- Replaced Heavy with Soldier Buff Banner
- Replaced Rapid Fire Bowman with Regular Bowman

Wave 3:
- Added Giant Crit Baseball Scout
- Replaced Battalion Soldier with Regular Crit Soldier
- Replaced Carbineman with Dragon's Fury Pyro

Wave 4:
- Replaced Giant Demo Burst with Giant Magic Fire Pyro
- Replaced 1 Colonel Barrage with Giant Deflector Heavy
- Replaced Regular Heavy with Rocket Spell Soldier
- Reduced Alibaba Knight from 16 -> 10 Max Active
- Replaced Regular Uber Medic with Armored Uber Medic

Wave 5:
- Replaced Regular Uber Medic with Armored Uber Medic
- Replaced Regular Kritz Medic with Armored Kritz Medic
- Added Bazooka Soldier
- Fixed Vac Medic (I hope)
- Added Buff Banner Support

Wave 6:
- Added 1 Song
- Added VScript (Song title, that's all)
- Added Razorback on Boss
- Removed Always crit Pyro and Heavy
- Boss no longer spawns from the teleporter
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No Strike

Demo: https://us-testing.moonlight.tf:27107/de...09.dem.zip

Judges Present: eyes, Skin King, Quantum Apple

Class Composition:
- Scout (eyes)
- Soldier (Skin King)
- Heavy (mo)
- Engineer (CreatorForce)
- Spy (Quantum Apple)

Wave 2:
- Buff Banner Soldiers make the first subwave too strong and should be changed to normal Soldiers.
- Change the Shotgun Heavies to Support Limited or slow down the spawns of the Giant Demomen

Wave 4:
- Remove the 12 Crit Demos

Wave 5:
- Kritzkrieg medics don't pop when they spawn
- Remove some Samurais and Carbine Snipers or speed up their spawns so the final subwave isn't delayed

Wave 6:
- Make Giant Brass Beast Heavies have damage bonus 1.7 or 1.8 instead of 1.5
- Giants on the last subwave stack behind the Tank pretty hard
[Image: image.png]
Version 4: https://www.dropbox.com/s/umh1im1u318udy...e.pop?dl=0

Wave 1:
- Reduced Steel Gauntlets from 20 to 10

Wave 2:
- Replaced Soldier buff with Regular Soldier
- Shotgun Heavies are now Limited Support

Wave 3:
- Replaced Airblast Pyro with Regular Pyro
- Added Airblast Disabled on Pyro

Wave 4:
- Added Uber Armored
- Added Shortstop Scout Limited
- Rework Subwave 1

Wave 5:
- Added Uber and Kritz Armored
- Removed Carbineman
- Removed Swordsman

Wave 6:
- Added Color Tank using VScript
- Added Speed Tank using VScript
- Force path to the left side using VScript
No Strike

Demo: https://us-testing.moonlight.tf:27107/de...36.dem.zip

Judges present: DaMeister, Skin King, Erikku, PDA Expert

Class Comp: Heavy (DaMeister), Engineer (CreatorForce), Scout (PDA Expert), Demoman (Erikku), Soldier (Skin King)

Wave 1:
- Increase soldier spawn time from 5 to 7 seconds

Wave 3:
- Reduce spawncount of the Squad Burst Demos from 4 to 3
- Reduce maxactive from 8 to 6 and reduce totalcount from 36 to 27

Wave 4:
- Make Armored Ubers Quick Pop
- Reduce totalcount of soldiers from 40 to 30
- Give the soldiers wizard cosmetics

Wave 5:
- Make Armored Ubers Quick Pop

Wave 6:
- Remove crits from the Giant Burst Demo/GConch Soldier squads
- Replace GBrass Heavie with GDeflectors
Port Lotus to Barren

Version 5: https://www.dropbox.com/s/2k2pu6gfv0ph53...e.pop?dl=0
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Version 6: https://www.dropbox.com/s/2k2pu6gfv0ph53...e.pop?dl=0

Wave 3 - 5: Fixed weird pacing and disconnected subwaves

Wave 1:
- Added 1 Conch Soldier on Giant Rapid Fire Soldier

Wave 3:
- Replaced Demo Burst Squad with Soldier Crit (Giant Blackbox Soldier)
- Replaced Giant Baseball Scout with Giant Swordsman Scout
- Added Blackbox Soldier as Support

Wave 4:
- Replaced 1 Giant Heavy Deflector with 1 Colonel Barrage

Wave 5:
- Replaced Giant Shotgun Heavy with Giant Heavy Deflector
- Added 10 More Soldiers From (42 -> 52)
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