[MISSION] Mannworks - Nullified Processor

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Mission : Nullified Processor
Map : Mannworks
Difficulty : Expert

- Valve for the map
- Icons by their respective owners
- Any tester(s) who have previously participated in the mission's test cycles (4-5 mans)


- Popfile contains a bit of vscript (primarily forced paths), not 100% sure if the mission will properly upload due to awkward formatting, also unsure if it will cause any inconveniences in terms of uploading it onto the test servers themselves (works fine on listen servers and no issues were found).

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[Image: yjlNbE5.jpeg]
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Nullified V6


- Made Pyros Normal AI (destructive w/ Hard AI and owns too hard)


- Made Extended Concherors non-extended

- Reverted Giant Shotgun Heavy speed to its original speed to compensate that the conches are no longer extended


- Replaced Giant Burst Shotguns with Giant Heater Heavies

- Replaced the Full Duration uber meds with Quick-Ubers

- Replaced the Regen Medics with Popper Medics to compensate the lack of capitalisation on GDemos punishing


- Snipped the second last tank on left, buffed the right side tank to compensate the thanos snap on the other

Popfile is in attachments below (and most recent version SHOULD be on the test servers too)

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.pop   mvm_mannworks_exp_nullified_processor.pop (Size: 30.79 KB / Downloads: 14)
[Image: yjlNbE5.jpeg]
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Judges Present: M1, Eyes, Skin King, Frah, DaMeister, PDA
Demo Links:

We did two pass sessions, meaning this mission passes twice.

This mission will be featured in the next event, congratulations!
nullified change yippee!!!!


- Ported the mission to Jungleworks RC1

- Tanks are slightly scaled down to prevent getting crushed on some areas of the maps (mostly a leftover from original mannworks)

- Gave Giant Popper medics their medic_pop icon

Popfile in attachments below

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.pop   mvm_jungleworks_rc1_exp_nullified_processor.pop (Size: 33.7 KB / Downloads: 13)
[Image: yjlNbE5.jpeg]
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