[Map] Lotus

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map name: Lotus
Version: B3

Bogus - map maker

mission name: Watershed Waylay adv (from waterfront, used for testing since map doesnt have mission for it yet)

download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/yvdtn06lfm4nkx...3.zip?dl=0
Hello and Welcome to the Moonlight forums!

Here's the demo file of our run: https://eu-testing.moonlight.tf:27107/de...92.dem.zip

Overall: The map is pretty solid; you did a great job. Most of the map comments are in the demo file, but I'll summarize the main ones:
- There needs to be more big ammo boxes around the map. There isn't enough ammo boxes to sustain 4 people (let alone 6) without a dispenser always being nearby.
- Some rocks are clipped awkwardly
- Is it intended for players to be able to stand on top of the trees and shoot from them?
- The sniper perch near the front (which has 1 big health and 1 big ammo) is likely to be overpowered; consider removing the big health pack and downsizing the ammo pack to a medium
- The bot pathing is awkward when the bomb is at the hatch (check demo file) -- some nav_avoids may not be working properly
- There's no indication whether the bomb spawns on the left or right side of the front. Extend the bomb path holograms all the way to the entrance of the bot spawn where the bots will spawn from. I'd expect players to always setup on the right side by default unless indicated otherwise.

Smaller details:
- There's a lot of empty space around the map, especially near the spawn area and the right path that has the sharp angle corner and the tall ramp (the non-road path).
- The tank path is quite narrow with little clearance; every time the tank turns a corner there's a great risk it will crush a player
- The fenced platform with the rock in the middle might be too choke-y; it is possible to sentry block the bots by putting a sentry right in the middle of the opening. Consider removing one of the fence segments to eliminate the choke.
- The flowers should have their glows (bloom) removed or toned down. They are distracting to the eye.
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Some feedback:

- When the robots take the left path (looking from the spawn), there is a chance they will come from the right path instead. I think it is due to a missing nav_avoid here https://i.imgur.com/itdHEv1.png
- Buster and random robots don't care about this avoid https://i.imgur.com/GcC0LGN.png
- And about the front, the robots taking the non-bomb side around the platform randomly is painful for Engineer. It's not really a bug or anything, just annoying.
- Generally, you can put multiple tags in one nav_avoid, separate them by just spaces
(I'm using nav_edit 1 and nav_show_func_nav_avoid 1 for the pictures)

- All these jungle inferno fences are solid and thus you can stand on them. Since you clipped them manually, you can turn the collisions to none. That goes for every prop you clipped manually and props outside the play area
- This glass house should be manually clipped, very often I bumped on it and thought it was a spy https://i.imgur.com/4KmlV8V.png
(r_drawclipbrushes 2)

---Other stuff---
- Ammo here would be super nice, the left side isn't as good https://i.imgur.com/VJU8pv7.jpg
- This ammo being medium only really hurts trying to set up again https://i.imgur.com/x6VoU0M.png
- The map draws almost everything everywhere. We all had fps problems. Did you do fast vvis? https://i.imgur.com/xQOPWDI.jpg
‏‏And that's the way the news goes!

-made some ammopacks bigger
-made map a tiny bit brighter
-fixed some nav issues
-made the fence platform less chokey
-other stuff

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