[MISSION] Powerplant - Depredation

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Mission: Depredation
Map: Powerplant
Difficulty: Expert

-me, the mission and some icons
-Gadget, the map
-various icon makers

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First run

Judges present: Averagegamer, Damno, eyes, Skin king

Class comp
scout (Skin king)
soldier (Averagegamer)
Pyro (Damno)
Heavy (scarlett) i.e mo
engineer (Eyes)

Demo https://us-testing.moonlight.tf:27107/de...64.dem.zip

- Good mission overall for a first run as it just needs some slight adjustments
- Would recommend testing this without beggars/phlog particuarly for wave 6

wave 3:
-there wasn't much going on in the finale as it was mostly just melee with crits. Could try to make this final subwave drag less

wave 5:
- add medic_uber_giant to the uber med icons as it can be kinda hard to tell which uber meds you killed since they appear in both main wave and support wavebar

wave 6:
- May need to test/judge to see if a team can beat this wave reasonably without beggars and/or phlog as they made tanks feel weak throughout the wave
(changes before testing)
Wave 3:
- Changed 4 Giant Dragon's Fury Pyros to 6
- Giant Armored Sandman Scouts can now spawn from teles, and slightly decreased their WaitBetweenSpawns and WaitBeforeStarting (6 > 4.5)

Wave 5:
- Changed Medic icons
- Increased the amount of Engineer + Umed squads in the boss fight from 4 to 6
- Decreased the amount of Spies in the boss fight from 12 to 6, upped their AI to Expert
- Giant Bison Soldiers and the Bison boss now deal 5x damage to buildings
[Image: image.png]
(changes after testing)
Starting cash changed to 800

Wave 2:
- Changed Shortstop Scouts to small
- Made Support bots spawn in bursts

Wave 3:
- Added 1 Big-Heal Medic to each Giant Pyro
- Changed Bison and Bowman counts to 20

Wave 5:
- Giant Bison Soldiers and Bison boss now deal 7.5x damage to buildings

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forgot to actually squad the Gpyros and Meds

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(changes before testing)

Wave 3:
- Turned Giant Burst Fire Soldiers into Giant Black Box Soldiers
- Turned Uber Medics into Big-Heals
- Turned Giant Dragon's Fury Pyros into Giant Rapid Fire Soldiers and removed their Big-Heals
- Reverted changes to Bison Soldiers and Bowmen
- Reverted changes to Giant Scouts' WaitBetweenSpawns

Wave 6:
- Removed Spies and Snipers
- Added flanking Rapid Fire Bowmen

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(changes after testing)

- Gave Teleporter Engineers engineer_telein icon to differentiate them from non-Teleporter Engineers

(yes that's it)

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taking off judge queue for now
[Image: image.png]
Wave 1:
- Added 1 more Giant Demoman + Umeds
- Increased Giant Demoman + Umeds Max Active from 6 to 7
- Lowered Total, Max and Spawn Counts of commons in the first subwave

Wave 2:
- Changed Shortstop Scout Amount from 15 to 30 and Heavy amount from 30 to 15 for pacing reasons
- Made Support Pyros AlwaysFire

Wave 3:
- Added 1 more Giant Black Box Soldier + Big-Heals
- Removed 1 Big-Heal from each Giant BBox Squad
- Changed Giant Rapid Fire Soldiers to Giant Burst Fire Soldiers
- Increased WaitBefore on last subwave so it won't blend in with the GBurst subwave
- Changed Crit Demoknights to MITTENS (with small chance of one being named mitten punchie)

Wave 4:
- Changed 24 Scouts to 48
- Removed 1 Umed from each Giant Shotgun Heavy Squad
- Added Crits on Giant Burst Fire Demomen

Wave 5:
- Slightly increased WaitBefore on Giant Heavies, to try to make sure they only spawn then the first engineer to spawn has set up

Wave 6:
- Changed Airblast Pyros to Dragon's Fury Pyros

Wave 7:
- Added 1 more Giant Heavy + Giant Soldier pair
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may i get this mission's 1st pass removed? i will make large changes to it and i would not like for the fate of it to be in the hands of just 1 judging team
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