[MISSION] Anomalous Materials

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Difficulty: Intermediate
Map: Area 52
Waves: 6
Version 1: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1rhMi1VK...share_link
Judges present: Averagegamer, Damno and Skin king

Class comp
scout (Skin king)
pyro (Damno)
engineer (Averagegamer)

Demo (currently not available)

wave 3:
- change the ubers to quick fixes

wave 4:
- remove the buffs off the huntsman snipers as it was a bit too much especially when they also buff the G heavy

wave 5:
- make samurai maxactive 1 as they are a bit too good with multiple of them active on int
- increase payout from 1190 to 1200

wave 6:
- overall this wave has a bit too much going on due to the high amount of robots being spammed early on. I would recommend toning down the first and second sub waves
- move the 1st tank to the second subwave
- reduce the max active range on the triple arrow bowmen to 1200
Demo links should be fixed now.

Version 2: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1rhMi1VK...share_link

-All Archers now have a Max Vision Range of 1,200

Wave 3:
-Quick-Uber Medics changed to Quick-Fix Medics

Wave 4:
-Replaced Extended Buff Bowmen with Bowmen
-Replaced Escape Plan Soldiers with Demoknights

Wave 5:
-Reworked Samurai Warrior spawning
-Increased payout from 1,190 to 1,200
-Replaced Giant Bat Scouts with Giant Super Scouts
-Replaced Giant Burst Fire Soldiers with Mega Burst Fire Soldiers (No DMG Bonus and No Crit Bigrock Soldiers)

Wave 6:
-Toned down the general pressure of early subwaves
Judges present + comp:

Myself (Scout)
DaMno (Engineer)
Quantum Apple (Pyro)


Demo : https://eu-testing.moonlight.tf:27107/de...85.dem.zip

The judge run was kinda cursed, due to the issues that the map provided to us. Such as, nav issues of bots, the gate indicator not working, bots phasing through the gate, and other stuff like that, that you can check by yourself in the demo.

The beginning was way too aggressive for an int. This was caused mostly by the concherors. We suggest to remove the concheror from the bowmen.
The same reason caused a difficulty drop towards the end, it wasn't even nearly difficult as the beginning. The support was more threatening than your giant bisons...

Remove the QF medics. They've done nothing but causing an unexsitent threat. The problem with those medics is the fact, that their healing is very weak and slow. Especially when it comes to giants.

Replace the engi icon with a regular one

The subwave with bisons was entirely wiped by a single engineer, just for them being followed by 9999 soldiers that wipe everything.
Replace the bonk support with crit bats. These bots make your game a "Hatch Holding Simulator" against a swarm of fast invincible bots. Doesn't sound fun, specially for an int.

Replace the hyper burst icon with a regular burst. We've checked the stats of the bot on the !print_popfile and realised that the stats aren't as near as they should be for a "hyper" bot

This wave did not feel like an intermidiate at all. This was caused by the presence with multiple rapid fires that have multiple banners. This comp of bots is able to counter demoknight/sniper/phlog/cola/engineer globally. Doesn't sound like an int to us. Give the giant banner soldier rocket launchers stock stats instead of the rapid fire.
Your 2 first deflectors are using concheror, but it's not indicated by the icon.
Lower slightly the HP of your gate tank.
The support towards the end could be lowered. FOS combined with GHeavies + umeds is way too much for an int.

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Version 3: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1rhMi1VK...share_link

Wave 1:
-Changed Concheror Bowmen into Bowmen
-Changed 3 Giant Bison Soldiers into 2 Giant Soldiers

Wave 2:
-Removed all QF Medics

Wave 3:
-Replaced final subwave support Engies icon to be normal

Wave 4:
-Replaced Bison Soldiers with regular Soldiers, but fixed their between spawn (was 3 instead of 7)
-Decreased Soldiers from Subwave 2 down from 4 - 8 to 3 - 6 (24 - 18)
-Changed Bonk Bat Scouts to Crit Bat Scouts

Wave 5:
-Replaced Hyper Burst icon to regular Burst

Wave 6:
-Removed Rapid Firing off the Trio Banners
-"Your 2 first deflectors are using concheror, but it's not indicated by the icon." What does this even mean? The Conch Bowmen definitely had their icon and the GDeflectors themselves don't use Conch so... ???
-Decreased Gate Tank health from 15,000 to 12,500
-Removed Uber Meds off the GDeflectors
-Decreased max active of Steel Gauntlet support from 6 to 4
Version 3.5: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1rhMi1VK...share_link

Wave 6:
-Reverted previous changes except for Tank health (which is still 12,500), made wave way too easy, previous judge run I feel were not capable of handling it due to a skill issue.
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Version 4: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1rhMi1VK...share_link

Wave 6:
-Decreased Steel Gauntlets down from 6 -> 4
-Decreased Deflector Pyros down from 6 -> 5

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