[MISSION] Oxidize - Pollution Dilution

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Judges present: Quantum Apple, DaMeister and oddschool(me!)

Demo: https://eu-testing.moonlight.tf:27107/de...15.dem.zip

Pass with changes:

Wave 2: Lower the Giant Knights' WaitBetweenSpawns from 18 to 16

Wave 5: Increase the Shortstops' SpawnCount from 2 to 3

This mission will be featured in next event! Congratulations!

- Lowered GKnight WaitBetween to 16


- Fixed buster not spawning as frequently

- Increased spawncount of Shorstops to 3

Popfile is attached below

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[Image: yjlNbE5.jpeg]
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Post-Juj changes


- Gave tanks a custom colour, and W1 and W3 tanks are shrunken to half their size (Thanks @PDA Expert!)


- Added Steel Manlets (just mini gauntlets lol) into the randomchoice pool of punchies


- Fixed Health calculation for Persian Knights (aka "max health additive penalty" 0 to avoid 225 hp)

Popfile is attached below

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.pop   mvm_oxidize_rr18_int_pollution_dilution.pop (Size: 49.07 KB / Downloads: 4)
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Post-juj changes mk2 (hopefully the last one)

- Added a small few voice lines onto some subwaves again idk

- Removed unused robot templates

- Adjusted buster squad so they won't evaporate a giant


- Adjusted Giant Shotguns waitbetweenspawn due to massive dragging on the last sub after reviewing previous runs

Popfile's in attachments below

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