[MISSION] Skangus - Sporulation

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Mission Name: Sporulation
Map: Skangus
Difficulty: Expert

Quantum Apple - Mission Maker
Bazooks - Map Maker

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No strike
Judges present: eyes, Me, DaMno, DaMeister
Demo link: https://eu-testing.moonlight.tf:27107/de...57.dem.zip

W1: Replace the ubers with quick ubers. The ubers you used were way too punishing for the map that you used.

W2: Replace the GRUs with mittens. This change will make you do more stuff rather than just hold M1 against giants.
The finale with the conches seemed to straggle a lil bit. Replace the WFAD with WFAS

W3: The wave hit the 22 MA botcap. Try to adjust the maxactive of the subwaves.

W4: Replace the last Popper with a Regen. There is no need for it to be a Popper, way too punishing for a map such as this one.
Change the brass icon to the "nys" icon

W5: Your rocket walls used the wrong icon. Use soldier_rocketwall instead.

W6: The burst shotguns were a bit too tough. They were oneshotting light classes that had full res. Reduce the bullets per shot. Remove the music, we have our own to listen to
V2 Changelog:

-       They were already quickubers so ¯\_()_/¯
-       Changed gshotguns and super scouts to WFAD instead of WFAS from the gbursts
-       Lowered gheavy waitbeforestarting from 15 -> 8
-       Changed bat scouts to main spawn

-       Phlog pyro amount reduced from 36 -> 18, SpawnCount reduced from 3 -> 2, MaxActive reduced from 12 -> 6, WaitBetweenSpawns increased from 2.5 -> 4
-       GRUs changed to mittens
-       Lowered flame_drag for the big flame pyros from 5 -> 4 (increased range), gave them 1.2 damage bonus
-       Lowered WaitBetweenSpawns of Big Flame pyros from 21 -> 17
-       Conches were already WFAS, lowered WaitBeforeStarting from 22 -> 20.5, lowered WaitBetweenSpawns from 0.65 -> 0.3
-       Some now flank from the right :ujel:. These have WaitBeforeStarting of 16.5
-       Lowered total conch amount from 20 -> 16 (higher amount could cause 22 max to create stragglers)

-       Increased tank hp from 16k and 14k -> 17k and 15k
-       Increased bowmen WaitBetweenSpawns from 5 -> 8, lowered MaxActive from 3 -> 2
-       Heavies made all easy ai, increased amount from 35 -> 45, made them support limited
-       Increased demo amount from 30 -> 40
-       Increased Gdf pyro MaxActive from 2 -> 3, increased amount from 5 -> 6, lowered WaitBetweenSpawns from 17 -> 15

-       Brass icon changed

-       Increased engie umed combo WaitBetweenSpawns from 7 -> 8
-       Rocketwall icon changed
-       Increased Gbonk amount from 4 -> 5
-       Increased gblast amount from 3 -> 4, lowered WaitBetweenSpawns from 11 -> 10
-       Increased shortstop amount from 28 -> 35, decreased maxactive from 13 -> 12 (was over 22 bot cap lol), made ½ normal skill
-       Lowered rocket wall 1.5 damage bonus to 1.3, lowered projectile speed penalty from 0.65 -> 0.5
-       Reduced WaitBetweenSpawns of rocket and grenade walls from 15 -> 12
-       Reduced persian SpawnCount from 4 -> 2

-       Replaced mittens with armored mittens, lowered amount from 15 -> 6, increased WaitBetweenSpawns from 1 -> 6
-       Burst shotgun bullets per shot bonus reduced from 10 -> 4
-       Lowered amount of bigrock bursts from 6 -> 5 so you don’t have to go hunting for them up top once everything else dies
-       Replaced direct hit grapids with gdf pyros
-       Gave final gmed combos 2 spawn conditions. It waits for all gshotguns to spawn OR waits for all bigrock bursts and gdf pyros to die. Intention is to speed up the final spawns if you’re spawncamping.

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No Strike
Judges Present: eyes, DaMno, Skin King, PDA Expert
Demo: https://us-testing.moonlight.tf:27107/de...33.dem.zip

Class Comp:
- Scout (Skin)
- Soldier (Mo)
- Pyro (DaMno)
- Heavy (eyes)
- Engineer (PDA)

Overall: Flank robots are best used on support or on commons. On w4 for example, the robots used for flanking were Giant Soldiers, which, needless to say, are very slow

Wave 2:
- I personally had no issue with them, but other people found flanks to be boring and annoying to deal with

Wave 3:
- Everything just feels very spammy with the stream spawning heavies and bot cap being hit as soon as it starts

Wave 4:
- Colonels flanking made it so the wave had less push force for the bomb to actually progress and made it weaker, see Overall for more

Wave 6:
- Could revert the changes made to the gmed combos and make them Giant Soldiers again
[Image: image.png]
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W3 Changelog:
- Reduce gshotgun WaitBetweenSpawns from 23 -> 15 to compensate for the fact that these are now WFAD instead of WFAS.
- Decreased gheavy WaitBeforeStarting from 8 -> 6
- Gave gpyro Tags forcefollowbombpath and noflank
- Removed the flanking conches
- Locked paths to only right or middle (left path plays much easier due to how teles get set up)
- Lowered heavy MaxActive from 8 -> 6, increased spawncount from 1 -> 2, increased WaitBetweenSpawns from 1 -> 2
- Increased Gdf pyro waitbetween from 15 -> 16
- Gave colonels conch to speed them up, WaitBeforeStarting increased from 0 -> 2
- Added 4 gbowmen to increase the push force
- Made first brass gmed popper as well
- Reverted final gmed combos to direct hit spammers

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No strike

Judges present: Averagegamer, eyes, Skin king

Class comp
scout (mo)
pyro (skin king)
demoman (Hell-met)
heavy (Eyes)
engineer (Averagegamer)

Demo: https://us-testing.moonlight.tf:27107/de...61.dem.zip


- the mission felt a bit spammy at times especially on wave 4 which felt like it was over buffed

wave 2:
- overall wave was alright but for the final subwave if the crit conch soldiers catch up with the G pyro and G kritz med it could pretty easily overwhelm players by how quickly they reach hatch and their firepower however by themselfs they feel like they "straggle"
- make them the crit soldiers have no conch but make them spawn inbetween the second and final G pyro and G kritz pair
- could also make the mittens infinite support

wave 3:
- wave feels fine overall but a bit too repetitive since it's mostly just a single subwave and feels kinda spammy since the reach the 22 bot cap

wave 4:
-  The buffs added made this wave feel like there was too much giant spam as well as enforces rspec soldier and/or especially spy to make this wave more bearable. We also had to use the panic button
- the G colonels should not have been buffed but instead have their flank tags removed since either it feels too much that you have to deal with them flanking behind you or you have to search for them when most giants are dead
-  remove the 4 Giant huntsman as not only are they unnecessary but they also make the wave more spammy alongside
- unsure about whether the both the G brass heavy and G med should be poppers since we used the panic button to soon

wave 5:
- first subwave was fine however the G rocketwall and G grenade wall subwave feels repetitive and spammy because both giants fire in the same way as well as they cause a lot of projectile spam
- replace 2 pairs of the G rocketwall soldier and G grenadewall demos and add differient giant pairs for more variety

wave 6:
- wave felt mostly fine however the last tank feels weird as once all the giant pairs are dead it's the only thing left to shoot at and nothing else spawns in
- could try making them spawn before the last g pair (although this will need testing) and if it feels too much then remove the last tank as the last 3 g pairs felt fine without the final tank
V4 Changelog:

- Reduce bat scout amount from 30 -> 26 to reduce chance of 22 cap delaying final gheavy
- Lowered gshotgun WaitBetweenSpawns from 15 -> 12.5

- Removed noflank tags from every giant so they aren’t forced to go through the tunnel
- Gave phlogs and mittens Tag forcefollowbombpath to reduce need for bomb babysitting
- Increased gpyro + gkritz waitbetween from 17 -> 17.5
- Made conch soldiers regular soldiers instead to reduce the chance of them catching up with the gpyro gkritz pair, reduced WaitBetweenSpawns from 0.3 -> 0.2

- Increased 2nd tank WaitBeforeStarting from 10 -> 15 to make both tanks arrive at hatch almost simultaneously
- Incresed tank hps from 17k and 15k -> 19k and 16k to compensate for stuff coming out slower at the start
- Increased gdf pyro WaitBeforeStarting from 12 -> 16
- Increased heavy WaitBetweenSpawns from 2 -> 3, increased spawncount from 2 -> 4 (MaxActive is 6). Wave didn’t even reach 22 cap before, hopefully this makes it feel less “spammy”

- Removed gheavies
- Removed flank tags and conch from colonels, gave them crits, made them only spawn on the topflank spawn, increased WaitBeforeStarting from 2 -> 5
- Increased gbowmen amount from 4 -> 8, removed crits, gave them buff banner instead
- Reduced brass WaitBeforeStarting from 20 -> 16, reverted to 1 regen and 1 popper gmed

- Replaced engie umeds with bigheals
- Reduced amount of grenade and rocket walls from 4 -> 2
- Added 3 gdflectors and 12 umeds

- Uses middle or left bombpaths now instead of just middle
- Increased first 3 tank hps from 16k, 15k, 14k -> 17k, 16k, 15k
- Increased amount of super scouts from 12 -> 15, removed noflank tag so they aren’t forced through the tunnel on left path
- Removed the punchies
- Reduced final tank WaitBeforeStarting from 130 -> 120

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No Strike

Judges Present: DaMeister, DaMno, eyes, oddschool, Quantum Apple, Skin King

Class Composition:
- Quantum Apple (Scout)
- oddschool (Soldier)
- DaMeister (Pyro)
- eyes (Heavy)
- DaMno (Engineer)
- Skin King (Demo, w3 and onwards)

Demo link: https://eu-testing.moonlight.tf:27107/de...80.dem.zip

Wave 2:
- Remove the damage bonus on the Giant Pyros and maybe lower their range as well.

Wave 3:
- Tone down engineers by upping their waitbetweens to 9
[Image: image.png]
V5 Changelog:

- Removed damage bonus on big flame pyros

- Increased engie WaitBetweenSpawns from 6 -> 7.5. Higher WaitBetweens just made it really hard for the engies to set up.

- Gave colonels and gbrasses Tag noflank and Tag forcefollowbombpath

- Reduced engie WaitBetweenSpawns from 8 -> 7.5 to give them a better chance at setting up
- Lowered gdeflector WaitBetweenSpawns from 13 -> 12.5

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Deleted from judge queue to make and test some changes

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