[MISSION] Barren - Overheat

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Mission name: Overheat
Map: Barren
Difficulty: Advanced

- me, making the mission
- Various icon makers
- Dayal, making the map
- Bazooks, for getting me to port it to barren because derelict sucked ass

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Demo: https://us-testing.moonlight.tf:27105/de...40.dem.zip

Judges present: Me, Oddschool, DaMno

Repetitive AF, fighting same giants over and over again. 6 consecutive waves fighting against rockets, some people even forgot what bullets are. Some waves are very weak due to the Switzerland tier payout, so some of them need a buff.
Make starting cash 1200. You could move those 400$ as a payout for W1.

A very big AoE food. Burst Soldiers could use some help of medics. Up to you to choose which ones
You could make Gauntlets as supports with Quick Uber medics assigned to them. Make them spawn 1 or 2 at time to make space for other bots.

Same issues. The stacks are very big, an AoE could annihilate the whole subwave with 1 crit can.
The GPyros could use some help of uber medics

Replace the samurais with Hamlet Hostility W6 samurais.

Make the tanks speed 75. Make their HP 35000
Starting Cash is now 1200

Wave 1:
-Changed 1100 Total Cash to 1300
-Changed 36 Soldiers to 30 Soldiers
-Added 6 Squads of a Soldier + Uber Medic to the first Subwave
-Changed 8 Steel Gauntlets to Infinite Support of Steel Gauntlet + Uber Medic Squads

Wave 2:
-Changed 1100 Total Cash to 1300
-Changed Soldiers to Soda Popper Scouts

Wave 3:
-Changed Giant Demomen to Giant Heavies and they are no longer squadded with the 8 Steel Gauntlets
-Steel Gauntlets spawn continuously instead of in bursts
-Each Giant Pyro now has 1 Big-Heal Medic with it
-Fixed the last Wavespawn

Wave 4:
-Replaced Samurais with Hamlet w6 Samurais

Wave 5:
-Changed Giant Regen Medics to Giant Popping Medics
-Changed Gmed pairs from 3 to 2
-Changed the Direct Hit Soldier icons from soldier_dh_kys to soldier_directhit_lite
-Changed Mainwave Demomen to Scouts
-Removed the last set of Giant Burst Fire Demomen
-Changed Support Demomen to Crit Bat Scouts

Wave 6:
-Changed the first Tank's speed from 50 to 75, and it's hp from 50000 to 35000
-Changed the last Tank's hp from 42000 to 37500

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accidentally forgot to actually change the tank speed

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No Strike
M1 (scout)
Averagegamer (soldier)
Skin King (Pyro)
Poet (Engi)

Demo: https://us-testing.moonlight.tf:27107/de...40.dem.zip

Overall: Its a good mission, but got boring towards the end due to high cash/easy bot layout

  • commons were the only main push force we fought against
  • consider adding more giants

  • ending dragged on for a bit
  • otherwise good wave

  • fine wave
  • the giant demos were straggling a bit at the end

  • fine wave

  • wave does get a bit easy with the amount of cash at this point
  • brass heavies are just useless fodder
  • milk support is kinda useless to use at this point

  • wave could use a slight reworking to better fit the amount of cash one would get at this point
Wave 1:
- Changed 3 Giant Burst Fire Soldiers to 7 Giant Charged Soldiers that spawn throughout the wave
Wave 2:
- Decreased the WaitBetweenSpawns on the last subwave robots by about a third
Wave 3:
- Decreased the WaitBetweenSpawns on the Giant Burst Fire Demomen by 2 seconds
Wave 5:
- Added one more GBBox + Gmed pair
- Changed Brass Beast Heavies to Crit Pyros
- Changed Giant Batt Soldiers into Giant Rapid Fire Batt Soldiers
- Changed Mad Milk Scouts to Jarate Snipers
Wave 6:
- Changed Pistol Scouts to W666 Crit Bowmen

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After watching the demo, i've decided to make more changes

Wave 1:
-Changed 7 Giant Charged Soldiers to 9
-Changed 30 Soldiers to 25
-Changed 6 Soldiers + UMeds to 5 Soldiers + UMeds
-Changed 24 Scouts to 21
-Changed 20 Demomen to 16
-Changed 32 Pyros to 25
-Changed 18 Heavies to 15
-Changed UMeds on the Steel Gauntlets to Big-Heals

Wave 2:
-Buffed Tank HP from 24000 to 30000
-Changed 3 Giant Armored Sandman Scouts to 6 non-crit ones
-Simultaneously decreased WaitBetweenSpawns, MaxActive and SpawnCount on the Soda Popper Scouts
-Added small wait time between first and second subwaves
-Changed Pyros to Dragon's Fury Pyros
-Changed Super Scouts to Giant "Rocket Shotgun" Soldiers
-Simultaneously decreased WaitBetweenSpawns, MaxActive and SpawnCount on the Support Heavies

Wave 3:
-Gave the Giant Pyros the pyro_reflect_daan icon

Wave 4:
-Samurais now have the correct amount of HP

Wave 5:
-Changed Giant Black Boxes to non-crit Giant Rocket Rain Soldiers
-Changed Crit Pyros to Crit DF Pyros
-Made Giant Burst Fire Demomen wait for all the second subwave robots to die, and made the Support wait for all the second subwave robots to spawn (basically swapped their WaitForAll's)

Wave 6:
-Unsquadded Giant Banners
-Changed 1st Tank HP to 48000
-Changed Giant Rapid Fire and Burst Fire Soldiers to 6 Bigrock Bursts
-Changed 6 Giant Deflector Heavies to 8 Giant Steel Gauntlets

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Wave 1:
- Changed 9 Giant Charged Soldiers to 3 Giant Soldiers and 3 Giant Demoknights
- Removed Spies
- Reduced the amount of Soldiers
- Reduced the amount of Soldier + Umed Squads
- Removed Heavies
- Increased Demoman and Pyro maxactives (pyros shouldn't straggle anymore because of this)
- Turned Steel Gauntlets into Heavyweight Champs

Wave 2:
- Giant Scouts should spawn with the bomb now
- Removed 1 Giant Armored Sandman
- Reduced Tank HP to 26500
- Reduced Heavy and Pyro totalcounts and maxactives

Wave 3:
- Will completely remake

Wave 4:
- Removed Super Scouts
- Removed Samurai Demomen
- Added 2 UMeds on each Rocket Wall
- Added 3 Giant Heavies to first subwave
- Added 20 Crit Shotgun Heavies to first subwave
- Will completely remake 2nd and 3rd subwaves

Wave 5:
- Will completely remake 1st and 2nd subwaves

Wave 6:
- Giant Banners use trio banner icon
- Nerfed Tank HP to 40000
- 2nd subwave waits 18 seconds to begin instead of waiting for 1st subwave to die
- Changed 6 Giga Burst Fire Soldiers to 4
- Changed 8 Giant Steel Gauntlets to 6 that have 5000 HP instead of 8000
- Nerfed second Tank HP to 32500
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mission scrapped
[Image: image.png]

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