[MISSION] Cyberia RC6A - Windfall

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Made a few changes after watching the demo.

Wave 3: AlwaysFire pyros are now infinite support. Now spawns two colonal barrages instead of just one.

Wave 4: Giant Heavies on last subwave spawn faster.

Wave 5: All Giants now have giant Kritz medic pockets. Increased maxactive on demoknight supports

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Updated the timing on wave 5 so it doesn't throw everything at you at once.

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Ran a few tests and ironed out a bunch of pacing issues and balancing problems I noticed.

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Demo Links :
https://us-testing.moonlight.tf:27107/de...83.dem.zip - The Run
https://us-testing.moonlight.tf:27107/de...46.dem.zip - Post-Run Chatlog
It is heavily recommended to check out BOTH demos, as there's a lot I might have missed, or didn't mention. Trust me there's a LOT, and a lot of it is pretty important.

1st Strike

Judges Present :
PDA Expert
Skin King

Team Comp. :
Scout (AverageGamer)
Pyro (PDA Expert)
Demoman (Skin King)
Engineer (Mudun)
W5-W6 ONLY : Soldier (Scarlett, AKA Mo)

Overall :
All Engineer bots (excluding the ones on w5, due to some of the bots actually using spawnbot) didn't teleport bots properly, setup their TeleportWhere keyvalues.
Every wave after wave 2 seems to focus more on DPS tests than harming the players, as a result the mission falls apart quickly once that dps check is met.
It also appears to be that there's a lot of common swarms on every wave, capping out the bot limit very quickly.
The extra bombs don't seem to achieve much, as the paths don't split up per bomb, ultimately just ganging up in one spot.
A Big thing to mention is that this mission on our end felt more like expert than advanced (sorry lol!), if you were to keep this as advanced big changes would be made.
Relabiling this AGAIN to expert will make us rejudge this in a 5man setting, but only if the major issues are addressed.

Wave 1 :
I'd heavily reccomend changing the Uber Medics on the Soldiers to be quick ubers, while demomen (and snipers) are able to reach them at a safe distance, most other counters to them are disencouraged by the swarms of commons.
The Super Scouts felt like they weren't doing their job, because of the common swarm and how late they spawn, it will be very likely that a common will pick up the bomb instead.

Wave 2 :
The first two subwaves here have been noticabely easier, probably because wave 1 applies far more pressure. Perhaps wave 1 is even overtuned in this case, and that needs a nerf (or porting over sections to this wave).
The Flanking Kritz Medic + Soldier felt quite useless in this run, but isn't that big of a deal imo. Could be moved to mainspawn or whatnot.
Finale seems a bit brutal because of the Conch Soldiers boosting the G Med pair's speed, could either tone down their maxactive or just get rid of them entierly.

Wave 3 :
We suggest a full rework of the wave, for the following reasons :
The first subwave is simply a giant dps wall with the Gauntlets and stacking Giant Black Boxes, while adjustments (check demo for examples) could be made, we mostly agree that reworking this subwave as a whole would be more effective.
The second subwave is just w1 finale but buffed (even if the tank is guranteed on here, since the w1 tank could maybe be destroyed earlier), which makes the mission feel slightly repetitive.

Wave 4 :
Generally speaking, the first subwave has way too many commons (to the point where they hit the bot cap), of which many are very powerful. Toning this down would go a long way(I.E. MaxActives, Bot Types, ect.)
The finale Giant Heavies are very likely to stack due to their low waitbetweenspawns, increasing that should make this subwave more bearable.

Wave 5 :
In general there's a lot of things going on and it happens very quickly, I suggest watching the demo for more feedback conhesieve feedback.

Wave 6 :
The g shotgun subwave will need a rework, as it is fairly heafty on the hp amount, not to mention the support that comes with it.
The first 3 g kritz meds can be removed from the giants, could potetionally add alwayscrits to them if you wish.

[Image: hay_block_side.png]            crimbo
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The previous strike has been revoked. In general, try to make sure your mission does not skirt the line between advanced and expert and stick to one. However, after diff checking the mission, it would appear the differences align with judge feedback at least loosely. Make sure to take this most recent advice into account, however, as next time may end up being a strike.

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