[Mission] Bigrock - Metal on Strike

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Mission name: Metal on Strike
Map: Bigrock
Difficulty: Intermediate

GamerBrown50 - Making the mission

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Demo: didnt save, sorry Sad




wave 1
overall too easy, felt like normal at most, nothing threatening, map is very long and this wave will never push outside first rock, scout bots repeated for over a minute, champ subwave is useless and doesnt do much, this wave needs work

wave 2
very weak wave again, only pushforce was because giants have high hp, only consistent dmg dealers were conches, this needs a solid rework

wave 3
boring wave in general
no pushforce at all, fighting giant flares for 2 minutes isnt entertaining, first minigiant heavy sub will never push, they are too slow for sole bomb carriers

wave 4
wave was just hold m1 on tanks simulator, pretty boring, engie could solo entire main wave lonely

wave 5
wave suffers from no giants, only commons are spawning until tank arrives but then its still mega weak comparing to w1

wave 6
only somewhat threatening wave, still it didnt count how short the map is, that wave could work on decoy like map

wave 7
boss is very bland and uninteresting, melee soldier with absurd dmg bonus

Mission suffers from being on bigrock mainly, nothing will ever escape the cave even with 2-3 decent players, boss and tanks are build to have very uninteresting peace, mission pretty much needs a rewrite.

My tip would be to think about adding more subwaves onto the wave but not that many to make the wave last 5 minutes, add variety to waves, try to take an advantage of the map being this long, dont be scared to put a lot more pushforce than this, try to test as many times as possible with people before your next submission post.
Demo: https://us-testing.moonlight.tf:27107/de...45.dem.zip

Judges present: Averagegamer (Engi), Package O' Lies (Pyro), Skin King (Scout)

No Strike (First Judge run)

Overall: The ENTIRE mission is far too reliant on melee bots, resulting in the bots having nowhere near enough power to push anywhere effectively for almost the entire mission.
Please refrain from editing the default hp of bots unless they're minigiants or custom made giants. Since the chosen map is bigrock, the mission needs to have bots that are good at pushing through choke points, but not too strong since it's int (a good example of this is putting umeds on things). Use engi bots more often, Bigrock is long enough that even if the bots somehow do push out of some of the strongest chokes in any valve map, their pacing will be slowed down to the point that they're close to ineffective just due to the 22 bot cap existing, either spawn large bursts of bots, high maxactive streams of giants, or simply design your wave around engis existing. (Despite how valve's bigrock missions play out, cough broken parts cough, they do this fairly well and I would study them to better pace your mission)
Do not make soldiers or demos easy ai, their erratic aim makes them either completely useless or extremely annoying and unpredictable.

Wave 1: The 1st sub is alright, aside from the 60hp sandmans? They accomplish nothing other then be confusing and should be replaced with something that's alright at damaging players. Final 2 subwaves are unsalvageable and should be completely redone. The gauntlets for the reason of, 1 bot at a time in a slow stream is supremely boring, for the rest of the reason, refer to the general info. Same goes for the 2nd sub aside from the fact GFans are present, This subwave can work, just replace the gfans with a different variant and replace the gauntlets with something else.

Wave 2: Refer to overall feedback.

Wave 3:  Give any reflect pyros the pyro_airblast_daan icon, the conch + pryo squads get stuck in spawn due to the large squad size and should be cut down a bit, pyros shouldn't airblast this wave.
Refer to overall feedback for the rest of the wave

Wave 4: tanks should be spread out more and have their hp decreased by 10-15k each, gscouts should not wait for all tanks to spawn before coming out and be spread out a bit more (tanks + gscouts together). For the support, refer to overall feedback.

Wave 5: Sends extremely weak bots in semi large groups for the entire wave, accomplishing nothing until the 50k tank comes out, rework all but final sub. For final sub, replace gdemos with something stronger and reduce tank hp by 20k.

Wave 6: Similar to wave 5, all but final sub should be reworked, final sub is alright as is.

Wave 7: Boss waves should not exist on int, rework or remove and make wave 6 more finale esque. Also please don't stream spawn burst demos, they're incredibly unfun to fight.
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