[mission] Barren- Wasteland Wonderland

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Mission name: Wasteland Wonderland
Map: Barren
Difficulty: Int
Mission type: Invasion (7 waves) 


Mission - Skin King
Map -

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-reduce some bat scouts on wave 1

-bot support now can drop cash in the mission (previously couldn't because weird total count to total cash ratio)

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No Strike

Demo: https://eu-testing.moonlight.tf:27107/de...67.dem.zip

Judges Present: DaMeister, DaMno, oddschool
Classes: Engineer, Soldier, Scout

Wave 6 - Reduce maxactive on heavies to 5 and lower totalcount to 20, reduce payout to compensate for the reduction in bots present on W7.

Wave 7 - Reduce maxactive on all the commons except for support so bot cap doesn't go above 16.

Overall - Pretty fun intermediate mission, with these changes and one more judge run, this should (hopefully) pass.

Reduced payout on wave 6 (1100 -> 800)

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No Strike

Demo Link : https://us-testing.moonlight.tf:27107/de...06.dem.zip

Judges Present :
Package O' Lies
PDA Expert

Class Comp. :
Scout (Package)
Engineer (PDA Expert)
DaMno (Pyro)

Wave 1 :
- Increase scout maxactive by exactly 1 (Package O' Lies)

Wave 3 :
- Make the medics bigheal medics, currently they don't achieve anything due to being placed on a giant, not to mention the earlier usage of bigheals on w2.
- Make the second subwave waitforallspawned, we suggest putting a waitbeforestarting of 12 on said subwave. This should make the first subwave more of a threat.

Wave 4 :
- The demoman + shortstop scout subwave appears to be lacking meat, especially compared to something like the first subwave.

Wave 5 :
- Demoknight wavespawn needs to be adjusted due to straggling, here's a more informative chat log from package :
Quote:Package O' Lies :  maxactive spawncount 12
Package O' Lies :  spawn 10 max 14-15
Package O' Lies :  since it's waitbetween 0
Package O' Lies :  and reduce total to 60 for that reason

Wave 6 :
- The Heavyweight Champ + Uber Medic subwave seemed like it dragged on for a bit too long, could probably adjust totalcount and spawnrate.

Wave 7 :
- 1st subwave isn't very interesting and muddles too much with the 2nd subwave, only thing it really has going for it is crit soldiers. Could probably be lightly reworked to have more than 1 common or giant type.

[Image: hay_block_side.png]            crimbo
v4 wasteland

w1- increased Active on scouts to 7

w4- added GKnights on the 2nd sub

w5- reduced knight totalcount to 60

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1st Pass (with changes)

Demo: https://eu-testing.moonlight.tf:27107/de...09.dem.zip

Judges: DaMeister, eyes, Quantum Apple

Class Comp: Soldier, Scout, Engineer

Wave 5 - Reduce totalcount of huntsmen and buff random choice from 29 to 25.

Wave 7 - Reduce totalcount of both Demos and Flare Pyros from 35 to 30.

Overall: Just some slight pacing issues remain, hopefully this only needs to be judged one more time to be accepted. Good luck!
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the random choice total count reduced to 25

pyro/demo totalcount is now 30

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Judges Present: eyes, PDA Expert, FraHtcy

Class Composition:
Scout (frah)
Soldier (eyes)
Engineer (PDA)

Demo link: https://us-testing.moonlight.tf:27107/de...32.dem.zip

Wave 5:
- There was a big difference in difficulty between the first and second subwaves. Nerf the first, and buff the second. For the first subwave, we suggest that you remove 1 giant heavy and 15 demoknights, while slowing down their spawns so they still take the same amount of time to spawn as before. For the second, maybe slightly speed it up to make it stronger.
[Image: image.png]
-removed 1 giant heavy and increased between spawn to 30
-decreased between spawn for giant sandmans to 15

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