[UNSUBMITTED MISSION] Underground - Rock Bottom

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Mission: Rock Bottom
Map: Underground
Difficulty: Expert
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Version 1: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1wbGjw8B...share_link
DEMO: https://eu-testing.moonlight.tf:27107/de...99.dem.zip

Team Comp
Nuq Soldier - Judge
DaMno Heavy - Judge
Oddschool Pyro - Judge
Ronnie Mcnutt Gaming Scout
MIKObscura Engineer
Izzy Spy - After w5

NO STRIKE (1st run)

This mission doesnt respect players at all, its throwing max active 22 constantly with strong commons and strong giants with little money to work with.
We had to panic wave 1-3 and w5 to even try playing another waves. Later waves were only doable with 6th player as a spy.
Please test your mission multiple times to be certain this is at least PLAYABLE

Pyros with Shields are way too much for team to handle, there is no other option than just go EH/Stickies to even have chance in this subwave
Scouts are too much of a support, reduce them or replace

GBurstShotgun is probably not working as intended, its just rapid gshotgun atm
Remove dmg bonus off super scouts
Replace GHeavies with anything else, too much firepower to handle with this money

Make blast soldiers either not armored or just remove umeds from them.
Remove GMeds or replace with common uber medics.
Huntsmen+Pyros feels like a joke comparing to the wave

Burst bombers are too strong combined with deflectors and Sydneys
Colonels stacked making the wave pretty much impossible to beat

Replace GUbers with non popping gmeds
Remove buffs off direct hits and samurais

Not bad

Replace pyros with anything else, AIRBLAST pyros shooting through tank is nothing fun to fight against
Make conches non armored
Remove GKritz off GHeater
Version 2: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1wbGjw8B...share_link

Wave 1:
-Replaced QF Shield Medics with QF Regen Medics
-Support Scouts dropped from 4 Spawn, 8 Max -> 3 Spawn, 6 Max
-Support Scouts Skill Level dropped from Normal -> Easy
-Demoknights dropped from 4 Spawn, 8 Max -> 3 Spawn, 6 Max

Wave 2:
-Removed the Custom Name and Icon off the Giant Shotgun Heavies
-Replaced Super Scouts with Giant Bat Scouts
-Replaced Giant Heavies with Giant Burst Fire Soldiers
-Heavies Skill Level dropped from Normal -> Easy

Wave 3:
-Changed Giant QF Medics to Full Duration Uber Medics
-Replaced Lead Launchers with a non-Sub Giant variant "Little Lead Launcher"

Wave 4:
-Replaced Cluster Fire Demomen with Regular Demomen, and dropped their Skill Level from Hard -> Normal
-Moved Subwave 1 Deflector Heavies to spawn to the Right instead of the Upper Left
-Replaced Subwave 2's Colonel Barrages with Giant Burst Fire Soldiers
-Decreased Subwave 2's Deflector Heavies from 20 -> 15

Wave 5:
-Removed Buff Banners off the Direct Hit Soldiers
-Removed Samurai Warriors

Wave 7:
-Removed Armor off the Extended Conch Soldiers
-Replaced Giant Kritz Medics with Giant QF Medics
-Replaced all Airblast Pyros with non-Airblast Pyros
-Decreased Heater Heavies from 24 -> 18
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Demo: https://eu-testing.moonlight.tf:27107/de...72.dem.zip

Judges present: DaMeister, Nuq, Ronnie Mcnutt Gaming#killtf2, oddschool
Class comp: Scout, Soldier, Heavy, Pyro, Engineer

No Strike

Overall: Consider giving most commons appropriate tags to fix the issues with flanking.

Wave 2 - Demo Support is not great to fight against, please tone them down. Reduce amount of soldiers as they were really spammy.

Wave 3 - Speed up pacing on the first subwave

Wave 4 - Give Deflectors Normal AI

Wave 5 - Change Direct Hit Soldiers to Normal Soldiers and reduce their count. Steel Gauntlet subwave feels weak as a result of being pushed by the soldiers.

Wave 6 - Rapid commons do not need crits and halve their count, reduce MaxActive to 6 and SpawnCount to 2/3. Reduce MaxActive on GDeflector/GSHield Combo to 3.

Wave 7 - Make the 2 "Big Heal" Meds not pop, make Heater commons be regular heavies, reduce overall intensity of commons, remove conches from the second half of soldiers.
Version 3: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1wbGjw8B...share_link

Overall: Gave most robots flank tags, some will continue to flank


-Demomen decreased from 4->8 to 3->6, Skill Level also decreased from Hard->Normal

-Increased MaxActive of Blast+Uber squad from 4->6

-Deflector Heavies Skill Level decreased from Hard->Normal

-Replaced Direct Hits Soldiers with Soldiers

-Removed Crits off the Rapid Fire Soldiers
-Replaced Giant QF Shield Medics with Giant QF Medics

-Replaced Giant BH Medics with Giant QF Medics
-Removed Ext. Conch Soldiers
-Increased Subwave 2 Soldiers from 3->6 (18 Total) to 4->8 (24 Total) to compensate
No strikes

Judges present:
Oddschool, Ronnie Mcnutt Gaming#killtf2, DaMno

Demo : https://eu-testing.moonlight.tf:27107/de...56.dem.zip


-Remove the RandomChoice from the sentry busters. It's not being indicated in the wavebar whenever they appear. There's no reason to make them randomchoice, when both of your busters do the same thing.
-Cut the time of the respawn. We're having some Machine Massacre tier here. Make the RespawnTime 5 or less

Wave 1:
The CooldownTime of spies is way too low. Make it 30

Wave 5:
Cut down the last subwave, it straggles.
Version 4: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1wbGjw8B...share_link


-Removed funny no seeing buster icon
-Respawn time cut in half

Wave 1:
-Increased Mission Spy between time from 15->25

Wave 5:
-Made Subwave 2 Pyros into Support
-Decreased Gauntlet Squads from 12->10

Wave 7:
-Adjusted Support Pyros SpawnCount and WaitBetween Spawns

SpawnCount: 3 -> 1
WaitBetween: 6 -> 1
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Version 5: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1wbGjw8B...share_link

Wave 2:
-Moved first Giant Bat Scout from the left spawn to the right

Wave 3:
-Decreased Subwave 1 Bat Scouts from 36 -> 30
-Moved Subwave 1 Bat Scouts from the left spawn to the right

Wave 5:
-Moved Soldiers and Extended Conch Soldiers from the left spawn to the right

Wave 6:
-Moved Subwave 1 Heavies from the left spawn to the right
-Replaced Crit Bat Bonk Scouts on Expert Skill -> Crit Scattergun Bonk Scouts on Normal Skill
Demo: https://eu-testing.moonlight.tf:27107/de...67.dem.zip

No Pass/Strike

Judges present: DaMeister, DaMno, Ronnie Mcnutt Gaming#killtf2, oddschool

Class Setup: Scout, Soldier, Heavy, Engineer, Pyro

(Feedback written by DaMno as honestly most of us had no idea what to say or write)
Overall there are a lot of issues ive noticed this run, being super short (17 minutes expert) is one of those too, every wave took 2-2.5 minutes without that much of a try from team

Tanks are there to just say hi and just die instantly, we had phlog and scout on tanks and they killed it before the first bridge, this needs a significant buff if you want to keep the tanks

w1-w2 are pretty boring, holding m1 simulator to win, even as tomislav heavy, mission tried to counter heavy or medic by spamming spy support with short cooldown, which didnt have that much of a success

w3-w4 are p fine, nothing too severe

W5-W6-W7 have the same start of the wave which is lame and tame, it gets old super fast

Main spawn used too much faith in demos or heavies, they cant do much there, perhaps replace em or exchange them with some of the top spawn bots

W5 if im correct with 4 burst finale was very boring, 1 minute of fighting same giant type

Tank finales are not really entertaining and they are not giving players that much of satisfaction from winning the mission, this should be looked into

All judges agreed that map is very unsatisfying and should be changed, please take that to consideration

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